Gold Wars: From Demonetization To DeAurization. S11

Gold Wars
Gold Wars

The main cause of the financial ruin in the interval 2008-2012 was this currency manipulation, without any gold left to back it up. If the countries are not of European origin, they are all subjected to what we can now call as gold wars or pipeLine wars in which Iraq and Libya are knocked out and promptly their gold-reserves were confiscated.  And the world is witnessing the similar brink-of-war situation with the other four powers.

It is time to look at the question of the “threat to life” argument cited by the RBI when questions were posed to it under the RTI act. While this did find mention in a few newspapers, the Indian public at large are guilty of not following up this matter with the appropriate questions. We urge the gullible members of the Indian public to realize the seriousness of the “threat to life” of the RBI core team, we please urge the Bank Staff push for increased security as well to please take necessary steps to increase awareness among themselves and the Indian public  for example about the assassination of the Germany’s Deutsch Bank Chief — Alfred HerrHausen — because he wanted to write off loans to the developing countries…just contrast this with our Banks writing off loans given to the  puppets of the Multinationals…the same group which assassinated HerrHausen. Strange it is (or not!) that No Indian media ever spoke about the Alfred HerrHausen assassination in this context…the corporate fake media…why would it??  We urge citizens of India to realize that the forces that assassinated Alfred HerrHausen are precisely the same forces that are threatening the RBI and causing them to say “threat-to-life” to turn down RTI queries. It is the duty of every responsible Indian to ask whether the life of our Prime Minister has also been threatened by these same forces. Do recall his statements carefully. We urge you to stand by your Prime Minister and pull India correctly out of the situation, rather than fight amongst yourselves whether de-monetization was good or bad. It does not speak well of Opposition Party members who started shouting “Mr. Prime Minister! Please tell us who is trying to kill you!”. It is the duty of the opposition parties to explain these forces to the people, rather than to fight with the Prime Minister. If Indians do not spend time to study and understand these forces, they will forever be blaming the Pakistanis for everything that is happening under the Sun.

The army’s duty may perhaps be to defend borders and to protect the nation from external threat. But, what they should be defending is not an imaginary line drawn by the British, but rather a geographical entity in given time and space. This entity is not a barren piece of earth–it is full of people and resources. As they do when internal calamities such as floods, earthquakes, riots strike — so too, it is their paramount duty that when people in high power and responsibility express a “threat to their lives” while duly discharging their responsibilities under the constitution, the army should work in tandem with the Internal Intelligence agencies and neutralize the threat originating and manifesting either internally or externally.

The fact that this has not been reflected in the current situation indicates the lack of understanding of external threat to the republic, and how this threat is manifesting within the borders of India.

Indians ought to take some time off to salute the courage of The German Deutsch Bank Chairman, who was assassinated for reminding the world of the responsibility of the Colonial and neo-Colonial money monsters to forgive the debt of many third world nations as it was the third world that was completely exploited by the same forces, and it was actually their own money, that was plundered during the colonial era, being lent to them.

Sadly, if we contrast this with the Indian context, though several members of our country’s highest offices, starting from our own Prime Minister to RBI’s chief employees, expressing the same threats on their lives, the country did not make any assurance to protect them. In the absence of such assurances to protect them, out of fear for their own lives, they have chosen the path of their own survival and implemented policies that were far more destructive for India rather than those implemented by the EICs themselves. Of course, here we can see the very clear influence of the Western Education on the Indian mind, especially in the interpretation of Darwinian theories of survival of the fittest … not survival of the strongest. In this process,  where the fittest try to survive, as a result of ensuring survival of the People in Authority by the People in Authority and by the Political Power, the most ancient the strongest, the most vibrant, Universal Scion i.e. India is being slowly bled to death.

Though there are many in India who are seeing the inevitable death, part following part, it is time for we the people of India to wake up and avert this death and bring India back to life and Vibrancy both as a leader of the Non-Aligned-Movement and as the Universal Beacon of Light to uplift the suffering of humanity.

So the de-monetization happened anyway, as mentioned above the highest leadership in our national institutions were threatened with their lives and made the easier choice.  Some discussion was provided in the earlier sections.

 All very good, but if we look carefully, we see that the British-based forces that organized this, could have easily achieved their goals without the de-monetization. If the currency can be easily printed outside as has been done in the past, and has without any shadow of doubt is being done now, and will be done in the future too, the foreign-exchanging of USD 4Trillion could have been done without the de-monetization. Even if they wanted to remove USD 4 Trillion from India, there were many other ways they could have done it.  So, why then go for the de-monetization at all?  The answer lies in understanding that both the UID’s Aadhaar Project and the recent de-monetization are a test-run.

