Spanish Secret Service Injected King Juan Carlos With Female Hormones Claiming His Sex Drive...

Spain'S former King Juan Carlos I was injected with female hormones as his rampant sex drive was a danger to the state, the country's most infamous police chief has claimed.

Masks Being Taped To Students Faces In American Schools. Investigation Opened

An investigation has been opened after it was found that masks were being taped to students' faces forcefully by teachers in schools.

How Do Scientists Bring Hydrogen Fuel Cells From Laboratory To Public Life?

Owing to their environment-friendly attributes and high efficiency in the electricity generation, Fuel cells are gaining popularity for Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) production, such as forklifts, automobiles, airplanes and buses. However, one of the challenges that the industry is facing regarding the mass-production and large-scale application of FCVs is the high cost involved in producing fuel cell catalysts.

Dr Fauci Funded Experiments That Cut Off Vocal Cords Of Puppies To Silence Their...

Members of Congress are demanding answers from White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci after it came to light that his agency funded experiments that included cutting the vocal cords of beagle puppies to silence their cries. Researchers also locked beagles in cages overnight in the desert to use them as bait to attract sand flies.

Study Provides Insight Into How We Sense Threats In Our Environment

Researchers at the University of Toronto have done some research on our ability to sense threats. As per the study this response is an evolutionary trait and it is passed from one generation to the next. This trait helps humans to identify the potential danger quickly. 

The Facebook Metaverse Nightmare

Having bulldozed most real-life relationships already, Mark Zuckerberg is now moving to strip away what’s left of our expectations of privacy by dragging us kicking and screaming into an online padded cell called the Facebook ‘metaverse’.

Nerve Disorder Guillain Barre Syndrome Officially Added As Side Effect For AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine

Nerve disorder Guillain Barre Syndrome has been officially added as a side effect for the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine branded as Covishield in India.

Australian Study Claiming Mandatory Masks Stopped Second Wave Is Total Crap Says Experts

According to experts, the Australian study which claimed that mandatory masks stopped the second wave of coronavirus is total crap.

EXPLAINED: How Global Fuel Prices Impact India

Owing to the rise in crude oil prices, a record rise in the petrol and diesel prices is regularly experienced across India in 2021. A record rise in the price of coal and natural gas is also seen amid an intensifying energy shortage. Why are fuel prices rising and how rising global fuel prices are impacting India?

World’s Oldest Rubies Are Linked To Ancient Life

At the University of Waterloo, researchers have discovered extremely ancient carbon residue in the world's oldest ruby, some 2.5 billion-year-old. The study concluded that some of the world's oldest rubies are linked to ancient life.