Watch: Chinese Tech Firm Mounts Drone On Car And Flies It

A video posted by Chinese tech startup firm XPeng shows it mounting a drone on a car and flying it ahead of Alef Aeronautics of California.

Watch: Chinese Tech Firm Mounts Drone On Car And Flies It 1

Some electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft designs are beginning to resemble cars, suggesting that one day they may be able to soar across towns and then move through urban areas. This week’s first look at this ground-breaking concept was released by Alef Aeronautics of California. However, another company based in China actually flew one.

The flying car was created by the Chinese tech startup XPeng by mounting a drone to the roof of a car. The eVTOL really flew, albeit not being as svelte as Alef’s.

Watch: Chinese Tech Firm Mounts Drone On Car And Flies It 2

Watch the video below:

“Unlike most other “flying car” concepts that we’ve seen before, this one actually does look a bit like a normal car. But, unlike most normal cars, this one appears to have a drone strapped to its roof,” said auto blog Jalopnik.

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XPeng takes home the prize for actually flying one, regardless of how practical this flying car is.

One would anticipate that the drone and the car will be quickly and easily detachable to allow for street maneuvering.

So the current trend is to equip eVTOLs with wheels so that they may also travel on public roads. Imagine the Pentagon obtaining an eVTOL hummer. That would be amazing and helpful for special forces operations on the modern battlefield.

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