A new Russian intelligence leak reported by Newsweek says that China had planned the invasion of Taiwan for next fall but was delayed due to developments in Ukraine.
The sanctions imposed on Russia by the West to punish it for its military action in Ukraine have caused Beijing to conduct massive stress tests modeling the impact of Russia-style sanctions on China.
Israeli officials are preparing for an Iranian retaliation attack ahead of time. Recently, Israel issued an unusual alert to all citizens to evacuate Istanbul immediately, citing Iranian revenge plot.
On Dec. 12, the driver of a car carrying migrants from Ukraine and Tajikistan disobeyed an officer's requests to provide id and smacked the officer's hand with a car door mirror as he accelerated past him. This is merely one case out of more than 8,600 Russians who have crossed the Mexico border illegally into the US just in the recent months.
Kashmir has been a source of controversy between India and Pakistan for decades, as both claim ownership of the province yet only control a portion of it. But the climate seems to be shifting as Pakistan's new PM has made an offer to India to resolve Kashmir issue.
A new article in the Telegraph says that Boris Johnson may become the next NATO chief and that Richard Drax and Mark Francois, two high-ranking Tories, have officially endorsed Johnson for the role.
After facing secondary sanctions over a weapons pact with Russia, India and Russia decided to arrange payments through the rupee-ruble exchange in 2014. Faced with a similar situation in the present, it is going to be interesting to see how India and Russia plan to bypass the dollar.
Since February, the US and its allies have paid "pseudo-pacifist" individuals in Russia more than four billion rubles ($66 million US), according to Deputy Security Council Secretary Alexander Grebenkin. The extravagant spending conforms within a well-established playbook of meddling used by Washington in Eastern Europe for well over 30 years, so it is nothing new. This is how the US topples European and Central Asian governments using the almighty dollar.
The Russian Defense Ministry has made a sensational claim that human samples from a secret project at Ukraine biolab were evacuated to UK and EU countries. The documents which will be made public shortly sescribe a secret project to study the ways humans can be infected from bats.
UltraTech Cement India's largest cement maker is circumventing the US dollar using Yuan for a Russian coal deal, challenging the dominance of the U.S. dollar in global trade.