China has a notorious governmental surveillance apparatus that is renowned to violate its citizens' privacy and target the regime's political adversaries. Now, Chinese students have invented an invisibility cloak.
For the first time, researchers have simulated a simplified wormhole using Google's Sycamore quantum computer, and have transported a bit of quantum information through it. This means a quantum computer has simulated a wormhole for the first time ever in history.
According to Science Alert, scientists have successfully reanimated the zombie virus after it was trapped in Siberian permafrost for 50,000 years.
According to Mission Local, San Francisco police want robots to kill suspects, but the proposal has strong opposition from both inside and outside the Board.
A new study has shown that lasers can hack self-driving cars, and this can be used to trick moving automobiles into missing pedestrians or other obstacles.
A breakthrough study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports has reported that researchers have successfully grown mini eyes in a laboratory to assess blindness caused by Usher syndrome.
Dr. Richard Brown of the UK's National Physical Laboratory recommended new prefixes, which were motivated by the demands of the tech sector. As a result, the new weight of Earth has been revealed.
Reuters posted a video of the electric air taxi VoloCity taking flight in Paris, touting it as the Tesla of the skies.
Russian President Vladmir Putin stated that domestic companies should not have to pay extra to adopt new technologies just as Russia starts offering tax breaks for doing so.
There is still a great deal to discover about the microorganisms, yet they are all around us and may be found in any environment, from little puddles to vast oceans. And now, scientists have discovered new microscopic species.