Of Mathematicians, Nuclear Scientists & Drunken Disorderlies – S08

IIT Hyderabad
IIT Hyderabad

The Government has built a new IIT at Hyderabad. Did even one responsible citizen of Hyderabad ask: “When we have IITs in India, why is the Black Box of our Late Chief Minister’s crashed helicopter being sent to the US for reading?

About twenty years ago Chief Justice Krishna Iyer went to the Madras Club where he was invited to deliver a guest lecture. He went in traditional attire (for those who don’t know, it is dhoti and shirt) and was told at the gate that he has to wear a suit because they had a dress code. The outraged Chief Justice aptly walked away from the venue without delivering a lecture, but made a pungent entry in the visitors notebook: “My freedom as a citizen of India ended at the Gates of the Madras Club.”

Fast Forward to Chennai 2017: The prestigious Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences has openly declared on their website, albeit in more polite language, that the freedom for one and all who wish to visit the Institute will end at the footboard of the autorickshaw in Chennai. And just as Justice Krishna Iyer avoided the Madras Club, they are advising one and all to avoid the Chennai Autos. What?? The Most Brilliant Mathematicians of our country are being bullied by the autorickshaw drivers?

Shame on the Home Minister of Tamil Nadu and the Chennai’s Commissioner of Police….who were willing to take care of the American Naval ships which docked in Chennai for re-fuelling.  These American ships have been kicked out every other Asian country for their adulterous debauchery and for breaking down of all moral codes in dealing with Asian Women. But this same Home Minister and Chennai Commissioner of Police cannot assure a safe travel to the Mathematicians of India or their guests when going to work in their own Chennai Institute of Mathematical Sciences?

What a shame!

When a few girls coming from a midnight public Jazz program run by some foreign DJ scheduled in Bangalore were touched (no-doubt criminally by some goons, everyone shouted at the Bangalore Police as to why they could not provide security for a midnight event of a foreign jazz musician with alcohol being served. This was said to be an in-security for “Brand India”. But nobody shouted at the Chennai Police when our own Mathematicians are regularly bullied by a bunch of goons in broad daylight at the doorstep of their own Institute. And thus, the Mathematicians of our country, to whom numbers are God, are confused on how to deal with their less fortunate brethren who merely to earn their own food, erroneously choose to Kick the God of the Mathematicians–the numbers?

In the past decade, there has been a spate of scientists working on issues linked either directly or indirectly to our defense, mysteriously dying in their own apartments, bathrooms or offices. Our press reported the  conclusions on the cause of their death as ranging from their not being able to handle work-related stress, to their being homosexual. Coincidentally, these deaths occurred when India was forced to sign (bribed, blackmailed, threatened) the Civilian Nuclear Treaty, opening up India’s nuclear programs for American/UN inspections. In most cases, these suicides (or murders?) occurred within the secured campus facilities. None protested or called for deeper investigation, including the victims’ families. No public agencies investigated whether these suicides (or murders?) were related to threats forcing the Indian Scientific Establishment to surrender to the official line ‘that the governments know and do what is best for their citizens’ whereas governments, the world over,  are cajoled, bribed and threatened to follow the objectives of international geopolitical players.

We have heard that India has made great strides in missile and Rocket technology, and sent missions to Mars–certainly no mean achievement. (As mentioned above, unless our nuclear-weapon is tested in missile-mated configuration, the intercontinental ballistic missile itself may not serve much purpose.)

But exactly while the press-titutes of the corporate-controlled-media used the artificially-created pro-Pakistan ruckus in JNU to divert our attention, our gold-mines have been auctioned away to foreign based companies on the basis of the claim that “India does not have the technology to mine gold”.

Did no IAS officer, did no one in the HRD ministry ask the question: If we can send a mission to Mars, why can’t we mine our own gold? If no, they are not fit to be IAS officers . Or is it their case that money obtained by auctioning off the Indian National Gold Mines will be used to invest in real-estate on planet Mars? (We are sure the IIM’s of India teach their MBA students to make out such cases.)

Did the Vice-chancellor of the JNU where the ruckus was choreographed itself not ask this same question? No one is happy to hear that research funding sis being cut at JNU, but what were they doing? Clearly, the public ought to question the Vice Chancellor of JNU as to whether he was aware of this.

Did the Head the Dhanbad School of Mines (for example) or the Head of the Mining Engineering Departments anywhere else, or the Vice-Chancellors under which these institutions operate ask this same question?  If no, they better re-examine what is the duty of a good University’s Vice-Chancellor.

Did any HRD minister move to see to it that, in this configuration of things, IIT JEE rank number-1 should be counseled to go to Mining-engineering, and not Computer Science (the joke about Indian IT establishment having been already shown)? Presumably the HRD minister should have communicated this to the IIT’s Directors who should have then passed this down to the entering-student counselors? The HRD minister, the IIT Directors have then failed in their duty? Let the entering students be guided by society running its own insane course? If you have no duty to your society, do you at least have a duty to your subject? Is it the case that the sense of duty is badly disoriented by a malfunctioning society that treats these venerable figures as guides? As suggested earlier, HRD more appropriately stands for Her-majesty’s Re-usable Donkeys or Her-majesty’s Recycled Donkeys (See section on Time_Travel to know more about the re-cycling process!!).

