According to a study by car and van leasing business Vanarama, Teslas will be more intelligent than humans by 2033, with the current D1 microprocessor capable of managing 362 trillion operations per second.
As of late, brand Loyalty is declining for most luxury automakers. Widespread reductions in loyalty could be caused by ongoing supply chain problems and several other factors.
EV sales over the past 10 years have grown at an exponential rate globally, with China's EV sales increasing by 238% over 2014.
Electric vehicles might present a major problem during natural disaster evacuations, according to experts on the topic. The increasing usage of electrical vehicles might not meet the safety requirement of massive hurricane evacuations. Centralized charging systems, improved battery technology, and an increase in hybrid vehicles are among potential remedies.
A Texas-based startup is looking to gather capital to create and market a Li-ion substitute. So, are hemp batteries better than Lithium?
Monteleone, 63, of New Jersey, took his amphibious car, Amphicar, for a swim at the Jersey Shore. The car is one of only 3,878 Amphicars ever built.
With Lithium-ion batteries utilized in electric automobiles and other gadgets primarily imported from China, IIT-M researchers believe that additional research on Zinc-air batteries can provide India with a locally produced answer. This has led India's IIT Madras team to develop Zinc-air batteries that could power E-scooters without a risk of fire.
A 1955 Mercedes race car has been sold for $143 million, breaking the previous record by more than $95 million to become the most expensive car ever sold.
The American Dream which has been completed after three years of effort and an overall cost of more than $250,000 wins the Guinness World Record for world’s longest car after multiple renovation projects.