Ashley Biden’s diary is the subject of a criminal investigation by federal authorities. The diary’s content and text have ended up online, and passages in which Biden writes about her father, US President Joe Biden, are causing controversy. The diary began when the author was at the Florida Rehabilitation Center, which then goes onto describing her romantic interests, a marriage that later crumbled apart, the battle with drug and sex addictions, and her family life when her father ran for the position of president.
Brianne Dressen, who was injured due to the COVID vaccine, has sued the Biden Administration over censorship in a U.S. court in southern Texas. A woman who suffered severe nerve damage after receiving a...
Is it possible that Hunter, who struggled with drug addiction, mistakenly reported paying his father, a wealthy former vice president, for rent on a house that held sensitive information? Was Hunter Biden really paying $50k per month rent to hide classified documents?
Joe Biden won the 2020 US Presidential Election with the help of $145 million dark money.
A day after senior Biden administration officials said they were investigating a potential leak of classified Ukrainian war plans, a new batch of classified U.S. documents appeared on Twitter and other social media sites.
We take a look inside of Biden’s $53 billion dollar COVID testing scam. President Biden has stated that up to one billion tests will be made accessible for circulation. $53 billion has been been allocated by Congress for COVID-19 testing.
John Kerry has suggested reducing emissions through reductions in fertiliser usage, land use, and cows, as well as by feeding cows bugs to reduce fertiliser emissions, which is basically the same as stopping farmers from farming.
According to officials, after the expiration of Title 42 in May, Biden may reinstitute Trump's border policy as long as migrant border crossings remain high.
The Joe Biden administration has scrapped its predecessor's Afghan peace deal to pull all NATO forces out of Afghanistan.
The Washington Times has reported that Joe Biden has signed a bill formally ending the COVID-19 public health emergency.