A war crimes tribunal led by Erik Mose of Norway has been established by the UN to probe the actions Russia has done in Ukraine.
Russia has set a March 31 ultimatum for "hostile" nations to start paying for natural gas imports in rubles. Countries that placed economic sanctions on the Russia and frozen its foreign currency reserves will be affected by the new currency-switch regulation. This is especially concerning for those EU countries that significantly depend on Russian energy imports.
Nine Russian climbers have been already granted licenses to scale in Nepal this spring season, as Nepal's rejects Ukraine's request to ban Russian climbers from the Himalayas saying its mountains are “global assets.”
London is 'very disappointed' by how unwilling India is in imposing sanctions on Russia and Biden has decided to send the sanctions czar to India.
We list here the top 10 Russian billionaires who where impacted by the western sanctions due to the military action in Ukraine.
Few people today ask the most important question about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many people want America to stay out of the fight, but even they don’t ask the vital question. Why does the world face a crisis today? Why has a border dispute between Russia and Ukraine escalated to the point where people fear nuclear war?
Russia has condemned the United States and its allies of attempting to orchestrate a false default, despite the fact that the nation has the funds to pay its bills. This might ultimately lead to many countries cutting dollar holdings after Russian reserves were frozen, according to the IMF.
Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that sanctions against Moscow herald the end of an era, implying that the West's global dominance was coming to an end. Blackrock has chimed in with their own remarks on the conflict, stating that the Ukraine crisis marked the end of globalization as we know it.
Putin has claimed that the credibility of dollar and euro has been destroyed as a result of sanctions imposed by the West On Russia.
There were previous reports that exposed how these Ukrainian labs were handling "especially dangerous pathogens" through US government-funded initiatives in early March. But what has recently come to light is Hunter Biden’s connection to these Ukraine biolabs.