Ukraine Unveils Terminator Robot Equipped With Machine Gun

A Terminator robot equipped with a machine gun named GNOM, manufactured by Temerland, which will accompany Ukrainian forces in hostile territory with its 7.62mm machine gun installed on top, was unveiled by Ukraine.

Ukraine Unveils Terminator Robot Equipped With Machine Gun 1

The newest weapon being sent to the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine is a small, 4×4 ground robot with a machine gun.

Forbes reports that a “GNOM” uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV), which is about the size of a standard microwave and weighs around 110 pounds, will be delivered to Ukrainian military.

Ukraine Unveils Terminator Robot Equipped With Machine Gun 2

The 2,000 meter (1.25 mile) spool of fiber-optic cable attached on the back of GNOM provides operators with a jam-proof way to control it on the modern battlefield without being identified or having their signal blocked by Russian electronic warfare equipment. GNOM is not radio-controlled.

“Control of GNOM is possible in the most aggressive environment during the operation of the enemy’s electronic warfare equipment.

“The operator doesn’t deploy a control station with an antenna, and does not unmask his position. The cable is not visible, and it also does not create thermal radiation that could be seen by a thermal imager,” said Eduard Trotsenko, CEO and owner of Temerland, the maker of the GNOM.

“While it is usually operated by remote control, GNOM clearly has some onboard intelligence and is capable of autonomous navigation. Previous Temerland designs have included advanced neural network and machine learning hardware and software providing a high degree of autonomy, so the company seems to have experience,” Forbes said.

The “Terminator-style” robot will accompany Ukrainian forces in hostile territory with its 7.62mm machinegun installed on top. The UGV can also deliver supplies such as ammo to the front lines and even evacuate injured soldiers to safety using a special trailer.

The GNOMs would be deployed soon, according to Temerland. Given that the Ukrainians have also been using Western drones, the highly advanced UGV could aid them in becoming more stealthy and lethal on the modern battlefield.

Killer robots armed with machine guns seem to be entering the conflict, and this one seems like “WALL-E” has joined the war.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Looks like it will tip easy. Needs to be lower and wider and have the machine gun hydraulically activate to raise itself a couple of fire sometimes.

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