The FDA and other governmental organizations are acting rapidly to render natural medicines unavailable to Americans. We need to take urgent action as the FDA plans to ban homeopathic medicines.
Researchers examined data from more than 13,000 patients over the age of 16 who were treated at Tufts dentistry clinics between 2019 and 2022. Afterwards, they put together a study on how vaping can ruin your smile.
A Kerala Vaidyar created an Ayurvedic soap that costs $10,000 after shipping to Iran, plus all other costs where it is in high demand.
For the first time ever, dengue fever was followed by a tomato flu-like sickness in an adult in Nepal. Tomato flu is on the rise in Nepal.
According to data collected by Statista, half of the global supply of diabetes drugs is sold by the US, but 1.3 million people with diabetes are forced to skip, delay, or minimise their insulin intake.
Fertility research has already come under fire for failing to account for older studies' potentially biased sample techniques. Now, they reveal that the average sperm count of men worldwide is decreasing at an alarming rate.
The KFD pathogen can be fatal. The jab meant to counteract it, however, lost its effectiveness as the regulator dozed off. This is the ugly truth about a vaccine that didn’t work.
Terry Horgan, the patient who was undergoing gene editing treatment being conducted by Cure Rare Disease, a Connecticut-based nonprofit founded by his brother, Rich, to try and save him from the fatal condition, died during the landmark Crispr study.
In a recent interview with Sky News, the CEO, Stephane Bancel, disclosed that Moderna is planning a new mRNA vaccine to repair heart muscles after a heart attack.
Doctors now want to screen every single American child over the age of eight for anxiety, even if they don't present with symptoms. The new recommendations might lead to a spike in the number of anti-anxiety prescriptions.