US Lawmakers Have Proposed 185 Laws In 2023 That May Be Used To Subvert Elections

According to an analysis conducted by three nonpartisan organizations, it has been revealed that US lawmakers have proposed 185 laws in 2023 that may be used to subvert elections.

According to a poll conducted in March, 63% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents do not believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election legitimately.

185 bills across 38 states have been introduced to state legislatures since the start of this year that could be used to subvert elections, an analysis by three nonpartisan organizations revealed on Thursday.

The States United Democracy Center, Protect Democracy and Law Forward noted in their findings that 15 of the bills have already been enacted. Three additional bills were passed by the state legislature but were vetoed by the state’s governor.

While most candidates who denied the 2020 election lost their bids in key battleground states, the bills showcase that the movement is still alive, particularly in Republican strongholds. “In fact, legislators are coming up with new ways to interfere with elections,” Maya Ingram, a senior policy development counsel at the States United Democracy Center said.

The report also notes that 2020 election deniers won key seats in state legislatures and other positions, and that bills that could be used to usurp elections are being introduced at the same rate as their previous report found two years ago.

The study defined subversion as any bill that attempts to do one of five things: usurping control over election results, requiring partisan or unprofessional election audits or reviews, seizing power over election responsibilities, creating unworkable burdens in election administration, or imposing disproportionate criminal or other penalties.

The state that scored the worst is Texas, which has pending or passed bills that meet all five criteria, the only state to do so.

The Department of Education under the Biden Administration is accused of demanding Georgia schools to show pornography to kids and intimidate districts that have successfully purged porn from their campuses.

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