Indian Army: A Fate Worse Than Death – S14

Indian Army
Indian Army

Are you aware that one of the key dimensions of the Strategic Defense Initiative required the reduction and degradation of Indian Army from a formidable and feared fighting force, capable of protecting the country from any threat, into a degenerate, fourth-grade and politicized institution?

DO WE or DO WE NOT have a capability to SOLVE THE KASHMIR PROBLEM? Perhaps proper brokerage fees have not been agreed upon at an acceptable percentage for creating a “Make-In-India” Solution for Kashmir.

The burning and the destruction of Kashmir, which is rightly called the “Abandoned Heart and Soul of Dead India”, both spiritually as well as materially, started at least a century before we got “independence”. This process was initiated by the British and then perpetuated by the British-installed puppet Dogra Kings and subsequently perfected by both the Congress and by the British Janissary Party, also known in India as the BJP.

Starting from the looting of Maharaja’s Ranjit Singh’s treasure of which 99% is still un-accounted for (the remaining one percent, being preserved by the British) —–to the destruction of every Solar and Lunar Observatories built in the entire Kashmir Valley and to the widespread dilapidation and careful removal of all the millennia-old archaeological treasures of Kashmir and selling them to the highest bidder in London’s museums and streets  —– to the arming of mercenaries borrowed from Iran as Afghan tribesmen and occupation of one-third of Kashmir —- thus cutting off permanently India’s access to its own silk route and trade route to the central Asia to the North, Europe to the West and towards North East  to  China, Mongolia and the Orient, thus preventing  timeless flow of commerce from all directions of the world into India to learn the Universal values of the Indian culture.

This appalling destruction of humanity’s heritage has been followed up over the last 50 years by perpetuating the occupation and destruction of the land and culture by every alphanumeric Jihadi group, well funded and trained by the same British who initiated the process and by extension, their American, and by the latter’s proxy – the Mossad, all as part of the Great Game. However, instead of understanding this international dynamics correctly, the cognitive dissonance which has set into the Indian thought process causes us to have a psychotic view, resulting in delusional Pakistan-Centered  foreign- and defense- policies.

In the last 25 years this interference has resulted in an absolute ethnic-cleansing on an un-precedented scale in the modern history of the World. Today, this space left by the ethnic-cleansing of Kashmir has been filled by jihadis of every shade and every country, draining the life and blood of India. Except in Kashmir City where between three to five thousand Indians of non-Jihadi origin, also known as Kashmiris remain. Literally every town in Kashmir is cleansed of Indians/Kashmiris. The only Indians that remain in Kashmir are those that are pro-Pakistani.


Literally every archaeological site, every temple, every treasure of timeless heritage value has to be guarded under the bayonets and the guns of the CRPF.  Most of the total battalion strength of the CRPF is deployed into the Kashmir Valley to guard these – this is apart from the military strength. And literally for every 200 feet, machine gun wielding soldiers guard every turn.

Since last five years, the situation is worsening day-by-day. This worsening is not in the occupied part of Kashmir, but in the part that India controls. The occupation of the Indian side of Kashmir by the jihadi forces is almost total and maybe completed in the next five years. We have lost over 50,000 armed personnel in guarding these sites — double the number of casualties in all the five wars which India fought with its enemies — combined.

But even today, there is no end in sight. Forget about re-taking the occupied Kashmir, we may even lose the Indian occupied side in the next five years — thus confirming the fraudulently pushed view of the British Historians that Aryavarta ends before the Jhelum river.

Let us note here, that though no Americans were killed, as a preventive measure and to send a signal, we mention that the current Trump Administration has, in violation of every international law and pushing to the brink-of-war with Russia, launched 59 Tomahawk Missiles on Syria.  By contrast, since 1946, close to 100,000 Kashmiris were killed, many women in the last 20 years were literally raped, their breasts chopped off, to kick one section of the population out of Kashmir, by cross-border terrorism, funded by the International Sponsors, which continues even today, over 50,000 military personnel have been killed and are being killed as of writing of this article. Trillions worth of property damage, invaluable, irreplaceable and possibly irreversible cultural and spiritual heritage has been wiped out, but yet not even a single coherent response to protect the lives and properties of Indians has ever either thought about or planned, leave alone put into action.

