According to the BBC, up to 30 ex-pilots from the Royal Air Force may have travelled to China to instruct the People's Liberation Army, which is now training the Chinese Air Force to battle the West.
The US military's growing presence in northern Australia demonstrates Washington's desire to form a "friends circle" of bombers and stealth fighter jets around China. Towards that goal, the US is set to deploy six nuclear capable B-52 bombers to Australia.
A military jet has slammed into a residential building In Russia, igniting a huge blaze. According to TASS, at least 15 apartments have already been demolished or damaged, and the number of casualties is still uncertain.
Sergei Surovikin, the brutal Russian commander called General Armageddon, is the person charged with winning the Ukraine war by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
Over the past year, the Royal Navy has tested jetpacks. Now, we can watch as British royal navy flies soldiers in jet suits around New York city harbor.
The Belgian tabloid De Morgen published a copy of the document detailing where the US nuclear bombs are stored in Europe.
Taiwanese media reported that radio communications with Chinese military ships are now commonplace. Recently, the US and the Chinese pilots exchanged ‘verbal blows’ as US military helicopters ‘breached’ China’s airspace for 2 consecutive days.
After China recently began its largest-ever military exercises in the area after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, Germany is now sending its military to Asia to observe and counter China.
Russia is set to hold war games in Venezuela, sending alarming signals throughout Latin America. The games also in a manner reflect Maduro's diplomatic game with the United States.
Beijing and Moscow have gotten closer under Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian equivalent Vladimir Putin, especially since the commencement of the Ukraine war. Now, Russia, China and India are set to hold the massive "Vostok" war games in two weeks.