According to recent data collated by Reuters, Tesla's unrivaled profit margins after the price cut have been visualized below.
Tesla has provided its first detailed public explanation regarding its upcoming next-generation car, which is expected to have a starting price between $25,000 and $30,000. The new car's affordability has significant implications for both the auto market and potential buyers.
Tesla owners have expressed worries about quality control issues previously. The most recent one caught attention when a Tesla locked its owner out for not paying for new battery.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved the on-road tests of Amazon's self driving "Zoox" taxi last week on California roads along a route between two office buildings at the company's Foster City headquarters at no more than 35 mph.
In a tweet reply, Anand Mahindra hinted at the possibility of Mahindra allowing the purchase of automobiles with Bitcoin in India in the future.
It is becoming excessively clear that the state's fire departments are ill-prepared to deal with lithium battery fires. This was realized after flooded electric vehicles spontaneously caught fire in Florida after hurricane.
In a strategy update event focused on software held in California, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a Google partnership to include supercomputers in its cars.
The American Dream which has been completed after three years of effort and an overall cost of more than $250,000 wins the Guinness World Record for world’s longest car after multiple renovation projects.
The Indian government has been asked by a panel formed by the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to ban diesel-powered four-wheelers by 2027. To cut emissions across major Indian polluted cities, a...
According to an exclusive by Reuters, Tesla is under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice for claims that its cars can drive by themselves.