GreatGameIndia is a quarterly magazine on international affairs providing global intelligence through strategic analysis by placing events in a geopolitical and historical framework to better understand international developments and the world around us.

GreatGameIndia is a group of physicists, computer professionals, management experts, business analysts, geopolitical strategists and others who from their backgrounds developed a systematic research methodology and study process to understand and unearth the time hidden documented historical events and enhance everybody’s understanding. We believe this understanding may one day help India to regain its role as the beacon of knowledge and light to the world, and help rest of the world to regain its composure from wars, famines, and greed and shift to the path of true human development, progress and sustained evolution.

GreatGameIndia has a worldwide media presence with exposure in a number of leading reputed international publications worldwide from Canada, Russia, United States, India, France, Denmark, China etc.

GreatGameIndia is registered as a quarterly magazine with the Registrar of Newspapers for India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India under the PRB Act of 1867 with the RNI Registration no. APENG/2015/70684.

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[mks_one_half]Raja Sekhar – CoFounder & Editor

Raja Sekhar was born in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He holds a B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from JNTUA and completed Post Graduation in Geopolitics and International Relations from Manipal University. His area expertise is in researching Economic Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Counter-terrorism methods, Illegal Drugs, Arms Deals, Diamonds Geostrategic implications, Intelligence Gathering – ways trends doctrines future implications, Theory & Practice in containment of 3nd Generation Cyber Warfare and 5thGeneration peoples wars.

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[mks_one_half]Shelley Kasli – CoFounder & Editor

Shelley Kasli was born and raised at the southern tip of Gujarat touching the Arabian Sea in the port city of Billimora near Dholai port – once a Naval headquarters for the Army of Sayajirao Gaekwad and just few miles away from Suvali port – the first point of contact of the British East India Company. He holds B. Tech in Information Technology and studied Product Service Systems Design from Milan, Italy. Apart from a Counter-Terror and Intelligence Specialist he is a most sought after Business Consultant with experience in Strategy Development; providing insights with real time information, tactical monitoring and actionable recommendations his expertise lay in providing an intelligence umbrella with comprehensive security and risk management solutions.

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  1. great site! .. keep up the ood work man 🙂 .. whats sad is the fact that how very few of us even care about any of this .. in a time where all what most people can think about is uploading attention seeking photos and keeping themselves up to date with the latest celebrity gossip and trends , YOU stand out and its because of people like you that people like “us” can keep ourselves informed with what actually matters 🙂 .. thanks a lot!

  2. Bravooo…Hats off to Team.. Unfortunately people are busy in other gossips…Agree with Arjun… But you friends doing great work..This is what the actual patriotism… Keep posting..there few followers likes us for you.. If you seek any volunteers pl mail me.

  3. As i have seen others here, i have tendacy to always look otherside of the coin. Thats where i found this website, while looking for some detailed info. I really admire efforts and findings. Keep up the good work.

  4. Join us @ Saksham Bharat….OM is waiting for u….omsakshambharat gmail …c u soon ….HAR HAR MAHADEV…..JAI HO

  5. India and indians need to first learn to believe in themselves and their own SEERS like Vivekananda …and our vedic teachings should be extensively integrated into our junior and senior school curriculum to achieve this .And each should work in his circle of influence diligently ..and humbly ,,Grandiose plans dont work ..detailed plans and experience to execute do !!

  6. Don’t Publish your foolishness so publicly.. Please understand at least that “Mario Vargas”, is not mentioning about Indians(ie us) but primitive cultural groups of Latin America collectively known as Red Indians

    1. You are foolish to conclude the publishers do not know. It is the foolish Europeans who started calling the indigenous people in the Americas as Indians. The publishers and correct thinkers know it. You seem to be jealous that they are broadcasting certain facts and aspirations that may be inconvenient to false Bharateeyas.

      1. Mario Vargas Llosa is referring to the Red Indians. It’s sheer ignorance and misleading of facts by the publishers of Great Game India to portray it as reference to we Indians. Please verify facts before publishing… And for you Mr. Bhoopalan, don’t try to ‘shout at people to shut them’ when somebody is raising a valid concern.

  7. Great website, interesting articles. It’s good to have geopolitical analyses from an Indian perspective.