More precisely, they are the test-run using psychological warfare to see how the Indian citizens react to absurd, illogical, humiliating decisions pushed on them via sloganeering. As has been stated earlier, in order to loot the complete wealth out of India, a critical step is to numb the minds of the population at large.hey wish to see whether the Indian citizens who have been softened and pampered with the comforts of Liberalization and Privatization will choose to keep asking for the toffees and keep accepting increasing levels of humiliation or whether they will be able pull their gaze away from the toffee, to see the picture correctly and stand for what is right, as opposed to begging for what is pleasant.

This information on how the Indian public will react to absurd, illogical orders coming ostensibly from their own Government is necessary for the foreign-planners to determine the next strike. Here we shall restrict ourselves to outlining only one dimension of this next strike.

According to leading World Economic Bodies,there is about 160,000 tons of gold mined in the world over the last 200 years. Out of this, close to 120,000 tons are with the European Union, the Bank of England, and with the USA. This will then leave 40,000 tons with rest of countries. This figures representing the gold mined across the world over last 200 years.

At the current value 1 ton = 30 million USD, this gold would be valued at about 5 Trillion USD. Large though this figure seems, it is not comparable to the World’s GDP, in fact as seen above, it is only equal to the absolutely-low-end estimate for the Black Cash that may be in India. So, then what is the point in shouting Gold-Gold-Gold? In fact, if this were the case, then the Gold value should have been much higher than it is today, about a 100 times higher.

To answer this question again, we look at India. From the internationally-available figures, of the 650 tons of gold produced annually, 80 % flows into Asian Markets. Of this 80%, 70% flows into India. This has been the case since Independence. This will put an estimate of 15,000 tons as the minimum amount of Gold imported into India post-Independence, worth about 500 billion USD. No big deal here. But there is something else that we should look at. That is the question of the amount of Gold that existed in India pre-Independence. This figure will turn out to have meaning and strategic importance. Let us estimate below.

Let us look at just one simple example. When the Kingdom of Amravati fell to the British, it was then looted. At the time the Capital of that small tiny Kingdom, all houses and Palaces were gold plated. The British cavalry used 7000 horses to carry away the loot from the City. But we never read about this our History books. We learn about this from the records kept in Telugu, as well as from records kept by the French sources. What the British have done is to cut-paste this same story onto Ghazni — that he looted Somnath, and carried away its gold on 7000 horses. Chor! Chor!..Udhar ….Udhar Dekhiye Sharmaji…..Vahaa Jaa Ra Hai Chor.

Another simple Example: when the grandchildren of a mere clerk in the East India Company in today’s England were running short of pocket money, they merely opened one of the thousands of warehouses containing the loot of the East India Company, and took out just six small items. These few items were put on auction in the famous London Christies and fetched 5 million pounds.  This, we may add, was splashed across every major Indian news media with great pomp. So, what must have been the total size of the warehouse and what figure would we arrive at if we added the figures for the unknown thousands of such warehouses that hold the 100-yr loot by EIC sailors, clerks, officers, Lords, Governor Generals who worked in India. That will give a base-point of how much money that was looted from India. Yet, it will not tell you how much money that was there in India. And, when they did not find anything in India, those few unlucky individuals of the EIC picked up every any articraft from ancient temples, main deity idols, manuscript, mathematical texts, astronomical texts, medical texts, metallurgy texts whatever was available, in whichever language it was available was taken out and fortunately, they were able to make millions of pounds, by auctioning these texts again in London’s Christie Auction House and other Auction houses set up there.

Most of these auctioned items were purchased and preserved by the Germans and French, who at the time felt that the British were destroying the cultural scientific heritage and the beacon of the civilizational progress that was India. Post WW-2, some of these articrafts were taken by the Russians who preserved them as well. No spiritual or religious leader in India has any clue of the extent of what was lost from their spiritual and religious organization.  By the way, one such object which was carefully lifted from the Kashmiri Temples that was auctioned and purchased by the Germans and preserved in Germany was given to our Current Prime Minister, when he visited Germany.

Were not the Germans expecting a few questions from us, when they told us that the idol belonged to a Kashmiri temple, from the era of Emperor Lalitaditya? If they were, they would have been badly disappointed. We were happy with the gift and we sent a message to German Chancellor thanking her for the gift. But surprisingly none neither historians nor spiritual leaders nor nationalists etc. bother to ask even a single question.  If, according to the history that is being taught to us these temple complexes were destroyed methodically by Arabs somewhere between 7th to the 14th century, then how did this statue reach Germany intact and absolutely preserved when Germany never ruled India.

