26/11 Mumbai Attacks: Why No Investigation Into Diamond Mafia & Foreign Geopolitical Players

After the mainstream media campaign to slander the image of one of India’s bravest RAW officers Hemant Karkare and thereby give a total spin to the entire 26/11 Mumbai Attacks case now in a totally shocking development the NIA has filed a chargesheet that is likely to mention that the investigation conducted by former Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, was flawed and that the evidence produced had been fabricated, and statements of witnesses were taken under duress.

Not just that, now the ATS itself may become the accused. The NIA also announced that it was the ATS who planted explosives in Purohit’s living quarters at the Deolali Army camp at the time of his arrest in 2008. “We have evidence to show that the RDX was planted by ATS,” an NIA officer said. For trying to give a different slant to the investigation the NIA has been under fire by many including former special counsel for National Investigation Agency, Rohini Salian herself.



Vinod Bhatt – Aug 29, 2006 (Forced to Suicide)

In 2006 Vinod Bhat seeked forgiveness from all Mumbai train blasts accused saying that his seniors blackmailed him to do it. A week later he jumped in front of a running train at Dadar railway station.

From all that happened in those 75 days of police custody, what I can never forget are the words of late ACP Vinod Bhatt, who committed suicide in the second week of August.

During interrogation, he had told me that he was under immense pressure from his senior officers to falsely implicate us. He also promised me that he will try his best to not do this till he is alive. Unfortunately, he committed suicide under tremendous pressure.


Shahid Azmi 11 February 2010 (shot dead by four assailants in his office)

Shahid Azmi was a noted Indian lawyer and human rights activist, most known for defending those accused in cases of terrorism, including some of accused in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, who later had to be acquitted for lack of evidence. At age 14, he was arrested during the 1992 Bombay Riots. He was arrested again under TADA, serving seven years in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, on charges of plotting against the state, though he was acquitted later. He started studies while in jail, and went on to become criminal defence lawyer in Mumbai in 2003, defending cases for those accused of terrorism. He was shot dead by four assailants in his office in Kurla, Mumbai on 11 February 2010 at the age of 32. A film adaption on his life called Shahid was directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Anurag Kashyap in 2013.

Hasan Gafoor – Mar 13, 2012 (Removed from his key position in June and dead in Nov)

Gafoor Hasan, the then Mumbai Police Commissioner had said that a section of senior police officers refused to be on the ground and take on the terrorists. By doing so, they chose to ignore the need of the hour. Some of the top Mumbai police officers have been accused by their former boss of dithering from “responding to the situation” during the 26/11 attacks. In an interview, he had named a few officers, drawing flak from the police establishment and the state government. Officers said Gafoor’s remarks after 26/11 had caused an uproar in the force, with some officers not taking too well to his comments. Hasan Gafoor, who was Mumbai Police Commissioner during the 26/11 terror attack, later died following a cardiac arrest on Monday Mar 12th 2012.

Ramesh Mahale – Feb 26, 2013 (Forced to resign after differences with bosses)

Ace Mumbai police officer Ramesh Mahale, who has investigated some of the most high- profile cases including the 26/11 terror attacks, the Azad Maidan riots and the murder of MiD DAY’s Investigations Editor J Dey, has resigned from the force. 26/11 cop Ramesh Mahale ‘quits after differences with bosses’.

Sanjay Banerjee – Mar 23, 2013 (Dramatic death still a mystery)

A deputy commissioner of police attached to the state’s Anti-Terrorism Squad shot himself fatally in a restaurant in Thane in the afternoon while he was seated around a table with his wife and two young sons, aged 14 and 7. There were reportedly no other diners in the restaurant at the time.

Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali – May 03, 2013 (Assassinated in broad daylight)

Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali, a senior prosecutor handling the 26/11 Mumbai attack case and Benazir Bhutto assassination case was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in the Pakistani capital. Gunmen riding a motorcycle fired at the car of Federal Investigation Agency prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali in the busy commercial area of Karachi Company at 7.30am.

Ali, who was driving, was hit by several bullets and lost control of the car. The vehicle hit a woman crossing the road and she too died later in hospital. Ali’s son Nisar and unnamed colleagues were quoted by TV news channels as saying that the prosecutor had been receiving threats from a banned extremist group for some time. His colleagues said he had continued pursing high-profile terrorism cases despite these threats. The prosecutor was gunned down at a time when there have been important developments in both the Mumbai attack case and Bhutto assassination case.

These are just a few cases we mention here. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Maharashtra tops the list for police suicides, with 200 cases reported from 2006 to 2011.

