American President Joe Biden in 1992 wrote a lengthy piece published in the Wall Street Journal in which he explains how he learned to love the New World Order.
The US Census will begin asking "are you a descendant of slaves" on government forms as a means to redefine how race and ethnicity are measured.
The former Indian American Air Force officer Ravi Chaudhary has been nominated for a key Pentagon position by the Joe Biden administration.
The State Department announced that the architect of Biden's China policy, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, is set to resign. US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is set to retire, the...
It has been revealed that classified documents were found at the residence of President Joe Biden. The classified Biden docs found in his Delaware garage was actually next to his corvette.
After the twin suicide bombing in Baghdad recently, the mainstream media is already laying the groundwork for Joe Biden to increase American military presence in Iraq. The endless wars brought to a halt by the Donald trump administration may...
Within the past few months, TikTok hired SKDK, a firm connected to Biden, to provide 'communications support' as it fights a push to ban the app. This move has given the company a line to the White House.
Ashley Biden’s diary is the subject of a criminal investigation by federal authorities. The diary’s content and text have ended up online, and passages in which Biden writes about her father, US President Joe Biden, are causing controversy. The diary began when the author was at the Florida Rehabilitation Center, which then goes onto describing her romantic interests, a marriage that later crumbled apart, the battle with drug and sex addictions, and her family life when her father ran for the position of president.
Brianne Dressen, who was injured due to the COVID vaccine, has sued the Biden Administration over censorship in a U.S. court in southern Texas. A woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving a...
Is it possible that Hunter, who struggled with drug addiction, mistakenly reported paying his father, a wealthy former vice president, for rent on a house that held sensitive information? Was Hunter Biden really paying $50k per month rent to hide classified documents?