Literally every Western Capital has in their historical records noted the input from all British East India Company logs: From the years 1847-1947, every single day a whopping 200 tons of gold removed from India by British. This number works out to a fantastic 6 million tons of Gold, taken out of India by the EIC in the 100 year interval. A fraction of this was used for financing every war, the destruction of China, as well as the destruction of every aspect of India.

Just as with the recent de-monetization, the ploy of the Western Economic apparatus  pushed upon the Indians is “show publicly 0.25 Trillion USD, and hide 3.75 Trillion USD from public view”, the case with Gold  is show 160,000 tons and hide the larger figure of 6-million tons. But nevertheless, note again that according to the records, they are supposed to have looted be much less than 30% of the existing wealth from the temples looting, and confiscating from the Kingdoms and their treasuries. Further, this is only the Gold, this is apart from other Jewelry (precious stones, diamonds etc). This 6 million tons of gold is worth about 180 Trillion USD. By way of comparison, the Institute of International Finance figures the World debt at 217 Trillion USD, more than three times the World’s GDP. (The IIM-professors, who realized the importance of the bullock-carts, may please enlighten us: how did we mine these 6 million tons before the British came? Did we seek any foreign help?)

So still 70% is left with India, so by this estimate, we have about 14 million Tons of Gold still left in India…counting only gold……not counting precious jems etc…… No wonder India is called the “Ratna Garbha”. This gold is still with the people and with the temples. Then instead of 1 pound today being set at 70 Rupees, if India were to back its rupee with the gold that we have, the inverse case would be the reality viz:  1 Rupee = 70 British Pounds.  Simply put, the amount of gold still left in India is valued at around two times the World’s total Debt. Who wouldn’t want to ROB IT??

In 2010 the minister for the mines Dasari Narayana Rao gave a written reply to the Parliament that there are 8.8 million oz of minable gold in one single block D-51/D-52?? of Anantapur District. At roughly 30 oz = 1 kg, this is 0.3 million Kilograms = 300 tons. What of the hundreds of other such blocks? The minister held his head high and stated with pride that since India does not have the technology to mine this gold, so we give the contract it to foreign countries.

All the economic indicators and the leading economists and financial experts are saying that the Anglo-American world has blown-up its gold reserves. That is why neither Bank of England nor Federal Reserve want any audit, because it will prove that there is no gold there. Many economists actually suspect that the gold mining figures themselves might have been cooked up and as the value of the gold-prices shooting up, both Fed and Bank of England, sold all their gold reserves to the gold-hungry world, primarily India and China. It is precisely this process that kept their currencies at stable value.

Though initially there were no physical gold transfers executed, recently many countries have started asking for the physical gold into their territories. The Chinese and Germans had requested the Federal Reserve to repatriate the physical gold to their countries. Both were duped and the gold was replaced with other metals.

Many of these countries which believe in the geopolitical objective of a multi-polar world, declared that they would de-link their currency with the dollar and link it with the gold –starting with Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, China and now Russia. In the last two decades of wars in the world, the question of currency-linkage has been the critical causative trigger. All the wars occurred exactly when the countries said that they are going to pull out of the dollar and back their currency with Gold. Whether it was the invasion of Iraq or  Libya or Syria, or the current sabre-rattling going on with Russia and with China, all these were and are exactly because these countries had the courage to state that they were pulling out of the dollar and moving to a gold-standard. In addition to direct confrontation, the Anglo-American world resorted to a variety of financial frauds to the rigging of stocks, to the interest-rate-manipulation called Libor Scandal, in which the Europeans held the Bank of England guilty and were about to press large fines whereupon Britain exited from the European Union.

The main cause of the financial ruin in the interval 2008-2012 was this currency manipulation, without any gold left top back it up. If the countries are not of European origin, they are all subjected to what we can now call as gold-pipeLine wars in which Iraq and Libya are knocked out and promptly their gold-reserves were confiscated.  And the world is witnessing the similar brink-of-war situation with the other four powers, which were accused by the Anglo-Americans of cornering most of the Gold in the last decade: namely China, Syria, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

As realized in the Syrian adventure is that the outcome of the war is uncertain. However, the serious financial crisis the US and the UK are facing is certain. They need gold urgently to save their financial system and economies and the very integrity of their financial institutions like Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. Thus, they need the gold for two reasons: to fight the wars and to maintain their own institutions.

We are looking at a staggering figure of 20-30 Trillion dollars worth of Gold, or the equivalent amount of real currency to buy such Gold. So then, the obvious question is:- “Apart from the other six nations we have to fight, Who has the currency or who has the Gold?” The answer is obvious: Only India. So therefore as a first shot, 4-Trillion dollars were taken out and as the next logical step, they will come behind the gold of the Individuals that is stored in India, as the East India Companies have done over the past 100 years.

