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The Victorian government committed a sizeable $50 million (US$35 million) investment last year to launch "mRNA Victoria." Now, as part of this endeavor, Moderna is set to commence the construction of the world’s first mRNA factory on an Australian college campus.
An article in The Sydney Morning Herald has reported on a pilot program that Australia's Central Bank is currently working on with BIS to launch a digital currency system, but it has the possibility that the access of citizens to the economy could be cut off at any time should they say or do anything in defiance of the authorities.
The University of New South Wales has successfully developed a cheaper and less invasive alternative to IVF treatments called CAPA in vitro maturation.
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has termed young people suddenly dying as SADS and is trying to find out why it happens.
The death of Katie Lees, a 34-year-old Bridgeclimb instructor and stand-up comedian, from a very common blood clot from taking the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine could spark an inquiry into pandemic management.
Meta used power in a way that threatened public safety during fire season and in the midst of a global pandemic in order to coerce the Australian Parliament. They deliberately shut down major Facebook accounts just to strong-arm the Australian government.
The Australian Government's Department of Health has confirmed that recipients of messenger RNA Covid-19 vaccines, such as the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, have a slight enhanced risk of pericarditis and/or myocarditis. This occurred after Australian football star Jed Anderson suffered from Myocarditis after second vaccine shot.
In Western Australia, a mother of five with a terminal illness has been told her children can’t visit her in hospital in her final days due to upgraded COVID restrictions.
There seem to be alarming evidence that during the February 12 Canberra Convoy protests, the largest in Australia's history, Australians were attacked by sonic weapons, as to what seems to be yet another stride towards militarised oppression of legal demonstrations in Australia. If this is the case, the government has launched an atrocious attack on its own citizens.
Australia’s federal and state politicians and bureaucracies have revealed beyond any reasonable doubt that they are willing to attack citizens’ rights when it suits their purposes. Australia’s new digital identity system would give tyrannical politicians total control.