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A total of 93 officers in all left India and relocated to Australia with sizable landholdings. Here is why some British Indian Army officers migrated to Australia to become farmers.
This week marked the 47th anniversary of the dismissal of former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam by the country’s British-appointed governor-general John Kerr.
The US military's growing presence in northern Australia demonstrates Washington's desire to form a "friends circle" of bombers and stealth fighter jets around China. Towards that goal, the US is set to deploy six nuclear capable B-52 bombers to Australia.
With the assistance of Cogo, a major Australian bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), has begun linking customer transactions to carbon footprints.
Scientists have discovered a mystery 4,000 foot coral reef in the middle of an Australian desert. Researchers' efforts to understand more about the origins of our solar system and of Earth itself may benefit from further investigation of the Nullarbor region's geology.
Businessman Ian Gowrie-Smith, who is the owner of the islands named the Conflict Islands near Australia, said that it could be sold to China as he had received no response from the Australian government.
The Victorian government committed a sizeable $50 million (US$35 million) investment last year to launch "mRNA Victoria." Now, as part of this endeavor, Moderna is set to commence the construction of the world’s first mRNA factory on an Australian college campus.
An article in The Sydney Morning Herald has reported on a pilot program that Australia's Central Bank is currently working on with BIS to launch a digital currency system, but it has the possibility that the access of citizens to the economy could be cut off at any time should they say or do anything in defiance of the authorities.
The University of New South Wales has successfully developed a cheaper and less invasive alternative to IVF treatments called CAPA in vitro maturation.
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has termed young people suddenly dying as SADS and is trying to find out why it happens.