India's first Electronic Warfare (EW) testing facility is to be setup in Hyderabad by Defence Electronics & Research Laboratory (DLRL), a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO). DLRL is actively involved in the design and development... Didn’t anyone in India know the fact about Bose’s survival? Did the then rulers of India know the fact? Was the fact known to Nehru or the ‘Ironman’ Patel? Were the so called patriots, nationalists aware? If they were,...
Russia’s radioactive, chemical, and biological protection forces chief, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, claimed that in 2020, Ukraine biolabs gave fake money infected with tuberculosis to village children in the Lugansk People’s Republic.
The Wuhan Institute of Virology admitted that its premises lacked basic laboratory safety measures while undertaking comparable research on strains of killer bat coronaviruses that could potentially infect individuals. Now, explosive documents show that the Wuhan lab recently assembled monkeypox strains creating contagious pathogens.
Just before the outbreak, the NIAID, headed by Dr. Fauci, funded a grant for monkeypox treatment research, especially tecovirimat.
The World Economic Forum (WEF), a globalist, pro-“transhumanist” organization, stated this week that it will draft governance standards for the Metaverse, a virtual reality platform linked to the internet and run by Meta (formerly Facebook).
Featured in this issue: 1. Energy Crisis: India’s Dependence On Oil & A Solution For A Sustainable Future 2. Independence Or Dominion? 3. East India Company Series Part III: Ideology & Methodology 4. Pathankot Attack: Oil, Globalization & Terror 5. FDI Series Part II:...
Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a whistleblower’s lawsuit on the basis that the company can’t be guilty of fraud, abuse, and protocol violations in its COVID Vaccine clinical trials because its contract with the U.S. government allowed them to skirt regulations and federal laws that typically apply to government contracts. Read full report here Pathankot Attack: Oil, Globalization & Terror
All of your personal information, which you have given them through their numerous products, is sold to advertising looking for a specific demographic. In the meantime, they enjoy unrivaled censoring power. This is the reality of how Google manipulates search results to swing elections.