So what is it that these investigators uncovered that got them killed? It is this question that brings us to the role of the Diamond Mafia in terrorist attacks in India and the assassination of Ex-RAW & ATS Chief Hemant Karkare.


Even before and after the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks there were many terrorist attacks in India targeting the diamond industry and prominent individuals connected to it. Below we mention few of the cases widely reported in mainstream media and encourage our readers to investigate and study the rest.

Ahmedabad’s diamond markets cope with terror attacks

Two bombs struck the only diamond market of this city that fateful Saturday evening, killing two people and it was back to business the next morning in Bapunagar, the hub of diamond cutting and polishing business in the eastern part of Ahmedabad.

Bomb blast in Jaipur’s jewellery market

The Pink City of India, Jaipur, also India’s hub for gems, precious stones and jewellery, faced a series of bomb explosions yesterday. Six blasts triggered off in succession, within 15 minutes, in various busy areas of the city. The prominent Johri Bazar, the jewellery market of Jaipur, was one amongst the target spots of the blast series. At 7:30pm a blast occurred at National Handloom, Johri Bazar, which reported two deaths and many casualties.

7/11 Verdict: Among the targets were Gujarati traders, and they still live in fear

The 7/11 serial blasts claimed 12 men from their community. Ironically, eight years later, after a special court pronounced its verdict in the 7/11 train blasts case Friday, the diamond and bullion merchants still feel unnerved, constantly on the watch.

A senior official from the intelligence agency too said the blast was unique not just for the ‘orchestra effect’ but for the manner in which a large number of the victims belonged to a single target group – Gujaratis in the first class compartments.

Repeated attacks on diamond trading hubs located in Zaveri bazaar and Opera House pushed the traders to shift to a new location. In 2011, most of these companies moved to the more secure Bharat Diamond Bourse in the Bandra-Kurla Complex in suburban Mumbai.

“The trading community has always been under attack whether it’s the 7/11, Zaveri bazaar or Opera House. But since the time we have shifted to BKC, the security situation has improved tremendously. We feel more secure now,” said Vipul Shah, chairman of Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

Isn’t it true that some of the top diamond merchants are on the list of people who have kept their ill-gotten money in Germany-based Liechtenstein bank? Many persons on the list are Gujarati diamond merchants with offices all over world having roots in Palanpur. Isn’t it also true that in May 2014 eight of these diamond dealers were given a clean chit by the Income Tax department in the black money case?

Diamond trade lost many members to serial blasts

It is common knowledge in diamond business that this particular railway line’s first class compartment is mostly occupied by diamond traders of Panchratna building. 12 members of the Mumbai diamond trade killed in the blasts.

Diamond trade the target?

The Zaveri Bazar (Jewellery Market) blast shows that the gem and jewellery trade of the country is under attack, like it was on March 12, 1993, along with the Mumbai Stock Exchange, another economic target. The Srikrishna Commission said that Zaveri Bazar was one of the sites of ten major blasts. Explosives went off at three other places, two in Dhanji Street and Shaikh Memon Street in Zaveri Bazar. Though the diamond industry is spread across western India, the trade is located in a few buildings of the Opera House area in south Mumbai, a little away from Zaveri Bazar.

SMS links Surat gem industry with Headley

Is Surat’s diamond industry funding terror mastermind David Headley, who is believed to be linked to 26/11 and other terrorist incidents in the country? This is exactly what an sms, doing rounds of Surat from Thursday morning, claimed.

The sms claimed Headley’s links with Surat had been unearthed, and that a large sum of money from the city was transferred to a foreign bank. The message also claimed that the diamond cutting & polishing industry of Surat was under the scanner of investigators for these alleged links and transactions. Was the Surat Diamond Industry funding David Headley?

Diamond Industry Members Experience Mumbai Terror

Members of the diamond industry staying at the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels were among those in danger during the Nov. 26 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, that left at least 172 dead and hundreds more injured.

Two Mumbai Survivors Recount Horrifying Ordeal at the Oberoi Hotel

Chabad diamond dealers Tony Nagel and Marc Schwalb survive Oberoi Trident attack at a diamond dealers wedding function. The Trident was also hosting a rough diamond exhibition.

Lucky escape for DTC MD Varda Shine – DTC conference in Mumbai Taj Hotel on 26/11 attack day

Varda Shine, Managing Director, Diamond Trading Company (DTC), had a lucky escape at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai last night. Ms Shine was also in the hotel beseiged by terrorists, but escaped any untoward incident because she left the hotel with a group of friends for dinner at a restaurant. Ms Varda Shine does not wish to comment any further on the incident and will be leaving home for London tonight.

