Seated in the domed, red sandstone government building unveiled by the British Raj less than two decades before India threw off imperial rule, S. Jaishankar, the Indian foreign minister, needs no reminder of how the tides of history sweep away antiquated systems to usher in the new.
Israel, Iran, the US and Russia are engaged in secret talks for Israel’s acceptance of Iran as a nuclear threshold power in return for a US-Russian guarantee that Tehran will not cross the threshold to make a nuclear bomb.
The US needs to win the Gaza War to destabilize BRICS to carry on with the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) proposal presented in September at the G20 meeting in New Delhi.
According to Mark Sleboda, a foreign relations and security specialist, Western media prints 'anything' to paint Russia as a threat, including space nukes and washing machines. The head of...
Hamas is an organization that Israel has designated as a terrorist entity and is behind the new Gaza War in 2023 after the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. Table of ContentsWhat are the Reasons...
The Russian Defense Ministry has made a sensational claim that human samples from a secret project at Ukraine biolab were evacuated to UK and EU countries. The documents which will be made public shortly sescribe a secret project to study the ways humans can be infected from bats.
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared at a conference with the administration on Wednesday that Russia would only accept ruble payments for gas shipments to "unfriendly countries." This could indicate the resurgence of the Russian economy and the rise of the PetroRuble.
Mukul Arya, India's representative to Palestine, was found dead inside the Indian Mission in Ramallah on Sunday. It was not immediately known how Arya, a 2008-batch Indian Foreign Service officer, died.
Francesca Albanese, from the office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, claimed that Israel doesn’t have the right to self-defense. Using technicalities, a UN official referred to...
Due to accusations that the island's leadership was involved in drug trafficking, the UK is seeking to get the former colony of the British Virgin Islands under its direct control.