How The US Funded Hamas

Millions of dollars from the United States ended up in Gaza, which is governed by Hamas, despite the Biden administration’s best attempts to keep the topic primarily under wraps.

Israel has been the target of numerous terrorist assaults. There have been about a dozen conventional wars against the Jewish state, all of varying sizes. And both have been present more frequently in combination.

However, no gangs of hundreds of killers in black have ever planned to flood Israel with the intention of picking up random Jews off the street and out of their houses, killing them, and then throwing their bodies in the street.

In fact, the Rwandan mass murder of 1994, when hordes of Hutu militia killers went on a preplanned killing spree against thousands of Tutsi people, is the closest analog to the methodology Hamas is today embracing.

The bloodlust of the Gaza audience is a recurring motif in these horrifying films of the murder of young women. There doesn’t seem to be a single Gazan objecting to the collective killing of a civilian, despite a natural desire among ordinary Gazans to record the mutilations, an embrace of spitting on the dying, and a frantic endeavor to mutilate the dead.

After the attack by Hamas in southern Israel this morning, Israel launched Operation Swords of Iron, which involved launching between 2,000 and 5,000 rockets.

Hamas behaved in line with its populace rather than in an unusual manner. Truthfully, something is so gravely wrong in Gaza that the United States should stay as far away from such barbarism as it can, and it should also be hoped that it shares the same sentiments about America and keeps to itself.

So once more, why did Hamas launch such a well-prepared and comprehensive attack on Israeli communities, and buildings used by the public, military, and civilians?

The invasion was more of a well-planned land, sea, and ground assault at mass death and hostage capture than it was a surprise attack in the traditional Pearl Harbor sense. It was intended to execute noncombatants, seize Jews as negotiation chips, and shock Israelis by defiling the dead in a pre-civilizational manner.

The callous killers believed they could obtain the most media attention and Arab unity by sensationally killing and kidnapping young people. They initially targeted a youth concert close to the border. Will the killers turn their murderous fervor toward attacks on the IDF in the coming weeks? They will soon get the long-awaited and adequate chance to show off their bravado to the world as they face actual soldiers rather than elderly and young people who are unarmed.

It appears that the Palestinians, who are now acting in the capacity of ISIS, also believed that their descent into even more barbarism—rarely seen in even the most barbarous regions of the world—would shock Israelis into adopting some sort of collective fetal position and screaming, “make all these demons just go away.”

If so, Hamas made a grave calculation error.

Russian military historian and director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, Yuri Knutov, said that the Hamas attack revealed the Iron Dome’s inefficiency.

Their tactics are so abhorrent, and they are so cowardly to concentrate on teen females and kids rather than the IDF, that they will have the exact opposite effect both in Israel and around the world.

Israel is aware that coexisting with a pre-civilizational Hamas is impossible. It must eliminate it, completely cut off Gaza from itself, and go forward with a strategy of persistent disproportionate response.

Since there is no other option after Hamas has started its campaign of death, Israel will have the support of the majority of the civilized world as well as its own citizens in such a change of tactic. The following month is likely to bring about events that no one could have predicted, but the majority of the world will view Israel’s response as long overdue.

In other words, people won’t be as interested in the Squads of the world, the radical anti-Semites of the Western Left, or the American Democratic-Socialists who applauded the murder. Now that they have been exposed as being on the side of death for death’s sake, they cannot be persuaded.

The Holocaust didn’t end 80 years ago; it just started. Yet again, we saw special murder units’ black-clad gangs attempting to round up Jews for execution right away. However, there is one peculiar distinction between the present-day Hamas SS cadres and their ideological forebears in Nazi Germany.

America battled against the SS and the local death squads it hired between 1941 and 1945. However, in 2023, the Biden administration reinstated hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority and to Gaza under Hamas, despite the fact that both organizations had pledged to destroy Israel and kill many Jews—and despite the State Department’s own warnings.

Hamas is an organization that Israel has designated as a terrorist entity and is behind the new Gaza War in 2023 after the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

That will also change shortly, as America will no longer support funding any Palestinian “organization” in any way.

