This week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia to talk about the world's oil shortage. A question that has been raised is if Biden can break the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Russia?
It has been reported that the Ukrainian Security Service has assassinated its own delegation memmber at talks with Russia on suspicion of high treason.
After European Union prohibited the selling and leasing of planes to Russian airlines the Russian government might decide to nationalize Boeing and Airbus jets.
The rumours of Putin's secret health fight have long been suspected, with speculations ranging from cancer to Parkinson's disease.
Several reporters caught a brief conversation between Biden and Macron on camera at the G7 summit, where Macron told Biden about Saudi Arabia's oil capacity and how it will not increase production anytime soon.
The recent sanctions placed on Russia have proven that the role it plays in the global economic order is much greater than is commonly thought.
Any military escalation between China and India could have serious repercussions. Both of them are nuclear-armed. Now, the US Military is set to conduct drills near the disputed India China border.
The official narrative around the biolabs is that policymakers in the United States became concerned about the possibility of terrorists stealing biological materials. Here we take a full look into Pentagon's version of Ukraine biolabs.
In an article Washington Post admits some NATO members wants to prolong the war in Ukraine to deplete and isolate Russia.
Whatever else the Russian armed intervention in Ukraine has done, it has hammered home to the Union government the perils of over-dependence on imported armaments. There are two aspects that are of special concern. First, is the danger of a military spares cut-off in case the Russian engagement in Ukraine extends into the future, highly unlikely though that is, because then the Kremlin will prioritise re-supplying its own troops.