Moscow stated that it was compelled to use military force after Ukraine's civil war in the east ceased to be resolved through negotiation. The timeline of the Russian attack on Ukraine shows why and how.
Ever since Russia's special military operation began on February 24, some analysts have predicted that the war will finish with a divided Ukraine. The latest news to emerge is that sanctions are a declaration of war, according to Putin. He also threatened Ukraine with a potential loss of statehood.
The price of disengagement laid out by Russia include a demand that Kyiv publicly abandon its desire to join NATO, bringing Russia and Ukraine closer to drawing a 15 points neutrality plan to end the war.
A war crimes tribunal led by Erik Mose of Norway has been established by the UN to probe the actions Russia has done in Ukraine.
Although the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have rejected supplying instruction to members of Ukraine's fascist militias on numerous occasions, a few images have surfaced casting doubt on this prospect. This begs the question, did Canada train Ukraine neo nazis?
The sanctions imposed on Russia by the West to punish it for its military action in Ukraine have caused Beijing to conduct massive stress tests modeling the impact of Russia-style sanctions on China.
The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum  has been configured for years now as absolutely essential to understand the evolving dynamics and the trials and tribulations of Eurasia integration.
Any military escalation between China and India could have serious repercussions. Both of them are nuclear-armed. Now, the US Military is set to conduct drills near the disputed India China border.
WikiLeaks has been republishing a few of its more interesting leaks related to the past Afghan war logs, a vast drove of classified US documents which first hit public view over a decade ago. Below are 10 secret files exposing the true nature of the Afghan war.
The West has taken an extreme stance against Russia over its invasion in Ukraine. This reaction exposes a high degree of hypocrisy considering that US-led wars abroad never received the punitive response they deserved.