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Read our exclusive investigation Coronavirus Bioweapon – on how China smuggled Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it in Wuhan’s P4 lab. The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations. The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

Silicon Valley tech companies are using COVID-19 blood samples of young people collected during donations for treatment trial to reverse the aging process. Billions of dollars were invested in geroscience months before the pandemic officially began.
Anmol Ambani, the eldest son of industrialist Anil Ambani, has lashed out against lockdowns being imposed amid the surge in COVID-19 cases, saying such restrictions do not concern health but control and that they destroy the very backbone of the society and economy. He called the pandemic known correctly as Scamdemic and stated that the lockdowns are actually greatest wealth transfer in human history. He said it's a coordinated, thought out set of policies designed to enable a new world order to be brought in. The perfect opportunity to usher in the fourth industrial revolution.
Following the Portuguese, German and Dutch rulings, now the Austrian court has ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for COVID-19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.
Scientists have found toxic chemicals in preliminary analysis of face masks. These toxic substances found on masks also involve carcinogens, allergens and controlled substances. Masks are used by general public these days mandated by governments in order to prevent Covid-19 infection. However, experts are concerned that toxic chemicals in face masks can cause unintended health issues.
Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Robert De Niro are using Covid-19 to promote an expensive ‘health seal’ scheme that will certify your business location as COVID-19 feee. These celebrities are preaching people to buy this health seal that could cost you over $12,000 and which “does not guarantee that a space is safe or free from pathogens."
China is conducting secret Frankenstein-style human-animal hybrid experiments creating super viruses, human-monkey hybrids, human head transplants on monkeys and pigs, gene-editing babies, super soldiers etc. Most of these experiments are exported out of western countries since they were shutdown in the west due to heavy criticism.
Leigh King, a 41-year-old woman in North Lanarkshire in Scotland, faced severe side effects after getting vaccinated from AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. She said, she is not able to look after her 13-year-old autistic son due to unbearable pain due to red rashes on face, arm, chest, legs and back.
Germany has reported 31 cases of blood clots in the brain from AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. The cases are associated with CSVT or sinus vein thrombosis as per the German regulator and 19 out of 31 cases are linked to thrombocytopenia or blood platelet deficiency.
AstraZeneca has rebranded and changed the name of its COVID-19 vaccine from CoviShield to Vaxzevria. The move is because the company is struggling to convince people that the vaccine is safe amidst the controversy that AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is causing blood clots.
Richard Terrell, a Goochland County man suffered a severe reaction after getting vaccinated. Doctors believe his skin peeled off as a side effect of the jab. He is a 74-year-old man and got the dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 6th March in Ashland and suffered severe rash over his entire body. These rashes turned his skin red.