Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal As High Ranking Officials Resign

According to the AFP, Ukraine has long been plagued by endemic corruption, including among the political elite, which has now made headlines as high-ranking officials resign. 

Pelosi Act Introduced In Congress To Stop Insider Trading

A new act was introduced by Sen. Josh Hawley in Congress called the Pelosi Act to stop insider trading, under which members who refuse to do so would be liable to surrender their stock to the US Treasury.
Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots

Even Reality TV Hosts Are Being Replaced By Robots

As the use of AI and machine learning continues to grow in various industries, experts predict that the technology could potentially replace jobs traditionally held by humans, such as couriers, investment analysts, and customer service representatives. It has gotten to the point that even reality TV hosts are being replaced by robots.
Adani Group's $218 Billion Stock Manipulation And Accounting Fraud Scheme

Adani Group’s $218 Billion Stock Manipulation And Accounting Fraud Scheme

Hindenburg Research unveils the outcome of its extensive 2-year probe, presenting proof that the Indian conglomerate, Adani Group, with a worth of INR 17.8 trillion (U.S. $218 billion), has perpetrated a bold stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme throughout the years. Here's everything about Adani Group's $218 Billion stock manipulation and accounting fraud scheme.

45-Year-Old Bryan Johnson Spends $2 Million Per Year To Regain Youth

According to Bloomberg News, 45-year-old Bryan Johnson revealed that he spends $2 million per year on a routine overseen by 30 doctors and regenerative health specialists to regain his youth.

Australia Is Removing British Monarchy From Its Bank Notes

According to Australia's Reserve Bank, the country is removing the British monarchy from its bank notes, and the $5  note will have a fresh design in place of the late queen's image.

Merck Covid Pill Lagevrio Linked To New Virus Mutations

According to a preprint study by researchers in the US and at the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London, and other UK universities, the Merck Covid pill Lagevrio was linked to new virus mutations.

Hunter Biden Paid His Assistant For Sex Chats

According to a report by the right-wing nonprofit research group Marco Polo, Hunter Biden paid his assistant for sex chats, and she is one of at least four women who had sexual relationships with him while working for him.

PHOTOS: Mariupol Before And After Ukraine War

The photos below show Mariupol before and after the Ukraine War, taken in the summer and winter of 2022, with the city slowly recovering.
List Of YouTube Channels With Highest Number Of Subscribers In 2023

List Of YouTube Channels With Highest Number Of Subscribers In 2023

T-Series, an Indian Bollywood music channel, presently has the most subscribers on YouTube (234 million), surpassing Cocomelon, a kids video channel (152 million). Here's a list of YouTube channels with highest number of subscribers in 2023.