So, the Government has built a new IIT at Hyderabad? The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasekhara Reddy died in a helicopter crash.  The Black Box of this helicopter was sent to the NTSB in the USA for examination.  The NTSB has extremely tight secrecy rules regarding the handling of the Black Boxes and it is not possible to get an independent picture once the Black Box is handed over to them.

Did even one responsible citizen of Hyderabad ask: “When we have IITs in India, why is the Black Box of our Late Chief Minister’s crashed helicopter being sent to the US for reading…using the lame argument that the CBI does not have any aviation experts to analyze the Black Box.  Can we or can’t we read the Black Box recording in India itself? This will permit us to get a true picture of the death of our Chief Minister…other black boxes have been analyzed inside India.”  If no, Hyderabad does not deserve an IIT. Rather than building a new IIT at Hyderabad, the correct thing to do may well be to understand and address the issues at the originally set-up IITs.

To solve the dreadful water crisis that had started taking over several parts of India Government  setup a  grant of 10 crores, which  was allocated to the then leading Dharwad University to find a solution for  the drinking water crisis. The University came out with an excellent de-salination technology — Indian Scientists worked with Indian Money. But once this ingenious technology was discovered, the details were sold to Saudi Arabia for over 100-crores. Saudi Arabia has used this technology to implement its water de-salination, but India has not till date implemented this technology discovered by our own scientists, which is anyway much less expensive than towing chunks of an arctic iceberg to the equatorial regions and getting the drinking water from there, as has been recently proposed!

No PILs were filed for this wastage of public money, betrayal of trust in the critical area of providing Safe Drinking Water for all citizens of our country, nor was any investigation conducted to punish the guilty, now was there any suo-moto case in the matter. Instead, we have consolidated the position: “India’s own Rivers and Drinking Water for sale in India:  by companies spawned from Pepsi and Coke, the same who have been kicked out of many small countries including Bolivia over a decade ago, for claiming to own all of Bolivia’s water, including its rainwater!

A tremendous amount of distress was caused to the farmers when American Multi-National Giants pushed the BT cotton in India as a panacea for the production shortages of cotton, since the later years they raised the input costs to un-bearable levels. In Maharashtra and Gujarat alone, which is the cotton belt, there were 100,000 farmer suicides in Maharashtra only. Nationwide 250,000 farmers committed suicide — at an average rate of about 15-20,000 per year, or about 30 per day. The actual figures may be higher.  After so many deaths, the Government awakened and asked the Ministry of Agriculture to come out with a local cheap variant for BT cotton seeds.  After spending 2500 crores on this, they came out with a variety called SIRI as an alternative cheap variant for BT cotton.

But even after this the farmer-suicide rate did not recede. Further investigations revealed that after swindling away 2500 crores of Indian Government Money in the name of research, and having taken an equal amount from Monsanto, the leading Indian agricultural scientists have re-branded the Monsanto BT-cotton as SIRI and dumped it back on the Indian farmers causing further deaths with absolute impunity with no fear or sense of moral obligation. Finally the Government of India has to abandon the research and encourage the farmers to use native cotton seed varieties which are now doing very well in alleviating both financial and physical trauma the farmers are facing.

And now Monsanto and their corporate partners in India are once again trying to push the Government of India to force the farmers to abandon the native cotton varieties by selling GMOs as a panacea for the Indian problem. The Agricultural Universities should be closed down , Scientists (Scientwists for the Multinationals) who are worse than Cannibals should be brought to criminal justice. No PILs filed, nor any suo-moto cases to take on this issue. No courts have looked into this matter, but Courts have time to shut down thousand year old cultural practices like Jallikattu. Every political party in India has failed our farmers, who despite all odds hang on the land as their mother.

In all Western countries, every dam built on rivers is being blasted out to allow free flow of the rivers, as a response to the heavy damage to ecology and life and agriculture that is caused by the dams. The USA  with 250,000 dams is blasting them out at a rate of about 1000 per year using the elite American Marine Engineering corps since the last 20 years.

Paradoxically, permission to build dams by Multinationals over Indian rivers is being given as if we are handing over candy to children — to the private corporations run by these Multinationals.  Despite the Supreme Court’s objection to this and despite knowing that water will be the future resource over which the wars will be fought, despite knowing  that this process is causing a colossal damage to environments and to the very lives of our farmers, along with causing the privatized selling of water for perhaps first time in the history of mankind, especially in India.

In all the above cases, no PILs are filed, nor any suo-moto cases were taken by any of the courts in India, including the Apex court, who could wake up even in midnight hours and admit cases to ban spiritual and cultural practices in India coming from the past several thousands of years.

India has now a critical choice: Is India meant to be sold as “Brand India” – the brand being a midnight Jazz concert with a foreign DJ and intoxicated dancing public as seen in Bengaluru, concealing the terrible picture of farmers committing suicide on their parched lands and drying up rivers and of depressed and demotivated University faculty members most of whom are reduced to twiddling their fingers??  Or Is India to be protected, nurtured and strengthened by guaranteeing the security of our scientists and by carefully guarding our Mathematical minds?

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