WATCH – Baby’s Brown Eyes Turn Bright Blue After COVID Treatment

The Daily Mail reported that the brown eyes of a baby from Thailand turned bright blue after COVID treatment.

A six-month-old baby’s response to a COVID treatment was truly bizarre.

On Tuesday, The Daily Mail reported that a baby from Bangkok, Thailand who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 had been given the medication favipiravir. He was the drug’s youngest patient in history.

The baby’s mother informed the doctors after observing that the medication caused his dark brown eyes to turn vivid blue within 18 hours. Five days after taking the medication, the baby’s eyes changed back to their original hue.

After the treatment was finished, an eye exam was apparently conducted.

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According to doctors, the baby’s eyes changed color because the antiviral medication released a luminous substance that traveled throughout his corneas.

The specific date of the adverse effect is unknown, but according to The Daily Mail, a report about the infant was published in the April 2023 issue of the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics. According to the paper, there were no additional reports of discoloration or other significant side effects.

No bluish discoloration was observed in other areas such as skin, nails, or oral and nasal mucosa. (COVID) Symptoms improved after three days of favipiravir therapy.

According to a statement from the First Lady’s Communications Director, Elizabeth Alexander, Jill Biden, who was double vaccinated and double boosted, tested positive for COVID-19 again.

The unidentified baby may have been fortunate to survive with only a brief shift in eye color. Diarrhea, a low white blood cell count, and an elevation in uric acid levels are typical side effects of favipiravir. Together, they account for 20% of the negative events.

Furthermore, rather than COVID-19, favipiravir is most frequently used to treat influenza and Ebola. Readers will undoubtedly wonder why this infant was given this possibly harmful medicine in the first place as a result of these conditions.

The major antiviral medication given to children in Thailand who have COVID is favipiravir, which explains why. In some regions of Asia, it has also received approval as a COVID treatment.

According to the Mail, a small group of 50 participants at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in America started the pharmacological study in April 2020. However, favipiravir has not yet received U.S. approval as a COVID medication.

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