Of MuttaaDhiPatis, PeethaDhiPatis & Allied Gangsters. S12

Religious Leaders
Religious Leaders

Let the Indians note that none of the PeethaDhiPatis either of the Vaishnavite or the Shaivite Order or MuttaDhipathis or the Sri Vidya Upasakas or any other Indian Religious Leaders either consciously or unconsciously, either in wakeful state or their dream state, even raise the faintest of protests asking our Government to restore this greatest ancient center of learning where for the first time massive bodies of knowledge were committed to writing.

We shall choose two examples to illustrate the decadence of the spiritual establishment in India. The first is the more recent, and the second is the more serious backdrop.

The complete corrupting of the religious and spiritual establishment of India from its relatively humble, morally-upright and ethically un-compromising stand, started with the first de-monetization attempt in India. This corruption scandal which might as well be called “Saffron-Gate”, is probably larger than any other corruption scandal in the World, enabling India to occupy the Number-1 position in spiritually-corrupted countries all over the world—a distinction we have not achieved in any other field.

When the first demonetization occurred, every high-denomination note above Rs 100 was declared void, but unlike in the current de-monetization the voided higher currencies were not re-introduced and thus the very purpose of the first de-monetization was not defeated. With this nullification the black money hoarders panicked unlike in the current de-monetization.

But many of the religious institutions approached the authorities and requested an exemption for themselves so that they could deposit all the cash they had which was offered to them by way of donations by spiritually and religiously- minded God-fearing devotees of various states. As these “poor spiritual-religious-institutions” generally did not care about how much money they received, the Government exempted them from the regular limits on currency deposits which were imposed on individuals or corporations at that time in India.

However, this exemption born from a genuine understanding of the mode-of-operation of the religious and spiritual institutes was turned into a mega-fraud by the nexus of Political-Corporate-Industrial -criminals. A percentage-deal was cut with the religious institutes by the black money holders, in which the black money was donated to these spiritual institutions who in turn converted the entire black-money into white using the special privilege and then retained a percentage of it for themselves and returned the balance converted white money to the same black-money holders. The fraction retained by the religious institutions amounted to thousands of crores of Rupees.

Following this, these religious institutes became full-fledged mafias investing their suddenly gotten fortunes into real-estate and allied commercial activities. Some entrepreneurial  ones went multi-national and  becoming in general Black Money launders of other religious institutes and of politicians , creating massive amounts of wealth and commercial ventures  outside India, especially in US, Canada, New Zealand, England and numerous small islands-to name a few.  A comprehensive list of such people was offered to the Government of India, including the names of many businessmen associated with them, by the German Government which was investigating the Bank Frauds and taxation, and also by the few investigators while searching for the truth in the Panama Papers as recently as 2015.

Every notable leader of all political/religious/spiritual establishment who beat their chest at the first available instance, while proclaiming to bring the black money back into India and to stop corruption,  has literally refused to touch this list which was offered to us by the German Government and by the investigative journalists.

The Enforcement directorate over the last five or six years determined that many and most of the Indian religious institutions are the recipients of thousands of Crores of Rupees from outside which were neither audited, nor subject to public scrutiny including by the institutional members.  No cases filed, no punishments handed out.

It is alleged that the Indian Army has its hand invisibly tied in dealing with the Kashmir problem. Going back to the start of the creation of the Kashmir Problem, when the Indian army was just about to take over the Sharada Valley, with the SharadaSarvajna Peetha—the ancient Universal Center for Learning in Kashmir being a mere four km away, the Indian army contended that they were prevented from doing so by the British. Strangely enough though, it was at the time un-guarded.

This SharadaSarvajnaPeetha was one of the major cultural-educational-spiritual centers not only for Kashmir but also of the world at large. It attracted scholars of repute for millennia the world over. For centuries together, it was stated in India that one’s education can only be complete after visiting the ShardaSarvjanaPeeta and get accredited by them.  From Sankaracharya to Ramanujacharya, one and all visited this sacred cultural Zion of India in Kashmir before expounding their philosophies to the public.

 It may be anecdotally mentioned that the Pakistani army is currently preserving it as a cultural heritage center and scholars from Pakistan have been requesting the Government of India to permit Indian scholars and archeologists and spiritual scholars to join hands with them and to resurrect this University Center of Learning to its ancient Glory. But having got fed up with the colossal apathy of both the spiritual, political and religious establishments of India, in an attempt to ward off the destruction of the remainder of the SharadaSarvajnaPeeta by the international jihadi groups, the Pakistanis finally appealed to the UN to take it over as a heritage site. This paved the way for German and Russian archeologists to study the extent of this university of the world’s ancient center of learning.