Why now, exactly? Other than the traditional motives for killing Jews among the Palestinians—envy, the simple choice to destroy others rather than build a prosperous modern state of their own, and racial and religious hatred—the time and manner in which this specific killing spree developed depended on a few distinct catalysts.

By pressing the notion of Arab cooperation in times of “war,” particularly by mounting a brutal attack directed at civilians and involving murders and hostage-taking, the Palestinians sought to halt any rumored reconciliation between the Gulf monarchies—their traditional financial backers—and Israel. For instance, they wanted to make the Saudis support their practice of dismembering corpses or risk appearing to be “Jewish sellouts.”

Iran is most likely what sparked the conflict. Its biggest concern is a compromise between Sunni Arab countries and Israel that would ultimately put an end to the racial and anti-Semitic prejudice that is currently most pronounced in Palestine and Iran.

In addition, Arab attacks on Israel only succeed when they occur during a Jewish holiday. Therefore, the timing of the latest strike was 50 years after the Yom Kippur War’s start on October 6, 1973. They attacked Simchat Torah, the last day of the seven-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Nevertheless, despite the well-known date, Hamas fully caught Israel’s, the US’s, and the West’s highly developed intelligence networks off guard.

Did Hamas anticipate involvement from Iran and Hezbollah? Can they? If one buys into their propaganda, they will; if one thinks they don’t want to go through what will probably happen in Gaza, they won’t.

After all, Israel is currently free from any restrictions for the first time possibly in its existence. Few will advocate for proportionality, an immediate ceasefire, or an Israeli standdown, with the exception of AOC, an international relations major, or a bigot in the American State Department.

Hamas may have also believed that the current unrest in Israel and the widespread street demonstrations against the Israeli Supreme Court’s proposed reforms had created long-lasting internal conflicts and, as a result, weakened deterrence if not led to permanent internal divides.

It is true that there was a sinister quality to the Israeli left’s hostility to the politicization of IDF recruits. Today’s Western society, from Sweden to America, is poisoned by this predisposition to commit collective civilizational suicide. But it might be fatal in a frontline state like Israel, as Hamas reportedly also reasoned.

Let’s be honest: the Biden administration helped to fuel the perception that Hamas was a serious participant in the Middle East. To the pleasure of Hamas, it fuelled the notion that the U.S. was abandoning its long-standing support for Israel due to confusing policies.

Keep in mind that the Middle East operates under an iron law: whenever the United States separates itself from Israel and leans toward Iran, its aggressive adversaries interpret this as a de facto invitation to escalate their hostilities. The idea that Israel is an illegal state and militant Palestinians are freedom fighters is now a core doctrine of the new woke Democratic Party, whether on campuses, in its Squad, in the media or as supported by its identification politics caucuses.

Do we recall that the ridiculous Secretary of State Blinken boasted in February that the Biden administration had not only reinstated the massive aid to the dishonest PLA that Trump had halted but had also transferred a total of $1 billion—while the Palestinian Authority and Abbas boasted that they would continue to pay bounties to the families of “martyrs” (those killed while carrying out terrorist attacks against Israel)?

NATO weapons that were given to Ukraine were used to kill Israelis by Hamas in the assaults carried out on military and civilian sites in southern Israel.

All such funds are fungible. Therefore, the more Biden’s supporters boast that the money is used for humanitarian causes or has not yet reached Iranian accounts, the more these terrorist organizations raise money in advance to prepare for war.

Millions of funds from the United States ended up in Gaza, which is governed by Hamas, despite the Biden administration’s best attempts to keep the topic primarily under wraps.

In this context, take note of the repugnant news release from the State Department’s (“U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs”) website that was published right away after the incident and has since been inexplicably removed. It concluded with the following ethically equal but quite uncomfortable advice:

“We urged all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.” “All sides?” “Refrain from retaliatory attacks?”

Israel is to be morally equated with terrorists who murder civilians and abuse their corpses, then? Is all this coming from the American government? The “U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs,” a platform for “normalizing” Hamas, what exactly is it?

So why shouldn’t the IDF take revenge on these murderers?

Is Ukraine now also being urged by the Biden administration “to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks”? Is it of the opinion that the “violence” used by Ukraine in retaliation for Putin’s “terror” will have no effect?