If in the future, some Indian ruler had the courage to declare that the Indian currency would henceforth be backed by Gold, Indians may please rest assured that India would have to be declared a terrorist country. They would then have to fight with India. Here is the problem:-  Fighting with 1.25 billion people is not the same as fighting with Iraq, Libya or with Syria. So, thus therefore a three-pronged strategy has been adopted: First, de-grade the Indian Army to a fourth-class, un-professional and highly-politicized Army. This is precisely following the theory of the General Wellesley Clarke Under which goes under the title of the Strategic Defense Initiative. This will ensure that at any future point of time, if we have to fight with India, it will be an impotent India.  Second, move to take the Gold physically out of India so that, we the Indians, can never at any future point of time, use it to back up our currency. One way to take the Gold out is to generate much more black money inside India and take that money out of India….this money being convertible to the Indian Gold. This is where our Government knowingly or unknowingly is falling prey to Western Economic theories of Thuggery and Robbery by demonetizing and re-introducing the much higher currency with a much higher denomination, and only just one reason why the Public are not being shown any consistent steps to handle the question of Indian currency being printed abroad.

Thirdly, push the Indian elite away from understanding and from original thought. And if we see how the Indian research institutes are being forced to lower standards, scientists getting badly de-motivated in research, reduced in quality, funding, strength, finally towards closure and shutting down, we can see India racing on the lines of Destruction.  In fact, they never really needed to fight with India, because India was never a republic. It was never that ”India is Independent”—rather it has always been “India is in-dependence”. To control the slaves who had thus been deprived of independent enquiry and thought, the foreign masters need only slogans. India is not a democracy, it is a sloganocracy, the slogans trumpeted by the press-titutes of the private media corporate media.

Several American Presidents have publicly declared that the Corporate Media is a Fake Media. The White House has itself declared that all Corporate Media establishments, such as CNN, ABC, LA-Times, NY-Times which are the Fake Media have no access to the White House. But, we Indians lap up news from this same Corporate Media as if it were the Gospel Truth.

Only one simple example of this fake media’s method of confusing the public of both India and Partitioned India  – aka Pakistan –, was on the surgical strikes the army was supposed to have conducted with regard to the Kashmir question. CNN-India ran a program in their Prime-Time and showing that they were taking a call from a Pakistani General from the Neelam Valley who confirmed the strikes, the Indian Public were shown that India had in-fact executed the Surgical Strikes, and then CNN-India went on to push the slogan that whoever opposed the Surgical Strikes are not patriotic Indians and were anti-nationals.

But exactly at the same time, CNN-Pakistan aired a Program which was shown to the Pakistanis in which they had taken Journalists to the same Neelam valley and convinced the People of Pakistan that India has NOT conducted any surgical Strikes at all.  And the experienced Pakistani Generals mused and bewildered that if the arc of operational radius of the Surgical Strikes as projected by India of radius 260 Km, this would be logistically tantamount to a not to a “Surgical Strike” but to a “Major Aerial Warfare”. But yet, following CNN-India lead, every other private funded corporate media carried on the same line for one week, insisting that anyone who opposes their message is anti-national.

 We are not questioning the capability of the Indian Air-force in conducting such operations, nor are we questioning that a firm hand is necessary in tackling the menace of Terrorism. But what we are questioning is whether the Indian public should accept at all what the Corporate Media is telling them. And as to what really happened there, the nation has a right to know….

While the simple hard working folk of India, who push voting buttons based on what they hear, certainly have a “right to know”, a valid question to the moral authorities of the so-called “higher-educated” India: is it our RIGHT TO KNOW……OR is it OUR DUTY TO FIND OUT?  The part of Indian society that is supposed to work cerebrally has badly failed its duty. It is time for this section to realize this and get to work again……when everyone else in the country is working.

What a tragic twist of fate for a country which claims to have given the Artha-Shastra to the world —this same Artha-Shastra was and being is duly followed to the letter in every Western Country, including in Pakistan, and yet waiting to be utilized for the betterment of the Indian economics.

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  1. Demonetization was just from quantification – Gold is what they are looking for -(I wrote about it long back)

  2. Attack is the best defense.

    Your recent articles are tending on the backfoot – what could go wrong – how an enemy could f*ck india – enemies read the blueprint and get all the ideas. Instead, if you could direct your articles, on the same issues with all the attacking angles – how to counter the above detructive blueprint ideas – following your analysis – it would lead to more credibility regarding your intentions. Else, this blog will just degenerate into a doom, gloom, boom paranoia feeding parasite. Hope, its otherwise.

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    There where reports of gold from the temple being auctioned off in Italy by the antique shop owned by the sister of antonia maino.

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