Tuesday, May 21, 2024
This marks the first time Lamborghini has developed a supercar with plug-in hybrid technology, Lamborghini's First Plug-In Supercar Will Replace Aventador.
According to the Ford patent application for repossession-linked technology, Ford could shut off your AC if you miss a car payment.
Tesla drivers have the option to activate "Bioweapon Defense Mode," which utilizes a HEPA filtration system. This advanced filtration system is capable of removing smoke and other harmful particles from the outside air, effectively purifying the air...
According to recent data collated by Reuters, Tesla's unrivaled profit margins after the price cut have been visualized below.
A 1955 Mercedes race car has been sold for $143 million, breaking the previous record by more than $95 million to become the most expensive car ever sold.
A Mint investigation has found that Ola is willfully endangering its riders with its suspension.
The BBC has confirmed that Latvia is shipping cars seized from drunk drivers to Ukraine.
It is becoming excessively clear that the state's fire departments are ill-prepared to deal with lithium battery fires. This was realized after flooded electric vehicles spontaneously caught fire in Florida after hurricane.
The EU countries have agreed today to end the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars in 2035. However, Germany sought and won an exemption for e-fuels.
Maksim Oreshkin, the economic advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the German car industry could be sold to China and cease to be European cars. The top...