A decree released in the official state gazette on Tuesday states that Spain will ban starting your AC to save energy and cut 7-8% in gas use.
There are several theories on the origin of life from inorganic substances. Now, an Indian-origin scientist has proposed a new 'origin of life' theory.
A company called Bite Labs offers us deliciously cooked salami made entirely from the meat of famous people. You read it right. It’s no spoof.
The cause of the recent mass deaths of fish may be related to fertilizer contamination in the river in India’s water bodies.
The largest pink diamond in the past 300 years, called Lulo Rose, which weighs 170 carats, was discovered at the Lulo alluvial diamond mine.
In Japan, there were 811,604 births in 2021, compared to 1.44 million deaths. Similar to Japan, these are the 20 nations with the fastest declining populations.
France is poised to be completely cut off from Russian gas. France is set to to turn off street lights in response to the energy crisis as a result of this.
A recent study by the Shriram Institute of Industrial Research in New Delhi has found a high level of toxic chemical nonylphenol in drinking water across India.
Scientists have revealed the importance of yawning for species' survival. Yawning tends to increase motor synchronicity, as per the study.
Adopting a pet entails a significant commitment. But a new study has determined that owning a pet makes people around the world happier.