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GreatGameIndia is India’s one of a kind portal on international affairs providing global intelligence through strategic analysis by placing events in a geopolitical and historical framework to better understand international developments and the world around us. Experts in the field of Geopolitics and International Relations we bring in fresh perspective to the otherwise redundant academic approach. We are read, recommended and published by decision makers, renowned personalities and organisations around the world.

Since the time we started publishing our research we have received great enthusiastic response from our readers. The innumerable letters of solidarity, appreciations and curious questions from all of you are a treasure and we regret not being able to respond duly to all of them in the depth it requires. Owing to a lot of requests by our readers we would now be proactively working to reach out to and engage with our concerned citizens for which we need your support.

GreatGameIndia need your support

GreatGameIndia is a self-funded initiative with support from friends and family. We have had offers from major media houses to invest in our venture and even to convert it into a commercial vehicle and even advances from political parties to provide a certain slant to the information. However, it is a conscious choice we have made to not let business or political interest undermine or dictate our work. We need your support to continue doing our work and make it available for everyone.

Your contribution however small is appreciated and helps us keep afloat. If you like the kind of work we do and believe that it needs to be supported, kindly consider supporting GreatGameIndia.