Ms Shine was present in the city to address a conference entitled – ‘Meet and Greet with Varda Shine’, scheduled to be held on 28th November 2008 at the Emerald / Jade Room at the Taj Mahal hotel. In response to the attacks, the diamond market is officially closed today.

Diamantaires have a close shave at Taj

A dinner party thrown by a leading Gujarati diamond trader saved a galaxy of diamantaires from across the world in Mumbai. Varda Shine, managing director, Diamond Trading Company (DTC) and a battery of senior company officials from London and who’s who of Indian diamond industry had a miraculous escape at Taj hotel in Mumbai on Wednesday night.

Nariman House: survivor accounts leave questions unanswered – 52 year old Israeli diamond dealer survives in Nariman House

Yocheved Orpaz, a 60-year-old Israeli, was en route to join her family on an Indian vacation. Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum, a 37-year-old American resident of Israel, and his friend Bentzion Chroman, 28, a dual US-Israeli citizen, were in India as part of their international work supervising the preparation of kosher food.

They were joined by David Bialka, a 52-year-old diamond trader and a frequent guest at the centre, on his business travels, and Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich, a 50-year-old Mexican Jew visiting India on her way to start a new life in Israel.

Now, Bialka was on the fifth floor when he was roused by an explosion. So, he goes into the bathroom and jumps into the small window of the 5th floor, climbs down water pipes, hopping from one air-conditioning unit to another until he reaches the ground. Considering that Bialka is just a 52-year-old diamond trader this action raises many questions.

But this is not the only surprising thing that happened. Aroused by the commotion, an angry crowd had already gathered outside the building and after what they saw Bialka do they thought he was a terrorist. They even attacked him and put him in a cab and took him to the police. The crowd was agitated after Bialka had rappelled down the building that they turned on the other Israeli too, thinking they were terrorists.

At the same time, inside the Nariman Chabad House was another mysterious lady Sandra Samuel who was present not just at the Nariman House but also at the Cama Hospital at the time when Hemant Karkare was assassinated. Interestingly, exactly at the same time the news of Karkare’s assassination was flashed on television residents nearby heard loud cheering from inside the Nariman Chabad House. The entire story of this mystery woman has been told in our article 26/11 – What Really Happened At Nariman Chabad House.


As we have established earlier there were 2 parallel operations that were carried out during the 2008 Mumbai Attacks.

  • The attack on Taj, Oberoi, Trident, Leopold and Nariman House along the seashore.
  • The attack at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), Cama Hospital and Rangbhavan Lane in the heart of the city.

The entire story of what was happening in these Hotels at the time and why it was attacked is already reported in our previous report 26/11 Mumbai Attacks Part II – A High Profile Meet & An Assassination.

Even during the recent Pathankot attack the role of diamonds was visible. The National Investigation Agency probing the attack learned from the Gurdaspur (Headquarter) Superintendent of Police Salwinder Singh after interrogations that he got paid in diamonds for every drug consignment smuggled across the border. Singh’s jeweler friend Rajesh Verma would accompany him to his clandestine trips so that he could verify the authenticity of the stones. The role of diamonds in terrorists financing in India and the related Black Money cases are all reported in our article Pathankot Attack: Oil, Globalization & Terror.

The person who could have busted this entire Diamond Terrorism network in India is Ex-RAW and ATS Chief Hemant Karkare and his team who were assassinated during the 26/11 attacks. For a definitive timeline of events leading upto the killing of Karkare refer to 26/11 Timeline: Buildup To The Assassination Of Hemant Karkare.



Hemant Karkare was posted as a RAW officer in Austria which is notorious for diamond mafia and illegal arms. The hand grenades used by the 26/11 terrorists were Austrian made ARGES grenades and nearly 5 SIM cards of Austrian origin were found with the terrorists.

Austria is under strict control of the Jewish Mafia. Jorg Haider, a fearless nationalist politician of Austria was assassinated when he spoke of ending the mafia control in Austria. Jorg Haider warned that Austrian economy would be doomed by ‘jewish bankers’ who were indulging in money laundering in drugs, diamonds and illegal arms shipment.

Jorg Haider was “killed in a car crash” while on his way to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday on October 11 2008. Only 16 days before Haider’s assassination he openly spoke out against and described the boards of directors of numerous world banks as “mafia”. Haider also advocated the creation of heavier punishments for banking managers and proposed the creation of a special Legal Court against financial crimes, in one of his last interviews to the Austrian Kleine Zeitung daily.

