Surge In ‘Severe Myocarditis’ Among UK Infants Raises ‘Massive Question’ About COVID Jabs

According to a statement by the World Health Organization, there has been a surge in severe myocarditis among UK infants, which raises a massive question about COVID jabs.

Public health authorities in the U.K. are investigating an “unusual” spike in cases of severe myocarditis in infants that have afflicted 15 babies and claimed the life of at least two, according to a statement by the World Health Organization (WHO).

On Tuesday, May 16, the WHO issued an alert calling attention to a sharp rise in cases of neonatal “severe myocarditis” between June 2022 and March 2023 in South Wales and Southwest England.

They reported that these cases were “associated with enterovirus infection,” which the corresponding statement from the Welsh health authorities affirmed “rarely affects the heart.”

The 15 neonates showed symptoms consistent with sepsis, and the PCR testing of nine indicated the presence of two types of enteroviruses (coxsackie B3 or coxsackie B4).

As of April 20, 2023, three of these nine young infants were hospitalized, four were being treated as outpatients, and two had died.

The remaining six babies were identified retrospectively and more information on their current status is pending.

“Reported increase in severe myocarditis in neonates and infants associated with enterovirus infection is unusual,” the WHO conceded. “In the same hospital (covering the South Wales region) over the previous six years, only one other similar case has been identified.”

According to the Daily Mail, an additional infant died of myocarditis in March 2022 but is not part of the cluster period defined by Public Health Wales and thus is not being investigated with the other 15 neonates.

WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the World Health Assembly forum that we should be prepared for a disease even deadlier than COVID.

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