Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tag: Robotics

An inside look into Russian robotics will reveal a new ground-based unmanned system known as the Marker combat robot platform. This advanced system is capable of operating autonomously at distances of up to 10 km from its...
Scientists from the University of Tokyo have created "Jizai Arms," which resemble the real Doctor Octopus arms. This wearable backpack can power up to six detachable robot arms and moves with the user's body.
As the use of AI and machine learning continues to grow in various industries, experts predict that the technology could potentially replace jobs traditionally held by humans, such as couriers, investment analysts, and customer service representatives. It has gotten to the point that even reality TV hosts are being replaced by robots.
The next stage in artificial intelligence research, according to scientists, is to develop robotic consciousness. However, robots with consciousness will eclipse humanity, warns experts.
Meet the creepy ultrarealistic AI robot Xoxe. She will gain emotional intelligence in two months, according to Dr. Khoze, thanks to facial recognition software pre-programmed into the cameras in her eyes.
Unlike eaten pills or injected liquids, which have a time delay, the tiny robot could withhold a dose of medicine and then administer it as soon as it reaches its target. Scientists have now developed gelatinous robots to crawl through human body to deliver medicines.
Landlord automation does not merely assist wealthy investment businesses in owning an increasing number of the small homes in the U.S. at a time when rising home prices are discouraging more people from considering homeownership—it actually makes the entire paradigm viable. Here is how robot landlords are buying up the houses.
According to Mission Local, San Francisco police want robots to kill suspects, but the proposal has strong opposition from both inside and outside the Board.
The global metaverse market is projected to exceed $280 billion by 2025. Now, a metaverse company has appointed a robot as a female CEO.
A post by the state-owned Russian news agency RIA Novosti on its telegram channel shows the Russian robot dog with an RPG strapped to its back, displayed at a Russian arms show.