Remember that the Biden administration just released $6 billion to Iran as part of a prisoner exchange arrangement in which South Korea transferred money from Iran that was subject to an embargo to Qatar, despite Tehran’s escalating anti-Israeli rhetoric and loud boasting over the release.

Iran undoubtedly expedited its shipments of weapons to Gaza in fungible form in preparation for the advent of this financial windfall. We should presume that Iran, a terrorist nation that the Biden administration ostensibly views as a strategic partner, provided money for weapons and rockets for Hamas (Hamas claims to have launched 5,000 rockets and to have received 100,000 via the Damascus airport).

After his inauguration, Vice President Biden quickly organized to restart the failed Iran deal. In an insane move, he named journalist Robert Malley as America’s lead negotiator with Iran. Malley is an anti-Israel bigot and pro-Iran zealot. Remember that when ISIS seized control of Iraq in 2014, Malley served as Barack Obama’s senior advisor on ISIS (who remained silent during the 2009 nationwide movement against the Iranian theocracy).

According to his Wikipedia description, our envoy Malley claims to be “an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has written extensively on this subject advocating rapprochement with Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.”

The “rapprochement” concept put out by our Iranian envoy is currently being legitimized in Israeli streets.

Be aware that Malley is currently being investigated by the FBI for security violations including the leak of sensitive American documents. He is also being investigated more closely for allegedly assisting pro-Iranian activists and propagandists in obtaining high-ranking positions within the American government.

Think about it: Iran now applauds the many deaths in Israel as its provocateurs and operatives penetrate the American administration (which may explain the Biden State Department’s urgent appeal for an end to Israeli response).

Because of this foolishness, Iran and Hamas believed that the Biden administration was continuing the discredited Obama policy of supporting Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. In order to create “creative tension,” this failed agenda sought to “balance” the influence of Israel and the moderate Arab Gulf regimes. Biden’s hatred of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration undoubtedly contributed to the worsening of this discredited agenda.

The Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli intelligence by making them think that the Hamas leadership was more concerned with the restoration of Gaza’s economy than with escalating hostilities.

Be aware that the Biden administration has cunningly stolen important weapons and ammunition from Israel’s emergency stockpiles, seemingly with the intention of sending them to Ukraine. According to reports, the so-called “War Reserve Ammunition—Israel” is almost entirely exhausted of the specific types of weaponry and ammunition that will probably be required in the current crisis.

Who knows, but we should prepare for the possibility that some of the massive armament given to the Taliban—who have already expressed a willingness to assist Gaza in the murder of Jews—will eventually find its way to Hamas. Therefore, we deplete Israel’s strategic arsenals while handing them over to the Taliban.

Is there a Carteresque trend here in this regard?

We saw the sequence of events below after Biden’s election and the adoption of his woke strategic agendas: Following Vladimir Putin’s opportunistic invasion of Ukraine in 2022, China’s renewed belligerence and increasing threats to Taiwan, Turkey’s new de facto alliance with Russia, a recent drone encounter with the U.S. air force in Syria, the complete humiliation of the U.S. military in Afghanistan in 2021, the attack on Israel inspired by Hamas and Iran, and more, unfortunately, lie ahead.

Will Biden now understand the importance of borders after the attacks on the Israeli and Ukrainian borders? With the support of the Mexican government and to the cartels’ benefit, we are also being invaded. Biden should carefully consider President Obrador’s outbursts, as he appears to believe he has veto power over the White House and is demanding that our borders remain open to his citizens whom he is unable to support while also trying to sway American elections.

In a rational world, the Biden administration would halt all cash transfers, renew sanctions, and halt all negotiations with Iran. (Why did the Obama and Biden administrations love to donate large sums of money to Iran’s theocracy)? All aid to the West Bank and Gaza would be halted. those from Iran, the West Bank, or Gaza would be prohibited from traveling, and those currently living in Palestine would have their visas revoked. The awakened commissariat in the Pentagon would be dismantled, the unimaginable and existential at home would be prepared for, and defense expenditure would be quickly increased, particularly on missile defense.

And it’s quite unlikely that Joe Biden’s handlers will take any such action.

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