List Of Countries With The Most Active Volcanoes

Sakurajima volcano in Japan is currently erupting, and this has triggered the evacuation of surrounding people as well as the highest degree of emergency notifications. Here’s a list of countries with the most active volcanoes.

List Of Countries With The Most Active Volcanoes

Japan’s southernmost volcano, Sakurajima, erupted late on Sunday, prompting evacuation plans and the strongest degree of caution, a Level 5 alert.

The volcano, which previously erupted in January, is among the most active in the nation, according to CNN.

This renders the Sakurajima one of the 44 active volcanoes in the nation that have erupted since 1950, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz explains below.

With 58 active volcanoes, only Indonesia seems to have more recent eruptions.

List Of Countries With The Most Active Volcanoes 2
More infographics can be found at Statista.

With 42 active volcanoes, the United States is right behind Japan, thanks to the volcanic regions in and around Hawaii and Alaska. Two Pacific Island countries and two countries from Latin America are listed among the top 10. The most active volcanoes in Europe are found in Iceland and France, which also contains active volcanoes in French Polynesia and the overseas departments of Guadalupe, Reunion, and the Comoros.

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