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Chess requires patient intellectual effort, calm concentration, and strategic thought. Usually, violence is not a component. This was not the case, however, when a chess-playing robot broke a 7-year-old's finger.
A Terminator robot equipped with a machine gun named GNOM, manufactured by Temerland, which will accompany Ukrainian forces in hostile territory with its 7.62mm machine gun installed on top, was unveiled by Ukraine.
In the future, the e-skin could be the basis for a more advanced electronic skin which enables robots capable of exploring and interacting with the world in multiple new ways. This might soon be possible as researchers create e-skin capable of feeling pain.
With $2.9 million in the state budget for 2023 geared at eliminating social isolation, Intuition Robotics is jumping in on the ground level of what is sure to be a profitable market. Now New York is set to distribute empathetic robot caretakers to combat loneliness in elderly.
A group of US and Korean experts have cautioned that scenarios in which a human worker establishes a strong emotional attachment with their robot coworker could cause the company's overall "teamwork quality and performance" to suffer.
Chinese are dominating industries like mobile phones and are about to grab the lion’s share of the television and home appliances industries. China is now emerging as one of the biggest investors in Indian start-ups taking over Indian markets...