US-based automotive firm Privacy4Cars has released a new tool called the Vehicle Privacy Report, which reveals the extent of data tracking in your new car. YOUR CAR KNOWS a lot...
A Texas-based startup is looking to gather capital to create and market a Li-ion substitute. So, are hemp batteries better than Lithium?
A Mint investigation has found that Ola is willfully endangering its riders with its suspension.
According to the Ford patent application for repossession-linked technology, Ford could shut off your AC if you miss a car payment.
A video posted on Twitter shows $600,000 worth of hellcats stolen in under sixty seconds, but all were soon recovered.
A self-driving taxi reportedly killed a dog on Toland Street in San Francisco while the car was operating in "autonomous mode" with a test driver present in the front seat. The collision comes...
Monteleone, 63, of New Jersey, took his amphibious car, Amphicar, for a swim at the Jersey Shore. The car is one of only 3,878 Amphicars ever built.
Tesla owners have expressed worries about quality control issues previously. The most recent one caught attention when a Tesla locked its owner out for not paying for new battery.
According to recent data collated by Reuters, Tesla's unrivaled profit margins after the price cut have been visualized below.
Data from iSeeCars has helped create a list of cars with the highest mileage, with Japanese companies dominating the market.