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Now that you are here let us take the opportunity to introduce ourselves.

We are a group of professional individuals who lived and grew in ‘Free India’ observing the social decadence, ethical downfall and moral bankruptcy that was and is spreading like a cancer in India along with the visionary leadership decline. We saw our country taken over by criminals, people of low moral values, and traitors and were surprised why such things are happening and trying to answer the same questions. In seeking the answers we were surprised to find that everything about India that we studied can be classified as best as close to a lie.

We are not afraid to accept the negative aspects of Indian society as every society have them which are evolved as part of social dynamics shaping the progress of civilization for thousands of years. At the same time we are not afraid either to accept the glorious secular contributions of India to the world civilizations and cultures that shaped and reshaped the thoughts of the great thinkers east and west alike. Also we are not afraid now to declare (after considerable research) that the pompous display of wealth and richness that we see in any western nation was taken (often times forcibly) from Africa, Americas and continental Asia – China and India since 1500 till now.

Thus started the long journey of discovering ourselves as Indians, and our country India, her culture, heritage and traditions in true rational perspective which gave us the enlightenment of the cultural heritage India holds even today. It is an effort to share our work of years of dedicated research that prompted us to start GreatGameIndia. For more information kindly visit the About Us section.

As told to us by many of our readers it is a herculean task that we have undertaken to awaken the masses from its slumber and we need all the help from our sympathizers, well wishers and fellow countrymen. For all of you who would like to be a part of our initiative in any way do contact us directly at [email protected].

GreatGameIndia is being actively targeted by powerful forces who do not wish us to survive. Your contribution, however small help us keep afloat. We accept voluntary payment for the content available for free on this website via UPI, PayPal and Bitcoin.

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