India In Cognitive Dissonance Book

GreatGameIndia is happy to announce the publishing of a soon to be released book India in Cognitive Dissonance, an explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics –

India in Cognitive Dissonance

Dedicated to our Teachers – who taught us about Matter, Space and Time –
and intended as a warning to our degenerate society that has separated us from them.

India in Cognitive Dissonance GGI Book


“One visible result of a wrong educational system was the fear of shouldering responsibility and the resultant weakness in dealing with obvious problems of existence”
– Mein Kampf

“The starting point of this epidemic, however, was in our Parliamentary institution where the shirking of responsibility is particularly fostered.”
– Mein Kampf

“once again the un-initiated laymen could do nothing but observe how the ‘elect’ were marching straight ahead towards disaster and enticing their beloved people to follow them as the rats followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin”
– Mein Kampf

“I believe that our present generation would easily master this danger if they were rightly led”
– Mein Kampf

Contents of the book

Section 1 Spokesperson of our Nationalist Party…… or Good Boy of England?

Section 2 Information Technologists…or ill-informed Monkeys?

Section 3 Students of India .…or Criminals of the Indian Government?

Section 4 Quantum Entanglement and the Indian Cavemen

Section 5 Indians: Donkeys or Rats or Thieves of Carla Hills? Fingerprint the thieves!

Section 6 Indian Nuclear Weapons or Indian Firecrackers?

Section 7 “Aren’t You ashamed of Yourself?..” From: Joseph Stalin to Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Section 8 Of Mathematicians, Nuclear Scientists  and  Drunken-Disorderlies

Section 9 Demonetization: Economists or Fraudsters?

Section 10 From Indian-Economic-Miracle to Anglo-American-Economic Miracle

Section 11 Gold Wars: From Demonetization to DeAurization

Section 12 Of MuttaDhiPatis, PeetaDhipatis and Allied Gangsters

Section 13 Time Travel: India 2040 : Prime Minister Sigmund Freud?

Section 14 Indian Army: A Fate worse than Death

Appendix: From Anatolia To India The Turkish Coup: Beginning Of The End Of Great Game

Read this explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics – India in Cognitive Dissonance only in GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly journal on Geopolitics & International Relations.

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  1. When there is such astronomical cognitive dissonance, how did you grasp the extent of it? Gigantic mental effort. My pranaams. May your tribe increase. And your contributions. My ardent prayer.

    A minor puzzle. Why the Mein Kampf quotations? Were these Hitler’s references to India or Germany?

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