Germany Hired Scientists To Develop Fake Coronavirus Model To Justify Strict Lockdown

According to extensive email exchanges obtained by a group of lawyers in a legal dispute, the German Interior Ministry hired scientists to develop fake coronavirus model in order to justify strict lockdown.

Germany Hired Scientists To Develop Fake Coronavirus Model To Justify Strict Lockdown
Germany Hired Scientists To Develop Fake Coronavirus Model To Justify Strict Lockdown

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior engaged scientists from several research institutes and universities for political purposes in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

It commissioned researchers from the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions to create a calculation model on the basis of which the Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wanted to justify tough coronavirus measures.

The information is contained in more than 200 pages of internal correspondence between the management level of the Ministry of the Interior and the researchers, received by the German newspaper WELT AM SONNTAG.

A group of German lawyers fought for e-mail in a legal dispute with the Robert Koch Institute that lasted several months.

In an exchange of e-mails, the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Markus Kerber, asks the researchers who have been contacted to develop a model on the basis of which “preventive and repressive measures” can be planned.

According to the correspondence, the scientists worked in close coordination with the ministry in just four days to develop content for a paper that had been declared secret, which was distributed via various media over the following days.

A “worst-case scenario” was calculated according to which more than a million people in Germany could die of the coronavirus if social life were to continue as it was before the pandemic.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, even the Lancet paper which suggested that coronavirus had a natural origin was orchestrated by Peter Daszak with employees of EcoHealth Alliance.

EcoHealth Alliance interestingly is the same non-profit group that received millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Recently, a German court in a landmark ruling has declared that COVID19 lockdowns imposed by the government are unconstitutional.

Thuringia’s spring lockdown was a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives,” the court said, justifying its decision.

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  1. The comunist Merkel is one of the worse in all Europe. Is A CRIMINAL PERSON. His Lockdown only serves to destroy Germany.

  2. This second wave of the virus was planned long ago by the puppet masters who own the central banks, including the Bank of China. These imposters are the puppet masters whose messiah is Lucifer/Satan. It is they who have created the free slave world in which we all live today. See my blog at to find out who they are…
    The Plandemic:
    “1st Phase: Common/cold/Flu. Mild symptoms at most. Media endorsement of mass paranoia and fear. Flawed testing system utilized, which picks up any genetic material in the body and triggers a positive result. Inflation of Covid case numbers, through changing of death certificates, double-counting, and classifying all deaths including other diseases and natural causes as Covid19. Lockdown will condition us to life under Draconian laws, prevent protests and identify public resistance.
    2nd Phase: The 1st Phase will lead to compromised and frail immune system through lack of food, social distancing, wearing of masks, and lack of contact with sunlight and healthy bacteria. Exposure to 5G radiation will further attack the immune system. Thus, when people re-emerge into society, more people will fall ill. This will be blamed on Covid19. This will all occur before the vaccination is ready to justify it. A longer and more potent lockdown will follow until everyone takes the vaccine.
    3rd Phase: If majority of people resist the vaccine, a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus will be released. A lot of people will die from this. It will be survival of the fittest. It will also be the ultimate push for everyone to be vaccinated, in order to return to normality. Those who have taken the vaccine will be at war with those who have not. It will be anarchy from all sides.”

    “Covid-19means the ‘certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence’ and ’19’ was the year in which it was created.”

  3. “In an exchange of e-mails, the State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Markus Kerber, asks the researchers who have been contacted to develop a model on the basis of which “preventive and repressive measures” can be planned.”

    That this whole coronavirus takedown is a well coordinated mechanism is so blatant that even a school child could connect the dots.

    Markus Krebber is Chief Financial Officer for RWE AG and on the board of 5 other companies. In the past he was Divisional Director-Group Finance at Commerzbank AG. He received a doctorate from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and a graduate degree and an MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    About RWE AG

    RWE Aktiengesellschaft is a globally active energy company. The Company generates and trades electricity. RWE has a capacity of about 10 gigawatts based on renewable sources, as well as gas fleet and an internationally active energy trading business. RWE serves clients in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the United States.

    ESSEN, Germany, Nov. 14 (UPI) — Despite an exposure to more volatile assets like fossil fuels, German energy company RWE said it was on solid footing for financial progress.

    The German energy market is shifting away from conventional energy foundations like coal and natural gas toward wind and solar power. In the largest initial public offering in more than a decade, the German utility split off its green energy unit business into a subsidiary called Innogy, which brought in $2.8 billion in proceeds for RWE.

    “, Dr. Kerber worked as an investment banker in London in the equity capital
    markets divisions of Deutsche Bank AG and S.G. Warburg & Co Limited. He is a member of the
    London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and the German Council on
    Foreign Relations (DGAP) in Berlin. Markus was also appointed to the Board of GFT
    Technologies AG as a non-executive director in June 2009.’


    1-Lynn roth sch ild sits on the board of Deutschebank

    2-her husband Evelyn is advisor to the Queen of England who has ” Golden shares ” in several investments.

    3- insider trading was openly exposed by gamestop trading where the very wealthy bet on closing bankrupt companies and pool their money in on a sure thing …until the little people struck back …now they just closed the circle to ” all inclusive capitalists”. Being a inside man for Deutsche bank and commerzebank ag ( which goes back before Hitler…then taken over by Hitler now back in private hands …it was originally a bank for jewsish business men and bankers and merchants a powerhouse of leverage).

    4- shutting down the ecconomy except for big corporations ( essential.)..little shops can go under. Is the corporate takeover of basic supplies.

    5- Bill Gates / Monsantos take over of GMO food products and land is a cog in the control wheel. No vaccine with nanoparticles for tracking…no food, travel or money.

    The Hunger games was a preview of billionaires sickness of god complex.

    And the stupid secretaries of State around the world and justice system let them while they laugh …Bill Gates always laughing at the end of his autistic arm flapping speeches…

    Germany is just one of the many cogs in this well greased mechanism.

  4. The answer is no.

    We have to learn from the lessons of the survivors of the Bolsheviks, Hitler and Vietnamese…which the globalist minions are trying to erase history and rewrite it…but in our generation we still have survivors to tell the real stories ( killing off nursing home patients does help solve this problem though..think New York).

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  9. Boy, you would think a country like Germany who continually tries to distance itself from its history of mass murder, would also try to distance itself from the experiments of Josef Mengele.

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