DO WE or DO WE NOT have a capability to SOLVE THE KASHMIR PROBLEM? Or do we want to burn the energy and resources, time and lives of the armed personnel and people just for the greed and corruption of few politicians of all different political parties and their political backers.

 If we believe that our armed forces are in-capable of protecting us, may we suggest a glance at how the Syrians responded to a similar problem? Let us take a look.

60% of Syria has been occupied by the ISIS over the last 15 years, the ISIS being backed by a consortium of International Financiers, Colonial Masters, Drug-dealers, Arms and Antique traffickers. (By the way, the extent of the antique trafficking in Syria, which possessed less than 0.1% of the cultural antiques in Kashmir, is annually valued at 7-billion dollars and is carried out by the Jihadi groups. Every major western Capital is raising a hue and cry about the cultural destruction of Syria, which they call the cradle of the Middle-Eastern civilization. Then what about Kashmir — the cradle of the World Civilization — that has been burning for over 50 years?)

When Syrian government was unable to fight they did not let Syria burn to the state of the ethnic –cleansing of Kashmir.  Nor did they allow thousands of their armed personnel to be killed like sheep while they are eating and sleeping, like what we allowed in Kashmir.  Nor, after these thousands of deaths and years of insurgency, did the Syrians boast of a single surgical strike and then debate endlessly whether that strike was genuine or false.

When the Syrians realized the international dimension of the Jihadi problem, given the international colonial, neo-colonial, liberal geo-political dimension of the Jihadi problem, they simply declared an all-out existential war of life and death; and took the help of Iran and Russia to decisively solve the problem of insurgency, militancy and terrorism.

 The Syrians are re-taking every inch of the land that has been illegally occupied since 15 years. They never went for a political settlement or deals for provincial-based electoral victories.  For every Syrian soldier killed, a hundred Jihadis were taken down and finally they will pretty soon cleanse the entire Syria from the Colonial Created jihadi problem — re-conquering every inch of their land.

We challenge every group in India that claims to be patriotic to think in their wildest imaginations to at least begin to ponder such solutions to this 50-year-old never ending cycle of death-destruction-massacre-ethnic-cleansing-cultural-spiritual-eradication taking place in the Sovereign Democratic Republic of India. The most ridiculous part is that no government wants to talk about this problem. None in the rest of India are aware of what is happening there.  Perhaps proper brokerage fees have not been agreed upon at an acceptable percentage for creating a “Make-In-India” Solution for Kashmir.

Has any defense analyst or Military Chief in India pondered over the possibility (however ridiculous it might appear):  “It will be no wonder at all if within the next year the Syrian army can offer to solve the jihadi problem in both the Indian-side and in the Pakistan Occupied side — because of the vast experience they have had in cleansing the country from the various alphanumeric Jihadi groups and their international backers.”?

Instead of attending to problems and cleaning up our public sector by- and in- itself, successive Governments in India have privatized a large portion of our public sector and given it to foreigners on the grounds that “the public-sector is in-efficient”. Who knows, for the right price, they may even decide to liberalize and privatize both the Indian Army as well as the solution to the Kashmir Problem?  We sincerely hope that the Indian army will stand up and fight against the allegation that it has failed to solve the Kashmir problem even though it had fifty years to do so….

While the Mathematicians at the Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the Social Scientists at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Faculty Members of the IITs Academic departments will fully understand that you, the Armed Forces, are probably not entirely to blame. Unfortunately as illustrated above, they do not seem to be taken seriously either by our society or by our Government nor perhaps, having got fed up, do they take themselves seriously any longer.

Who knows that contrasted to them the “Brand India”, “India-for-sale”, alcohol-intoxicated-dancing-drunken-disorderly public exemplified by the the midnight foreign-DJ Jazz concert in Bengaluru, will dance to the tune of the corporate media and sing songs written by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) MBA-musicians asking for the Indian Army to be Liberalized and Privatized on the grounds that it has failed to do its job in Kashmir?

 While we pray to Dear God that this unfortunate state of events does not come to pass, in case it does we please ask you that if you are privatized, please-pretty-please hand over the solving of the Kashmir Problem to the Syrian Tiger forces and NOT to anyone else….certainly not to the Saudi Arabs or to the Omanis, who shared the dais with the BJP spokesperson in section 1…or in following the Hillary Clinton-advise of “India Look East” as suggested by the BJP spokesperson, certainly do not, in any event, outsource it to the Chinese.

