Is it possible that Hunter, who struggled with drug addiction, mistakenly reported paying his father, a wealthy former vice president, for rent on a house that held sensitive information? Was Hunter Biden really paying $50k per month rent to hide classified documents?
It has been revealed that classified documents were found at the residence of President Joe Biden. The classified Biden docs found in his Delaware garage was actually next to his corvette.
Richard Trumka Jr the commissioner of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that Biden Administration may ban gas stoves because it's a hidden hazard.
In a 2014 Facebook post, Biden’s Monkeypox spokesperson Dr. Demetre Daskalakis said that "We’ll Steal Your Soul."
The student loan forgiveness proves that all of those college degrees really are worthless. But is it permissible for Joe Biden to basically pay for college students' tuition as long as he remains in office in order to buy their votes?
In an interview for an article, Joseph Robinette Biden detailed the untold history of the Biden family, which shows that Biden, Sr. possessed a large amount of money at one point, but he lost it all for reasons that were largely unknown.
CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell was just the latest journalist to make a fool of herself by repeating the exact words that an unnamed DOJ official told her without verifying the information independently. This time, the factual matter under dispute was the exact whereabouts of President Trump’s three passports after the FBI raided his Florida mansion.
Biden admin sold a million barrels of oil to a Chinese company with ties to Hunter Biden, according to reports. The Sinopec trading branch, a fully owned subsidiary of China International United Petroleum and Chemical Co. Ltd., was given a contract by the Biden administration for roughly one million barrels of oil.
"Each male, when they reach puberty, get a mandatory vasectomy" is a direct quote that was actually presented as a concept. A US state representative has actually proposed mandatory vasectomies for all men.
An erstwhile Peter Navarro aide who worked in the Trump administration's Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy set up a website where the emails are accessible to the public. Here are over 120,000 Hunter Biden emails that they don't want you to read.