The US Air Force has announced plans to end the Lockheed Martin hypersonic weapons program.
According to KAI, India's LCA Tejas has lost the Malaysian fighter jet deal to the South Korean Lead-in-Trainer-Light Combat Aircraft.
The Biden administration has recently requested $115 million to fund a new Pentagon unit called the Office of Strategic Capabilities, aimed at helping tech startups build weapons of war for the military.
The US Army has established its first permanent garrison on NATO's eastern flank at Camp Kosciuszko in Poland.
According to new data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, myocarditis diagnoses spiked in the military in 2021.
According to Radio Free Europe, an entire 300-man Russian battalion was slaughtered in an attack on a small Ukrainian village, leaving only three survivors.
The decision to buy JF-17 fighter aircraft from China and Pakistan has come back to haunt Myanmar. The JF-17 fighter jet, which has been jointly built by China and Pakistan, has become a burden for the Myanmar Air Force.
The South China Morning Post reported that China simulated a ballistic missile attack on the US and a North Korean missile could strike the center of the US in 1,997 seconds or almost 33 minutes.
China may be using satellites to gather intelligence about Hawaii so it can attack it in Pearl Harbor style.
According to the sources familiar with the matter, Putin is sending U.S. weapons to Iran for reverse engineering.