We cannot help but note that the Indian army, as mentioned in the earlier section, has at all times been following the orders of Back-Door British Maneuvered Indian Politicians to defend British-defined borders, instead of taking it upon themselves to defend and protect critical centers of social, scientific and spiritual learning. This is indicative of the dis-orientation in the Army’s understanding of what its duty is.

Generals of the Indian Army, Admirals, Commodores!! Are you aware that one of the key dimensions of the Strategic Defense Initiative required the reduction and degradation Indian Army from a of the formidable and feared fighting force, capable of protecting the country from any threat, into a degenerate, fourth-grade and politicized institution? As has been illustrated in the sections above, the widespread institutional failure has stemmed from the institutional leaders not understanding what their duty is, and being unable to involve with their Government for help to alter the situation, often not even knowing what question to ask.

Generals of the Indian army, Admirals, Commodores !! — who speak English and want documents to be translated into English, while each and every single one of their own Indian Jawans be they from Kashmir or from Kanyakumari speak fluent Hindi – just in case you do not know or realize, the word “PRIVATIZATION” is NOT an abbreviation for “PRIVATE PARTS UNDER ELECTROCUTION”; the pain in former case will be of a far more prolonged and far more severe intensity.  From the bottom of our hearts and from the depths of our minds, we urge you at all costs to avoid this situation …..Quite frankly, we are already scared that you may soon not have your Private Parts anymore…oh no, nO, NO!!!!!….it is certainly not our implication that our Western-Brethen (aka the Pakistanis) plan to cut them off……………rather, it is precisely our case that Your own Government, whose orders you are duty-bound to unquestioningly follow, has before the Supreme Court questioned Article 21 on the right of Indian Citizens to Privacy, thus declaring that these may no longer be your “Private” Parts.

So just WHAT exactly do you propose to do? Well, whatever you choose to do, rest assured that we will be watching!!!! Should you need any help either way, do let us know.

Generals, Admiral and Commodores, Do you now understand the meaning of the doctrine stemming from the Strategic Defense Initiative:  “reduce and downgrade the Indian Army to a degenerate, fourth-rate and politicized organization?” While we do not wish this state come to pass, the events are pointing in this direction. We urge the armed forces, as we urge all the other institutions of higher learning in the country to start re-examining the question of duty. As we have emphasized earlier, this is only understood in the context of History, Space and Time.  If we keep ignoring this study, our fate is in the direction outlined above.

By the way how many in India know that the name “Syria” is a Latin-corrupted usage of the country called Surya by every Englishman, Arab and non-Arab alike – giving therefore the Syrians/Suryans  a far deeper anchor to Kashmir than most Indians realize, given that Kashmir is the Surya-Kshetra. How many Indians know that 12 massive temple complexes dedicated to the 12 aspects of the Surya, the Sun, were carefully laid in ruins over the last 200 years?

Strangely, instead of talking to the Syrians, our Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers and their spokespersons are more interested to sit-eat-dine with Kings of Saudi, Sultans of Gulf-States ….who at the first instance were themselves the funders of the Jihadi problem in Central Asia both in Syria and in Kashmir, through their proxy Pakistanis….or sit with the Portuguese who at the first available opportunity will revive their tradition of loot, plunder and pillage.

We started this article with the Spokesperson of our National Ruling Party saying that going forward India must look East, on the grounds that Hillary Clinton said so.

May, we please bring to the notice of our readers that the Abbasid Caliph Haroon-Al-Rashid had in accord with the Quranic injunction of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) issued a dikkat to all devout Muslims to look East towards India for knowledge and for a solution to their problems. Of course, the Syrians also looked East. They had made a number of appeals to the supposedly sane and intelligent  Indians following the Haroon-Al-Rashid dikkat stemming from the Quranic Injunction to look East, particularly to India for help…..but in vain.

The Suryans/Syrians did attempt a solution to their problem looking East alright, — but it was minus India.

“India should look East” Indeed!!   Parroting the Hillary Clinton’s “Look East Policy” which was devised by the Americans to occupy, divide and destroy the Asian countries, has only proved that India is now delirious and Death may be soon to follow.  Already we see the vultures landing on India, waiting to feed on its dead corpse, and we have already started selling its flesh at a hefty discount.

 To what depths of shamelessness have we reached!

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