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John Paul Mac Isaac, the whistleblower of Hunter Biden's laptop, has sued popular media outlets CNN, Politico, and the Daily Beast for falsely claiming that it was Russian disinformation.
Joe Biden's unexplained income of millions in financial records has finally been revealed by emails found on the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden.
Joe Biden received a scathing letter from his son Hunter Biden on the eve of Trump's inauguration talking about the Biden family's dissatisfaction with Joe Biden's service throughout his political career.
Hunter admitted to the New Yorker in July 2019 that he had taken the 2.8 carat diamond worth approximately $10,000 - which he claims was not a bribe. But over 150 suspicious Hunter Biden financial transactions flagged by banks raise doubts over the validity of his claims.
The data within Hunter Biden's laptop contains 80,000 photographs and videos, as well as more than 120,000 emails that have been saved. 450 GB of the deleted Hunter Biden laptop data is now set to be released by whistleblower Jack Maxey.
According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the US is preparing to provide chemical and biological weapons protection equipments to Ukraine. She didn't say why Moscow would take such drastic measures, given its military dominance in terms of both manpower and equipment.
The ongoing analysis of the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop has revealed that there are multiple Department of Defense “encryption keys” on it. These keys allow access to DOD email accounts and databases. The exact number of these keys is still unknown. There may be dozens.
There were previous reports that exposed how these Ukrainian labs were handling "especially dangerous pathogens" through US government-funded initiatives in early March. But what has recently come to light is Hunter Biden’s connection to these Ukraine biolabs.
Is this why Hunter Biden's laptop talks about "Children Burned Alive" in Ukraine?
Devon Archer, a former partner of Hunter Biden, has been sent to prison for a securities fraud crime that was ruled too heinous to avoid jail time. Archer has attempted to challenge the verdict all the way to the United States Supreme Court, but has been unsuccessful.