 By the way, the current King of Kashmir, who stays at Delhi, advises against worrying about this vast complex at all — reasoning  “there are many other temples in Kashmir which we can look towards”.  It would certainly be a valid question if one asked about the motive for the Indian Army’s “Surgical Strikes” focused around this Sarada Valley/Neelum Valley area.  Let the Indians note that none of the PeethaDhiPatis either of the Vaishnavite or the Shaivite Order or MuttaDhipathis  or the Sri Vidya Upasakas, or any other Indian Religious Leaders either consciously or unconsciously, either in wakeful state or their dream state, even  raise the faintest of protests  asking our Government to restore this greatest ancient center of learning where for the first time massive bodies of knowledge were committed to writing in the Sarada Script, which became an authentic source for most of the religious leaders to propound their philosophical doctrine.

 The British by back-door maneuvering deliberately prevented the Indian Army from taking over this seat of learning, due to what they recognized was the in-estimable value of this SarvajnaPeetha. Let it also be noted that the Indian army did-not and/or was-not-allowed-to secure and control a critical center storehouse of vast amounts of knowledge.

This single failure alone indicates that even prior to the Saffron-Gate, a deep loss of awareness about our knowledge bases had already set into the Indian spiritual orders, most of them having by now lost the ability to claim themselves as Peetadhipatis or Muttadhipatis, in the proper sense of the term.

It is also to be noted, albeit on a different note,  that this is but one of many examples where the Indian army has at all times been following the orders of Back-Door-British-Maneuvered Indian-Politicians to defend British-defined borders, rather than take it upon themselves to defend and protect critical centers of social, scientific and spiritual learning.

The absolutely desperate situation of the various religious spiritual orders in India is also reflected in their abject failure to identify exactly the geographical locations as clearly referred to in our recent or ancient geographical texts, and circle instead around theories pushed by the British that all of these were somehow, defying all common-sense, restricted to the borders of present-day India…subtly implying that the current British-drawn borders are actually divinely ordained, the Indian public being drugged with this self-delusionary exclusive-divinity, their spiritual leadership unable to shake off the effects of this most dangerous delusion.

 We have not yet heard one full authoritative and consistent explanation, that will satisfy our scientists, from our scriptural establishments that will objectively resolve for example the question of the Rama setu and the Hanuman Jump, Yojana-to-mile conversion issue, resulting a discrepancy of a geographical factor of about 60. We may have at best heard some sketchy ones that are badly incomplete.

 For another example, out of the hundred and eight ShaktiPeethas mentioned and indentified in our texts, only 54 are to be found within the current British-Created Geographical borders of India. The rest of them are outside currently-defined India and even as of today no one knows where they are. Let it be stated that, as seen above, the known primary SharadaSarvajnaPeeta Kshetra was not taken back into India. We do not hear any Scriptural Authorities in India giving a reasoned opinion, or for that matter, any opinion at all on this issue.

And again of all, post-partition and “independence”, many of those critical cultural heritage centers that could tell us who we actually are, and help is to correctly understand our history, existed in Pakistan (West India). These were dismantled (either physically or by spreading false stories) and then re-located back inside the British-Divided India, in most cases by creating artificial stories and rumors around temples & centers existing in current-day India. The wiser thing to have done would have been for us to have a dialog with our Western Cousins, the Pakistanis, and leave the sacred places on their original geographic locations as they are doing for the Nanak’s birthplace and for a few others.

The place where Lord Narasimha appeared is called Moolasthana or Multan is now located in Pakistan. Rather than opening a discussion our Western Cousins (aka Pakistanis), and maintain the temple’s locational-sanctity there, and attempt to understand the true time-scales and geographical context of the Narasimha, we abandoned it and re-located the temple’s story to another temple in the Cuddapah district of Andhra Pradesh. In the same breath the Odyana Peetha, which was one of the primary centers of Shakti worship was in Swat Valley Pakistan, was abandoned and re-located to Odisha after Partition. None in India ever made any attempts to communicate with our cousins, the Pakistanis (West Indians) to preserve the locational geographical sanctity of these structures.

In fact, the Pakistani government has declared them as UN heritage sites, including the Aditya temple in Multan. That there is no discussion whatsoever on these critical issues, shows that the so-called Indian spiritual leadership has lost all of its abilities to either follow the path of spiritualism or to guide the people of India on the path of spirituality. Instead, they have chosen to become commercial, multi-branded retail outlets for spiritualism, more interested than politicians in preserving and perpetuating their commercial and political interest, at times fighting pitched battles on the streets with guns and weapons for the succession struggles of the Peethas.

If the Indian armed Forces do not recognize and represent themselves to protect the cultural/spiritual/academic/knowledge-based heritage of India, but concern themselves only with British-Created-Borders, it only indicates how badly dis-oriented the Armed Forces are at their highest level in terms of understanding their true role in the defense of the country.

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