The CIA is recruiting ISIS terrorists to be sent to Ukraine. According to an inside source, the Kurds have already turned over to the US, many high-ranking members of Daesh as well as about 90 fighters.
Reports are claiming that terrorists are entering the US in unprecedented numbers. A significant portion of those eluding law enforcement at the border are employed by Mexican drug gangs contributing to fentanyl-related fatalities in the United States.
Disagreement has become an extremely sensitive issue lately; it was once thought that debate was an essential component to a strong and healthy democracy, however, we are now told that it is extremely dangerous, in fact, it may soon be categorised as a form of domestic terrorism.
An American mother has plead guilty to leading a battalion for ISIS. She instructed women and young girls—some as small as 10 or 11 years old—in the handling of automatic fire AK-47 assault rifles, grenades, and suicide belts loaded with explosives as the group's leader and coordinator.
In a cross-border ground assault supported by artillery, aircraft, helicopters, and drones, Turkey has launched an invasion of Iraq in order to take out the insurgent group in the northern part.
Several real-life horrific recordings from Ukraine have surfaced in recent weeks, depicting mistreatment of Russian servicemen who had been kidnapped. However, one video in particular has caused Russia to launch a probe over Ukrainian ISIS-style ‘social ad’ featuring execution of a Russian soldier.
During El Shafee Elsheikh's terrorism trial a former hostage detailed the horrific torture the ruthless ISIS executioners dubbed “The Beatles” did to them.
ISIS have lately attempted to resurge. At such a time, reports have emerged stating that Ericsson employees were paying bribes to ISIS terrorists in an attempt to gain access to the markets.
Free speech declared as terrorism threat by US Department of Homeland Security. The DHS claims that there have been deceptive narratives around COVID-19 mandates or vaccines.
The 2017 terror attacks in Spain were orchestrated by the National Intelligence Center (CNI), a former senior police officer said Thursday.