Why Billionaires Like Bezos, Gates Are Funding ‘Treasure Hunt’ In Greenland

According to Kurt House, CEO of KoBold Metals, the reason billionaires like Bezos and Gates are funding a treasure hunt in Greenland is to identify important minerals that can be used to power millions of electric vehicles.
Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate Of Jeffrey Epstein

Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate Of Jeffrey Epstein

The judge who signed Mar-a-lago search warrant has been exposed as an associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Reinhart took over as Kellen and Marcinkova's lawyer after withdrawing from his position as a senior prosecutor in the Southern District of Florida while it was discussing a non-prosecution deal for Epstein.

Patch Of ‘Cobblestone Pavement’ Found At The Bottom Of Pacific Ocean

A video uploaded on Youtube of footage captured by the Nautilus exploration vessel shows a patch of cobblestone pavement at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean close to Hawaii.

US University Concedes It May Have Broken Law In Contract With Wuhan Lab

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) has admitted that it may have violated the law in its contract with Wuhan Lab and has said they will take responsibility for the poorly drafted confidentiality provisions in potential conflict with applicable state laws.

At Rs 2.4 Lakh Crore, Willful Loan Defaults In India Are Higher Than 87...

Reports from TransUnion Cibil's data have found out that willful loan defaults in India are even higher than the total GDP of 87 countries at Rs 2.4 lakh crore.
How Aids Was Unleashed Upon Africa

How Aids Was Unleashed Upon Africa

Whatever the reality was about how Aids began, Africans were bearing the brunt of the burden. This is the story of how Aids was unleashed upon Africa. And should it come out that Aids was a Western medical blunder, then Western attitudes to assisting Africa and Asia in dealing with their spiraling epidemics must change.

US Made A Breakthrough Battery Discovery — Then Gave The Technology To China

Several American businesses, including Forever Energy of Bellevue, Washington, have been vying for the Department of Energy's approval to manufacture the breakthrough batteries, but the US gave that battery technology to China.

This Scottish Island On Sale For Price Of A 2-BHK In Mumbai

A Scottish island is on sale for the price of a 2-BHK in Mumbai, listed with real estate agency Knight Frank.

German Media Sheds Light On Zelensky’s ‘Secret Deals’

According to German media, Zelensky had secret deals with which he avoided paying taxes and migrated his business abroad.
China Has Its Very Own Space Plane

China Has Its Very Own Space Plane

China now has its very own space plane. The Chinese development of spaceplane technology will be remarkable if they manage to overcome the problems Dyna-Soar and the Space Shuttle faced, and the challenges SpaceX’s Starship is now facing as well.