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Read our exclusive investigation Coronavirus Bioweapon – on how China smuggled Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it in Wuhan’s P4 lab. The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations. The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

By now, you have probably heard about the Science Immunology paper (read below) showing that people who have received mRNA Covid vaccines produce more of an unusual antibody called IgG4 over time. A number of mRNA skeptics, including me, wrote about it last week.
On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb - a Pfizer director with over 550,000 Twitter followers - saw a tweet he didn’t like, a tweet that might hurt sales of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines.
The "fact-checkings" have not been able to discredit this seamless documentary, which presents a perfectly reasoned and documented argument that is sure to change the mind of any believer who watches it closely. This sublime work chronicles the events that have taken place since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, and it puts an end to the two-year battle against the system.
It’s unknown whether blood donated by people who’ve received mRNA COVID-19 shots poses a risk to those who receive it. A growing number of people aren’t willing to take any chances, however, and are requesting blood that comes from unvaccinated patients. One high-profile case involves a 4-month-old baby, Will Savage-Reeves, in New Zealand, who needs surgery for a heart valve disorder.
On January 3, 2021, Damar Hamlin, a defensive back for the Buffalo Bills, collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, another athlete, Imo Essien has collapsed mid game.
Several hundred people gathered outside of the court in Weinheim, north of Heidelberg, to denounce a specific ruling and Germany's pandemic regulations. The ruling that was being protested pertained to a German doctor being jailed for issuing mask exemptions.
Currently, it is nearly impossible to request unvaccinated blood from hospitals. Texas and certain regions of Africa are the only areas that seem open to this idea currently.
The primary reason for this conclusion is the 9 minutes of CPR. It is simply very rare for someone not to be brain dead at that point. Nobody I talked to has ever heard of such a case. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. It just means it is rare.
The mRNA spike protein was not the only item discovered in autopsies of those who died shortly after receiving the jab. When combined with insurance records indicating that the spike in mortality had a 1 in 390,632,286,180 chance of occurring spontaneously, this is a dagger through Pfizer's heart. Germany has unleashed the spike protein bombshell.
According to former White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, Twitter’s COVID-19 censorship led to the loss of life by preventing people from making the appropriate use of caution.