There are no medications to prevent dementia, which affects nearly a million people in the UK. But there might be a breakthrough soon as scientists have discovered that shock therapy can cure dementia.
A new study published in Molecular Pharmaceutics has found that the plant virus, Cowpea Mosaic Virus, kills cancer cells in humans.
Gregory Cole, a 58-year-old New Jersey resident, became ill and noticed his skin changing color after he switched from fast food to diet and exercise, due to the way his body processes sugar.
According to the World Health Organization, at least 169 children between the ages of one month to sixteen years have developed acute hepatitis in an outbreak that has spread to at least 11 nations. So, why are rare hepatitis cases rising in children?
UK researchers find that walking fast will let people live 16 years longer because brisk walking will result in longer telomeres.
According to a new analysis by a group opposed to publicly-funded animal research, federal grant winners breached the law by investing an approximate $246 million in taxpayer cash on cannabis and e-cigarette animal tests. Taxpayers paid an approximate $1.5 million for pregnant mice to be treated with marijuana metabolites in the research.
In England, antidepressants were taken by 7.3 million adults, or 17% of the adult population, from 2017 to 2018, the most recent year for which data is available. Despite its prevalence, it has been demonstrated by a major study that antidepressants don't make people any happier than taking no medicine at all.
In 2011, only 38% of adults in Spain said they looked for medical info online. This is no longer the case as the numbers have risen dramatically as of late. It has got to the point that we should start hearing "doctor google will see you now" very soon.
An environmental scientist Al Lupiano, found the answer to a medical mystery which links him and 100 other people who have been diagnosed with rare cancers and went to the same New Jersey high school.
Since the human heart is unable to repair itself, many cardiac arrest patients are left with debilitating scars that can lead to subsequent issues. That might change as scientists discover way to cure heart attacks using mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines.