Does The East India Company Still Exist?

This excerpt from our exclusive East India Company Series article titled Noble Motives focuses on the puzzle of the disappearance of the EICs and their reemergence as modern day MNCs (Multi National Corporations).

The East India Company (the “Company“) was one of the institutions created as a product of the Venetian Merchants takeover of England’s commerce. In England it was called the British East India Company. The Levant Company, set up to trade with the East, had been formed in 1592 as a fusion of the Turkey Company (with predominant partnership by the House of Sassoon, fathers-in-law of Rothschild) and the Venice Company (probably the House of Rothschild). In 1600 the East India Company was formed as a spin-off (subsidiary of) of the Levant Company. It received a perpetual charter from the British Monarchy for a monopoly on trade with the East Indies. This East India Company had many partners under various names belonging to various nations – Dutch, British, Belgium and French East India Companies and Dutch, British and French East African Companies and received same perpetual charters from all these countries.


Most importantly the Levant Company or the Turkey Company or the Venice Company and the East India Companies are all partnerships. Meaning they need not declare their profits, nor assets nor the partner names or addresses. An appointed representative of the company will file returns and act as liaison of the principal owners. Worst with the East India Company was that it was a subsidiary of The Levant Company. As we see with many Multi National Companies (MNCs) that are forming partnership in India are also Subsidiaries of some other holding companies, and these holding companies in turn are subsidiaries of another set of numbered companies and these numbered companies in turn are held in trusts and these trusts are held in partnership, and the partnership address is a P.O. Box number somewhere in Central London or in New York. We see only the officers and lawyers of these MNCs not the real owners. It is the identification of the ownership of these MNCs and EICs that will solve the puzzle of disappeared EICs, a puzzle probably except Japan none in Asia ever understood. Indians never thought of it so never worried about it and do not care about it.

Who are these 40 persons who owned this company? Why did the British Government pledge its soldiers for this company for 400 years conquering every land this company touched? Where did the money they made in the company go – to the British Government or to the owners? How much money they made? What are the commodities these traders traded? Why after 275 years after its inception when this British East India Company was dissolved, all properties were absorbed by Lloyds (a behemoth of Shipping Insurance under writing and investment Bank) which is a subsidiary of N.M. Rothschild & Co? Though after Mrs. Victoria proclaimed India as part of the British Empire why the Indian affairs were run by the Privy Council, and Chancellor Exchequer of British Treasury who happened to be all the time the Chairman of Bank of England, another family bank of the House of Rothschild? And finally why Sir Stafford Cripps, another Chancellor Exchequer and Bank of England Chairman, and a representative of EICs in 1946 decides that India has to be given Independence; as one of the reasons put forward by him was that “the revenue from India was not enough to cover the expenses of running India”? This gave plenipotentiary powers to Mr. Mountbatten to decide on the spot without any consultation with British parliament, the fate of India.

The same Cripps never recommended independence to South Africa till 1970s as there were still diamonds and gold to extract from S. African mines and finally the need for giving independence was realised when the “revenue from S. Africa was less than expenditures.” For the great job of brutal oppression in S. Africa the last white president of S. Africa Mr. Pik Botha was given a general amnesty. But to believe, assume, think, analyze, ponder and understand that the heirs of these EICs of Mr. Cripps and others who ran these immense MNCs suddenly in 1997 realized that “let us go and spend billions of dollars in India, civilize it and modernize it for the benefit of billions of Indians whose culture is very old and whose food (spicy) everybody likes” just shows the wild fantasies of Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood cultures imbibed in our mental thinking process.

Neither their grandfathers came with a charity motto nor do these MNCs come with the real intention of developing India. It is obvious that, given the most latest technology in underground mineral discoveries, the heirs of EICs and current owners of MNCs have definite information about definite material or human resources which should be worth trillions of dollars that Mr. Cripps did not had a chance to have in 1946. If Mr. Cripps had such information then, than the EICs/British Raj would have continued till the last worthy piece was extracted and would have saved a lot of time for their grandsons/heirs to form MNCs and come with novel idea of liberalization and privatization.

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In the year 1600 East India Company was formed and given exclusive right to trade with India and South East Asia by the British Monarchy under the concept of Free Trade and Globalization. It was also given the right to civilize India. In the year 1965 the Club of Rome (top industrial houses-real owners of EICs or MNCs) divided the world in 10 economic segments and gave unbridled authority to ruthlessly exploit Segment 9 (India belongs to this segment 9), a group of mineral (diamond, gold, uranium, life-saving medicinal plants, organic food and drinking water) oil and natural gas rich South East Asian nations consisting one third of the population of the world – under liberalization (liberalize domestic economy to globalize its owners) and privatization (privatize so that Free Trade can further control domestic economy via global owners) to a group of MNCs.

To believe that ruthless business men for 400 years who toppled kingdoms, redrawn geographies, killed more than 200 million people in umpteen wars in last 100 years, suddenly transformed into mendicants because they love India, is also great wishful thinking of Hollywood style.

We have to find first, if possible from our central and state governments as to whether they knew what these huge EICs/MNCs found in terms of material and human resources. If our governments (local, state, central) do not know what is there in India, then probably it is better, as liberalization and privatization advocates plead, to let these MNCs do their modern EIC job perfectly, as it assures “civilizing and modernizing India.” If our governments do not know then it is the job of every responsible citizen to know, like Dr. Ambedkar said – we have to educate first and become informed citizens then only we can defend our country or republic or sovereignty.

It took 100 years to get rid of EICs but it will take less than 20 years to get the MNCs in if we are not vigilant, as “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty” as this liberty we earned for the Republic of India was on the sacrifices of many millions of souls who opposed the oppression, economic exploitation, moral ethical bankruptcy of colonizers, highly racist hate based intolerance of the white British Merchants and Rulers. The reversing of this independence swaraj in 60 years, which was achieved by Mahatma’s Swadeshi Satyagraha, or Tilak’s heroic struggle for birth right to be free and self-governed, or of Bose’s gallant battle to dislodge British to have a united India, shows callous attitudes of subjects and rulers and blatant refusal to understand the historical facts and truths that will haunt not only us but our coming generations. Satyameva Jayate should not only be on the logo of our constitution or confined to Mahatma’s biographies, it has to transform our lives as this satya or truth alone is worth defending and beholding as it is “dharma – truth in action in real life”.


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