India At Crossroads To Swaraj Or Slavery?


Is India at the crossroads to Swaraj (independence) or Slavery (dominion)?

At the dawn of the new millennium India stands, dazed and indecisive, at the crossroads. As perhaps the only secular nation with population of a billion, with thousands of political, spiritual and religious leaders of various denominations, with a vast talent of creative intelligentsia; this is a pitiable and tragic situation indeed. Each path out of these crossroads would apparently take us to destruction, completely erasing India’s classical thinking, philosophy, arts, moral ethics, and its contributions to the world since the remote past, and perhaps even its people.

Depressing though this may sound, we shall examine the stark possibility of the sovereign Republic of India meeting a sad end: fragmented into renegade states, based on blind religious and fanatic belief, engaged in an internecine warfare leading to colossal loss of life and wastage of resources. These renegade states may be governed by unholy alliances between extreme right wing and hate based groups of foreign origin, radical leftist terrorist outfits and ruthless multinational corporations. Along each of these paths we shall see hundreds of East India Companies masquerading as global multi-national corporations and saviors of free market, driven by powerful minds. These minds might propagate hidden agendas under the guise of liberated societies, progressive rationalism and the like. Each agenda may aim to destroy the basis of the Indian society – its culture, its family, institutions and social values.

The opening of the gates of FDI by the GOI for MNCs with their agendas driven by newly found, vast natural resources of diamonds, natural gas, precious metals etc. is exactly similar in regards to policies, methodologies and ideologies of the East India Companies, who required these resources to sustain their operations and economy and win their wars in the European theatre. The situation is not so different today. All these aspects we have covered in comprehensive details in our series of articles – mainly East India Company (EIC2MNC) Series and Foreign Countries Dictating India Series apart from various issue and event based reports.

A complete destruction of the domestic industry, vast agrarian diversity and nature synchronous product utilization (the dream of Mahatma Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj and of the concept of Swadeshi) would ensue. Indian rulers, institutional heads and followers and population groups would be manipulated, cajoled, duped and tricked into surrendering their freedom, ideas, personal lives, as well as India’s vast reserves of natural resources to the control of a few. This would be done under the guise of unhealthy and socially irresponsible concepts of free market, privatization, liberalization and globalization. These have already destroyed every country where they were implemented.

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There would be a continuous and planned assault on the Indian intelligentsia, rendering it incapable of socially responsible thought. This assault will be carefully orchestrated and will emanate from institutions all over the world. They will force India to surrender to highly self-centered and delusory ideologies: Freedom, Marxism, Capitalism, Libertarianism, Feminism and the like. The media will be used to launch a cultural blitzkrieg on the general populace to condition it into believing that the best way of life is as global corporations deem fit. Every religious, spiritual, political, academic leader and scholar would believe that they have worth nothing to offer except to look to the West for panaceas. India as a nation, its ancient culture and its contributions will be flatly negated, as plagiarists in their imagination will pave the way for destruction of its population and exploitation of its natural resources. None would be clear as to what to do next either in their personal lives or in the social or political spheres. The draining of national economic wealth would be packaged as economic liberalization, a descent into slavery would be labeled as free market, grabbing of personal and national land resources by multinational corporations packaged as the era of the global village. There would be a rampant abuse of narcotics, increase of various crimes, trafficking of women and a near complete breakdown in the social order. This would perhaps be the starting point of India in becoming what might be termed a prostitute state in the world of nations.

What an ordinary United Indian Citizen Can do? A solution once upon a Time

3000 years ago Acharya Chanakya walked into the court of Padmananda and Dhananda at their serene capital Pataliputra (current Patna) and told the king that the country was at the verge of occupation and the population was ready to descent into slavery by foreign invasion forces who were at the gates of Sindhu River (for English educated it is Indus River). He requested the Nandas to gear up for they had to protect their country. Nandas were bemused at the poor teachers preaching. They concluded Pataliputra and Magadha were serene, peaceful and well developed and there was no threat whatsoever except in the figment of imagination of Acharya Chanakya. So they saw rightfully Acharya Chanakya disturbing the peace of the country, tranquility of people and thus anti-development. So they ordered their security forces to beat him up, tear his dress and cut loose his hair and drag him out of the court of serene and tranquil development. Acharya Chanakya walked out straight into the people of Magadha and never stopped until he found Chandragupta Mourya who ultimately with help from others replaced Nandas and re-established the real prosperity and true security for people.

Rather than Padmananda and Dhanananda now we have UPA and NDA, enshrined not in Pataliputra but in confined protectorate of New Delhi. The enemy – every western nation facing economic collapse drooling not at the Sindhu borders but at the gates of Delhi on the Red Carpet to move in for their pound of flesh. The cries of existential danger falling on the ears of not Nandas of Pataliputra but on politicians of all shades headed by wizardry prime minister and intellectual opposition leaders wanting to discuss the issue of FDI, as if it is a forgone conclusion and ready to brand anyone anti-development who opposes FDI, as if they alone understood the magic of FDI. All ready once again to roll this country – the United Indian Republic – into fathomless descent of slavery with amazing clarity.

It is time for every citizen of this country to become Acharya Chanakya in search of modern Chandragupta Mourya. Not that we can find one alive, but at least to show our resolve to start a united heroic struggle against becoming slaves again and to guard our Swaraj. For all of you who would like to be a part of our initiative in any way do contact us by filling up this form.


This article was published as an Editorial in the Jul-Sept 2016 Financial Warfare special issue of GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly magazine on Geopolitics and International Affairs.

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