Gaza Is Burning In Lockstep With The Great Reset

According to Matthew Maavak, Gaza is burning in lockstep with the Great Reset as Israel intends to replace the Islamic structures with a third Jewish temple.

Gaza Is burning In Lockstep With The Great Reset 1

Will the ongoing Israel-Hamas war lead to a systemic implosion of the Islamic world?

The latest Israel-Hamas conflict was either deliberately engineered or it was the result of a remarkable concatenation of security lapses. Current affairs commentator Efrat Fenigson, a former Israel Defence Force (IDF) reservist, was among the first to concisely unpack the sheer improbability of a Hamas sneak attack on an ultra-secure Israeli border complex.

According to a notification to the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Department of Safety and Security in Gaza, Israel ordered 1 million Palestinians to leave within 24 hours.

While many commentators focused on the panoply of sensors and other safeguards along the Israel-Gaza border, there was also an aerospatial security dimension involved here. The Gaza strip is monitored 24/7/365 by an array of Israeli satellites, drones and military balloons. Multiple redundancies are inbuilt into the Israeli border security infrastructure to ensure that failure in one system will be compensated by the operational continuity of another. And let us not forget the sheer number of informers and other HUMINT (human intelligence) assets in Gaza and the entire Islamic world. In fact, a senior Hamas operative was outed as an Israeli intelligence operative just a few weeks before the terrorist organisation “surprised the world” with its “daring” cross-border assault.

The Hamas attack on Israel activates zero hour around the world as a pro-Hamas event has been taking place in Tampa, Florida, hundreds of miles away from the conflict.

Gaza Is burning In Lockstep With The Great Reset 2

The Israel-Hamas war exposed the EU’s irrelevance, which is dwindling due to its economy’s secular decline and incapacity to project military power.

Hamas was in fact created by the Israeli intelligence community to divide the Palestinian liberation movement. As an Israeli blogger, echoing numerous leaks from the global intelligence community, noted: “Due to the short sidedness of the Rabin administration and later Begin there was an idea to bring about a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood into Gaza and the Palestinian territories to counter balance the strength and popularity of the PLO.”

Have the Israeli-hatched chickens finally come home to roost in Gaza? Or was this just another false flag?

Egyptian intelligence services had forewarned the Israeli government of an impending Hamas terror attack but the warnings were apparently ignored. Instead, according to the mainstream narrative, Hamas had planned these attacks under the cloak of complete stealth. This included extensive weapons training, including the mastering of motorised paragliders, in the open space of Gaza. Now, if you believe that, you will believe anything!

There are conspiracy theories on social media about how the Hamas attack, attributed to Israeli intelligence, was a conspiracy rather than a failure, as they managed to breach the six-meter-tall ‘Iron Wall’ without immediate detection.

As the death tolls rolled, so did the time-tested trope of “dead babies” on either side. This ruse worked in WW1 when British intelligence blamed German “Huns” of impaling Belgian babies. It worked decades later when a fictitious Nurse Nayirah reeled off an equally fictitious tear-jerking testimony before members of the US Congress. Her testimony supposedly clinched the course of the first Gulf War. Claims of babies being killed in hideous fashions always take a life of their own, pardon the pun. Remember the time when US President Donald Trump launched a missile attack on Syria after he pinned an ISIS-perpetrated chemical weapons attack on the Damascus government? Trump, who was staunchly anti-interventionist during his first presidential run, allegedly had a Damascene experience when his daughter plucked images of dead “beautiful babies” out of some rear orifice. 

The Wall Street Journal has reported that a US source has revealed that the US is going to deploy 2000 troops to Israel.

In the matter of infanticidal culpability, I had posed a very simple question on “So, who killed more Israeli children during the past 2+ years – the Israeli Government or Hamas?” You can see the feedback for yourselves.

Dissident Israeli medical experts, who once repeatedly condemned their government for endangering lives via untested Covid-19 vaccines, are now rallying behind the same regime that had supposedly perpetrated the “New Holocaust”.  As for the correlation between vaccines and the mortality surge in Israel (and other hyper-vaccinated nations), take a gander at this simple statistical juxtaposition.

Millions of dollars from the United States ended up in Gaza, which is governed by Hamas, despite the Biden administration’s best attempts to keep the topic primarily under wraps.

Gaza Is burning In Lockstep With The Great Reset 3

Here is another chart if you are still unconvinced over the real-world consequences of the Covid-19 vaccines and similar ones in the pipeline.

Gaza Is burning In Lockstep With The Great Reset 4

By the way, if you are still worried about Covid-19 or any other pandemic, do not fret. All viral variants are magically on furlough until the dust settles in Gaza, if it ever does. You cannot have too many global crises at the same time – not until the Global Soviet (aka Global Oligarchy) perfects its depopulation blueprint down to the finest detail.

After the attack by Hamas in southern Israel this morning, Israel launched Operation Swords of Iron, which involved launching between 2,000 and 5,000 rockets.