However, the makers of his Volkswagen Phaeton limo insist the motor he was driving was one of the safest in the world and should have survived the crash in Klagenfurt. The car giants sent its own experts to examine the mangled wreckage and search for signs it may have been Sabotaged. VW spokesman Peter Thul claimed that someone with access to Haider’s car key could have manipulated the limo’s electrics which control the engine’s “brain”. He said: “It is a fact that Haider was going too fast, but such a speed on that curve is not a problem for the car’s physics.

Regarding the alleged “drunken state” of Haider at the time of the accident, Haider’s colleagues at the Alliance political party’s reception from which Haider was returning, contend that Haider was not intoxicated.

Haider’s associates say that the official investigation had all the earmarks of a “cover-up,” arguing that the investigation results of the renowned political figure, Jorg Haider, required weeks of examination, not days.

Jewish Mafia referred to here is the Austrian Rothschild Brothers and Company. Rothschild are considered by many among the most powerful family on earth. The House of Rothschilds were one of the controlling families of the East India Company that colonized India. Though after Mrs. Victoria proclaimed India as part of the British Empire why the Indian affairs were run by the Privy Council, and Chancellor Exchequer of the British treasury happened to be all the time the Chairman of Bank of England, another family bank of the House of Rothschild? Why Sir Stafford Cripps, another Chancellor Exchequer and Bank of England Chairman, and a representative of EICs in 1946 decides that India has to be given independence; as one of the reasons put forwarded by him for the cause of Independence was “the revenue from India was not enough to cover the expenses of running India”? These questions and more on the controlling houses of the East India Company are tracked in our exclusive East India Company Series.


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Charlie Hebdo, The House Of Rothschild & India’s Independence

Experts believe the Rothschilds were responsible for starting the Second World War from Austria and are the oldest and richest banker’s on earth. During the World War the Rothschilds funded an arms making company ‘Rhienmetall Waffe Munition’ in Austria. This same company is today the manufacturer of ‘Arges’ hand grenades that were used in several terrorist attacks in India and elsewhere. The Arges hand grenades have been used in Parliament Attack, 26/11 attacks as well as 1993 Mumbai Blasts (and maybe Akshardham too).

In the Naval War Room Leaks many analysts pointed out to the fact that the possible beneficiaries of the entire episode could be companies that manufacture high end tech. Several hi-tech companies manufacture dual use technology (military and civilian use) and are valuable assets to their parent nations as they not only aid their armed forces but contribute to their economy as well. Standing by such corporations is one of the prime strategic objectives of any nation. Arms trade, after all, estimated to be worth billions of dollars is an essential component of economies.

One of the fallout of the Mumbai train blasts was, as pointed out by certain retired senior Mumbai Police officials, the penetration of foreign intelligence security apparatus to protect their support organizations. For many years, British and Israeli intelligence agencies have been trying to penetrate Indian establishments. This first hand intelligence is needed by them to make decisions on economic policies and gain benefits for their native corporations. India has also set up its massive counter intelligence wing to deal with such penetration. Of late it has become easier for Israeli and British intelligence to penetrate rightwing organizations and thus have access to other departments of the Indian government, aided by a shared ideology on Islamic terrorism.

It is this infiltration angle and the nexus between rightwing organizations and Israeli intelligence, thus US intelligence, which was uncovered by the slain ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. He was an ex R&AW operative who zeroed in and made significant progress in cracking this ring of terror. That could be the reason why he was targeted in a seemingly misleading plot. During the Cold War, British, US and Israeli Intelligence did after all train Taliban fighters, who later turned into al Qaeda fighters during the anti-Soviet conflict. These intelligence agencies hold information on every key person in LeT or JeM that are waging this deadly war against India. Intelligence agencies often operate in other countries by using local hitmen/criminal gangs as a buffer to avoid detection. This is a case of utilizing the same technique in the current crisis by using a Pakistani based terrorist group as a cover and prophetically providing all proofs pointing (a classical false flag) towards the culprits. Along with this the close cooperation provided by ISI would have definitely resulted in the targeted hit of the ATS Chief.

The use of intelligence gathering agencies, security apparatus and the law and administration structures in India by political parties of the day for either spying on their political rivals or scuttling off shady cases is not new. However, this political infighting within the country has led to the real culprits getting scot free and in turn have had a very drastic affect on our national security.

Shelley Kasli, Terrorism & Security Studies Department of GreatGameIndia

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