In an experiment led by GSU using gene editing, the team removed the vasopressin receptor, a hormone that controls aggression in hamsters, which unexpectedly turned them into hyper-aggressive bullies.
Knowing one's name is a skill more often associated with dogs than cats, but new research has revealed that cats can recall its own name, and one research indicates that they can even understand much more.
New findings on the brain of the mosquito might help researchers get closer to combating mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria and yellow fever, which still harm millions of people. The study reveals mosquitoes' scent based host seeking mechanism.
A substantial population in Jharkhand was found suffering with anaemia, but were also found to be prone to blood illnesses such as thalassemia and sickle-cell anaemia. As per experts, fortified rice is leading to these side effects amongst Adivasis.
Visualized below is how cultured meat will virtually eliminate the need for animals to be farmed for food and the science behind it.
On Sunday, stargazers in South America and along the eastern coast of North America could be fortunate enough to receive a glimpse of the lunar color palette. But before anyone goes into witnessing this, here's why the moon turns red during a lunar eclipse.
Synbio innovation is moving at a breakneck rate and how we traverse this domain will have a significant impact on our future. Here is how synthetic biology is going to change life as we know it.
For a long time, geologists at the University of Florida have wanted to investigate the efficacy of lunar soil for plant growth, but the soil is in scarce supply. But their dream finally seems to have been fulfilled as University of Florida researchers have bwen able to successfully grow plants in moon soil.
This footage is truly terrifying when you consider the prospect that should scientists transfer the technology to Beijing, or perhaps even the military, they may utilize the superior drone technology to target humans. Watch as the autonomous Chinese drone swarm flies through forest while hunting for humans.
Even with humanity's ability to reach out into far space and distant galaxies, scientists are still confused about what lies beneath the surface of our own planet. It leads one to wonder just what is the mystery of the continent sized blobs within the Earth's core.