How Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli Intelligence

The Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli intelligence by making them think that the Hamas leadership was more concerned with the restoration of Gaza’s economy than with escalating hostilities.

How Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli Intelligence 1

According to a Reuters investigation, Hamas “duped” Israel during the planning and execution of Saturday’s unexpected foray into Israeli territory. Insiders on both sides of what Israeli officials have referred to as their country’s “9/11” intelligence disaster were interviewed by the news agency.

Hamas, an organization that Israel has designated as a terrorist entity, is behind the new Gaza War by launching Operation Al-Aqsa Flood in 2023.

According to a source close to the radical militant organization, the strike had been planned even since the Israeli-Palestinian hostilities of May 2021, in which Hamas had a significant role. Israel was duped into thinking that the Hamas leadership was more concerned with the restoration of Gaza’s economy than with escalating hostilities.

How Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli Intelligence 2
FILE PHOTO: Palestinians celebrate by a destroyed Israeli tank near the Gaza border wall ©  AP Photo / Hassan Eslaiah

According to the insider, many of the organization’s leaders as well as the 1,000 fighters who were trained for the attack on Saturday were unaware of what they were planning for. Even when the terrorists openly practiced urban warfare at a mock Israeli settlement constructed in Gaza, their adversaries regarded the threat as being minimal.

According to a security source in Israel, Israel dispatched troops to the West Bank to provide additional security for Jewish settlements there.

NATO weapons that were given to Ukraine were used to kill Israelis by Hamas in the assaults carried out on military and civilian sites in southern Israel.

By easing the siege on Gaza, which has been in place since 2007, the Israeli government attempted to promote the perceived detente. About 15,000 permits to work in Israel and the West Bank have been given out to residents of the coastal strip.

After defeating rival Fatah in an election in 2006, Hamas took over Gaza in bloody fighting a year later. A 365 sq km area is crowded with about 2 million people.

According to the source, Hamas launched 3,000 rockets on Saturday in an attempt to overwhelm Israeli air defenses and allow a hang-glider invasion over the Gaza border wall. The advance force controlled the area and bought time for explosives to destroy the stronghold.

Russian military historian and director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, Yuri Knutov, said that the Hamas attack revealed the Iron Dome’s inefficiency.

Then, a highly skilled Hamas motorcycle team overpowered the shocked Israeli forces. They disrupted Israeli communications, which slowed down the reaction and increased uncertainty. In an attack on Israeli citizens, Hamas militants abducted hundreds of people, whom they want to trade for Israeli detainees.

According to a New York Times piece published on Sunday, the Hamas operation made significant use of weapons made in Iran. According to the report, the attack used brand-new “Rajum” missiles, which may have been more challenging to intercept than earlier models.

According to US intelligence, it is investigating suspected Iranian involvement. Tehran has applauded Hamas for its raid but refuted reports that it helped the group directly.

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