Indian Students Or Criminals Of Indian Government? S03

Indian Students
Indian Students

Are schools in India an automated production line converting Indian students to slaves? Don’t the managements no longer have the wisdom to think any better? Don’t they care whether the children of their schools are called criminals by their own Government?

In addition to the well-known “PRISM” and “Boundless Informant” data mining programs being run the USA, shall we refer the specific targeting of Science and Technology Activities by the US against both India and China? Who in India’s establishment should be aware of the US government’s doctrine that Data Mining should be proactively used to assist in reducing to fourth-grade the Chinese and Indian scientific establishments? Are the Directors of the IIT’s aware of this? If yes, how did they respond? If no, they need to stand up and ask the Government as to why they should not be in the loop on this critical information.

The biometric data of all the armed forces and defense and police personnel and of the IIT students of India were then transmitted using this shabbily implemented technology which is clearly being controlled by foreign organizations? The biometric profiles along with all the other linked–databases complete biographic details and profiles of the applicants to the prestigious JEE entrance exam, the brightest Indian students, who could be our future leaders should be put on public view on the internet for all to see because of this very shoddy project?

Did not a single member of the Defense chiefs or the Police chiefs realize the danger and press for members of the Armed Forces and the Police to be exempted from the highly dangerous Aadhaar requirement and make the security personnel aware of basics of IT security? Was the investigation into this matter by these esteemed members of our society as shoddy as that of the general public? Do our Defense Chiefs and Police Chiefs know that the more elite units of several countries have been warned to stay completely clear of the internet? If no, the Defense chiefs and Police chiefs have grossly failed in their duties, and have compromised the security of the country, as well as of the people under their command.

Did the Directors of the IITs fail to look into this security aspect and take objection to this and ensure that the complete informational profiles of the brightest of our Indian students entering the IITs, who can be our future leaders, are not put in public view for all and sundry? Was the investigation into this matter by the IITs as shoddy as that of the general public? If no, they have failed in their duty to their students and to their country.

Did the numerous coaching centers for the IIT preparation object to this? Well, we ignore them..anyway they are limited to selling knowledge for money…they have no sense of duty, nor do they inculcate it in the Indian students.

Did no Bank-Authorities object to this? As explained in the earlier section, following the UIDAI’s statement and the internationally accepted security standards for critical-data the biometric data of all which were collected upto now till they can implement the procedures described earlier, should now be treated as security-compromised.  Bank-authorities plan to use these security-compromised-biometrics to handle security in the Indian Peoples Accounts? They are using this kind of shoddy technology implemented by primitives to play with the money of hard-working-honest Indians? Did no bank-manager ask about the security implications of this project and of using (compromised!)Biometrics—which are anyway being discarded the world over—which can be easily replicated using publicly available software and hardware and some polymer-resin? Even if many Bank Managers are overloaded, if they don’t have the time to understand these issues, they better not use this technology. They clearly need better lessons on security…they better start asking their own questions. If they cannot escalate the legitimate security concerns of the public, the Indian public will soon start wondering: “is our money is safe in these banks…with this kind of pathetic security protocols?”

Airports in India, which are supposed to have the highest standards of security, are planning to use these security-compromised-biometrics for authenticating airline passengers? Well, people will soon start wondering about their safety, when all biometric-data of 1.1 billion people collected until now is security-compromised as explained earlier.

India is a signatory to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Regardless of what the Indian Supreme Court thinks about the “right to privacy for Indian Citizens”, privacy of children is protected under Article 16 of this International Convention.  Numerous schools have forced parents and their children to get this highly controversial Aadhaar card and the biometrics of the children were forcibly taken.

Does no lawyer in the country know that it is illegal under international law to obtain biometrics of children–even with the consent of an adult– unless the child has already committed a crime. If no, they are not fit to be lawyers.

 Did no Indian Parent raise the question of abysmal immorality and internationally- accepted illegality of fingerprinting children who are not confirmed to have already committed a crime? Even the most notorious dictatorial regimes have not stooped to this abysmal depth.  If no, they are not fit to be called parents.

Did no school Principal raise this same question? Well, we excuse them- they are only cogs in the wheel. Schools in India are the automated production line for the slaves. The managements no longer have the wisdom to think any better. They don’t seem to care whether the children of their schools are called criminals by their own Government.

Oh and by the way, the earlier section of the article, we had asked whether the RSS-chief had either issued a reprimand to, or at least discussed with, his RSS Pracharak — the BJP spokesperson — regarding the abysmal immorality and stupidity of quoting Palmerston and Kissinger on a foreign-policy speech. Well, perhaps that may be a little too much to ask of him. After all the RSS bases itself on a philosophy and draws its cadre from those who are called HINDUS = Her-majesty’s INdians DUmb and Stupid.

Let us suggest to the RSS-chief something more simple – something concerning his own RSS-shakhas. Please issue a request to change one of your phrases:  change the phrase “Bachcha Bachcha Raam Hai” to “Bachcha Bachcha Chor Hai” – and while you are at it, also change the expansion of RSS to “Rashtriya Stena Sangh”. The Queen of England and Prime Minister Theresa May, who was treated as the Goddess herself, by your own priests, would be mighty pleased!!!

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