This Rare Asteroid May Make Everyone A Billionaire On This Earth

According to Forbes, 16 Psyche is a rare asteroid that contains a rich deposit of precious metals, which may make everyone on this Earth a billionaire.

Bill Gates Wants Global Health Police For Pandemics

In a New York Times opinion piece published on Sunday, Bill Gates said that he wants global health police for pandemics.

Indonesia To Ditch Visa And Mastercard

The central bank’s spokesperson, Erwin Haryono, said that Indonesia plans to ditch Visa and Mastercard and is in talks with local businesses.

Big Banks To Face Lawsuit Over Epstein Ties

Recently, an unnamed "Jane Doe" representing a group of the pedophile’s victims filed a lawsuit against big banks like JP Morgan over Epstein ties.

Ai Is Reviving San Francisco’s Tech Scene. Welcome To ‘Cerebral Valley.’

San Francisco is being called the Cerebral Valley." It was the growth of AI that revived San Francisco’s tech scene.

Entire 300-Man Russian Battalion Slaughtered In Attack On Small Ukrainian Village

According to Radio Free Europe, an entire 300-man Russian battalion was slaughtered in an attack on a small Ukrainian village, leaving only three survivors.

Journalism Usage Fee – California Measure Would Force Internet Sites To Pay News Outlets

A yet-to-be-formalized California bill called the Journalism Usage Fee would force internet sites like Facebook to pay news outlets for news content.
Philadelphia Will PAY Women $1000 A Month To Get Pregnant

Philadelphia Will PAY Women $1000 A Month To Get Pregnant

Pregnant women in Philadelphia will be paid $1,000 a month as part of a trial program hoping to lower infant mortality rates in the city.
Americans Getting Dumber With IQ Scores Dropping

Americans Getting Dumber With IQ Scores Dropping

IQ scores significantly increased from 1932 through the 20th century all over the world, with differences ranging from roughly three to five IQ points per decade. This phenomenon is known as the “Flynn Effect.” Now, however, a new study out Northwestern University suggests a “reverse-Flynn Effect” of sorts may be taking place in the United States.
It Wasn’t Just Credit Suisse Switzerland Itself Needed Rescuing

It Wasn’t Just Credit Suisse. Switzerland Itself Needed Rescuing.

The chairman of Switzerland’s largest bank received an urgent call last week. On the other end were three top Swiss officials who delivered an ultimatum dressed up as a proposal. UBS Group AG needed to rescue its failing rival, Credit Suisse Group AG.