What Do Babies See Before Birth?

On June 8, 2017, research published in the journal Current Biology showed a lot more interesting things about fetuses. According to the research, babies have more advanced vision capabilities during 3rd trimester and babies can select what they want to see or look at.

Stigmatising The Unvaccinated Is Not Justified

In the USA and Germany, high-level officials have used the term pandemic of the unvaccinated, suggesting that people who have been vaccinated are not relevant in the epidemiology of COVID-19. Officials’ use of this phrase might have encouraged one scientist to claim that “the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19”.

Amazon’s Role In The Pulwama Terror Attack In Kashmir

Recently, Amazon Executive Directors were charged for their involvement in running an online marijuana smuggling racket. However, what is not known to many is Amazon's involvement in the Pulwama terror attack in Kashmir.

This Is How Mukesh Ambani Is Planning To Pass On Reliance Empire To His...

From the Waltons to the Kochs, Mukesh Ambani has had a close look and studied into how these billionaire families passed on their empire to the next generation. But lately, the process has gained even more momentum as Asia's richest man has set out to create an outline for his fortune worth $208 billion trying to avoid any warfare that has split up so many families with his own falling prey to it once.

India’s Supreme Court Rejects Door-To-Door COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

The Supreme Court of India rejected a plea to initiate a door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination, saying that such pleas were a consequence of ignorance about the complexity of governance and diversity of the country.

Fully Vaccinated Mom Of 3 Dies After Suffering 11 Days In A Coma

A fully vaccinated mom of 3 has died after suffering 11 days in a coma. Doctors are calling it the worst case of coronavirus they have ever seen. The entire family were left 'heartbroken' but they wanted to share her story so they could warn others of the devastating effects of covid, despite having been fully vaccinated.

The Legend Of The Indian Prince Who Is The Forefather Of All Cambodians

Preah Thong Boung Soung is one of the best operas in Asia. This opera depicts the love story of Preah Thong and Neang Neak that is performed by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. It is a combination of gentle music, elaborate costumes and exquisite dance. This saga, of an Indian prince and a serpent (Naga) woman who are the ancestors of all Khmer people, is told to every Cambodian child at a very young age.

Explained: What Is The Bitcoin Scam That Has Rocked Karnataka?

We explain here the Bitcoin scam that has rocked the Karnataka BJP government. The political outrage is over a 25-year-old hacker, Srikrishna, who has everyone swirling around his finger with cybercrimes and cryptocurrencies.

DRDO Scientists Caught Manipulating Images In Almost 80 Research Papers

Almost 80 research papers by DRDO scientists have been flagged for ‘image manipulation’. An anonymous commenter on the online platform PubPeer which is used by scientists to voice their concerns on research papers that have undergone scrutiny, flagged the papers.

5 Elements Of Self Defense Explained After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

5 Elements Of Self Defense Explained After Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict