Cairn Energy has effectively seized Indian state-owned properties in Paris, in a dramatic escalation to force India to pay $1.7 billion awarded by an international tribunal over a tax dispute.
Adani Group’s port deal worth 52 million USD with Myanmar military-controlled company has come to a standstill owing to the sanctions by the United States over human rights violations.
The Myanmar military regime has accused billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) for fomenting unrest in the country by funding opposition protests and seized its bank accounts in Myanmar.
Millions of people were left without clean drinking water and power due to devastating blackouts in Texas in February. Tesla is planning to make a 100 megawatt battery to plug into the power grid of Texas. This project will be started in Angleton, Brazoria County for stabilizing energy supply of the area.
Goldman Sachs and Bank of America have made hundreds of millions of dollars from the recent electricity crisis and blackouts in the state of Texas. Similar scandal was created by Enron 20 years ago. Enron had made billions out of the electricity crisis in California.
Contrary to popular belief, as per recent data by the Indian commerce ministry the two-way trade between China and India last year stood at $77.7 billion, making Beijing New Delhi's largest trading partner during the period.
Elon Musk’s months-long run as the richest man on the planet has come to an end. The Tesla shares registered a 6% tumble when the markets opened on Monday, the largest one-day drop in the past six months. It registered a further 10% slide on Tuesday after investors became keen on selling off. Within two days, Musk's net worth dropped 30 billion USD. The epic loss occurred due to two main reasons.
Internal documents has exposed how Amazon deployed a secret strategy to bypass Indian laws by frequently changing its corporate structure and killing small businesses by illegally favoring a handful of companies it had stakes in.
India has seized assets of Amnesty International worth Rs 176 million in the ongoing money laundering case.
Amazon is recruiting 26 former FBI agents in order to provide security from and smash the workers unions.