COP26 has been sold as a conference where world leaders will finally tackle climate change. But for its corporate sponsors, the conference is an opportunity to greenwash their practices of polluting for profit.
Pressure spikes were reported by weather stations all around the world, including in China, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Watch as the Tonga volcano unleashed once-in-a-century planetary shockwave.
There are dead birds falling from the sky and raining down on cars over at Pembrokeshire. An environmental enthusiast has even stated unequivocally that whatever caused the catastrophe was manmade without a doubt.
A mysterious Pneumonia has killed more than 11,000 birds in Germany. Thousands of blue tits have been found sick or dead in Germany, prompting an investigation by conservation groups and scientists. Symptoms of the diseased birds include breathing problems,...
For a long time, geologists at the University of Florida have wanted to investigate the efficacy of lunar soil for plant growth, but the soil is in scarce supply. But their dream finally seems to have been fulfilled as University of Florida researchers have bwen able to successfully grow plants in moon soil.
The USCHA gathering raised quite a few questions about Chinese Communist Party-backed initiatives to court American farmers. The initiatives raise questions into how China is taking over American agriculture with the help of Bill Gates.
The air smells of ash and the landscape is leached of color. Spots of green punctuate the valley floor in places. But along the ridges, the powdery residue of charred trees has fallen like snow, accumulating up to 4 inches deep. These are the slices of forest where the fire burned the hottest, scorching ponderosa pines from crown to root. Once titans, they are now matchsticks.
The study, which was published in the journal PLOS Biology on February 3, looked at 91 studies on the impact of ocean acidification on fish behaviour. It discovered that higher-quality research revealed fewer effects on fish behaviour, and that the studies with the most striking results had tiny sample sizes, rendering them statistically unreliable.
The California Coastal Commission voted 5-3 this week to drop nearly 3,000 pounds of poison from helicopters onto the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge in a controversial effort to stop invasive mice.
A weedkilling chemical related to cancer was found in more than 80% of urine samples taken from kids and adults in a US health research, a discovery that scientists have labeled "disturbing" and "concerning."