Malaise of the Islamic World

Before gaming out the ramifications of this latest crisis, it is important to note another kind of pandemic in the Islamic world, namely their inability to provide fundamental basic security (i.e. food to medicine to quality education) to their citizens. For example, nearly 85% of halal foods consumed by 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide – representing nearly 25% of the global population – are generated from non-Muslim nations such as Brazil, India, United States, Russia, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. 

The reason behind Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was On October 5, two days before the Al-Aqsa Flood, at least 800 Israeli settlers attacked the area surrounding the mosque, attacking visitors.

Even as the Islamic world cannot adequately feed itself, it gets easily deluded by Western “scientific” projections over its supposed ability to lead global innovation. One can witness this paradox whenever World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab peddles techno-fantasies before Arab movers and shakers while his top ideologue Yuval Noah Harari – an Israeli Sodomite no less – promotes the global depopulation agenda before a more intelligent audience. And when I mention “movers and shakers”, I mean Muslim leaders and influencers who are routinely moved and shaken like tawdry marionettes in a macabre globalist pantomime. The Islamic world should collectively look itself in the mirror and answer this most unpalatable of questions: If all 1.8 billion of them were to be magically teleported to Mars overnight, would the world really be missing them? The biggest problem with the Islamic world is its self-destructive tendency to shoot informed messengers when it is not throttling native ideas, innovation and talent. How many Muslims have won the Nobel prize in the physical and biological sciences over the past 120-odd years?

Hamas has released the first hostage video of a 21-year-old woman receiving medical care who was attending a desert rave in Kibbutz Re’im.

Warning Muslim leaders of the manifold perils ahead is a thankless task. History offers plentiful anecdotal examples. When the former prime minister of Egypt, Ismail (Ahmed) Sidky Pasha, casted doubts on the readiness of Cairo’s military on the eve of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, he was summarily dismissed with the scornful nickname of “El Yahud” (The Jew). The delusion of invincibility and the perennial lack of long-term foresight is an intractable malaise in the Islamic world. Coupled with rampant corruption, nepotism, religious fundamentalism and systematic discrimination against industrious minorities, the fate of 1.8 billion people falls within Harari description – and more ominously his prescription – of “useless eaters”.

The UK has secret control over Palestinian security forces through a network of “embedded mentors.”

Temple of the Great Reset

If the current conflict escalates beyond the point of no return, the Temple Mount, which hosts the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque – Islam’s third-most holiest site – might be destroyed amidst the fog of war. It is no secret that Israel intends to replace the Islamic structures with a Third Jewish temple. Every brick needed for its construction and every ceremonial vessel needed for its “consecration”, has supposedly been readied by the Temple Institute of Jerusalem.

The Elite Hamas Unit Tricked Israeli intelligence by making them think that the Hamas leadership was more concerned with the restoration of Gaza’s economy than with escalating hostilities.

The destruction of the Islamic structures might be conveniently blamed on Iran or its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah in a pathetic attempt to create a Sunni-Shia fratricide. But if the internecine ruse fails, and Muslims instead revolt against their leaders, Disease X can be magically introduced to lock down societies. If so, expect a mega-sequel to the “Wuhan flops” which had its world premiere in early 2020.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesperson, Tal Heinrich, said that Hamas beheaded babies on Wednesday, despite the IDF’s inability to verify it.

The Third Temple, or the Temple of the Great Reset as I sometimes call it, has the ardent backing of segments of “political Christianity” aka Mystery Babylon. Scriptures which clearly establish the consecrated physical body to be the true temple of God means nothing to this warmongering lot. Any other entity that substitutes or vitiates this personal connection with the Divine would be the proverbial “abomination that causes desolation” (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15–16).

NATO weapons that were given to Ukraine were used to kill Israelis by Hamas in the assaults carried out on military and civilian sites in southern Israel.

Cascade of Global Chaos

Even if the present conflict in Gaza is somehow dialled down, new sets of risks are mushrooming across global systems. On the geopolitical front, expect tensions to escalate along the Korean peninsula, Taiwan Straits and Ukraine. One long-anticipated global risk is the possible sinking of an ultra large vessel along the Straits of Hormuz, the Straits of Malacca or the Suez canal in order to disrupt global shipping and supply chains. The global financial system, in the meantime, has crossed the point of no return. This is why the global oligarchy needs a manufactured systemic crisis soon.

Hamas is an organization that Israel has designated as a terrorist entity and is behind the new Gaza War in 2023 after the launch of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

While the Islamic world has been briefly reanimated by the recent chaos in Gaza, it no longer holds any trump cards up its sleeves. Apart from oil and other natural resources, this religious-geopolitical compact does not generate anything irreproducible. Its substantial revenue flows have perennially enriched a tiny elite; whatever remains end up subsidising fuel, food and other essential items for its restive populations. The Arab Spring of 2010-2012 revealed how quickly this parasitic model can unravel. Globalist-dictated Covid-19 policies have also left giant deficits in the healthcare coffers of the Islamic world. Any attempt to blackmail the world a la the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 will only backfire as major powers have since built up vast strategic petroleum reserves.

Eli Marom, a former commander of the Israeli navy, said in a national broadcast that Israel as a whole is asking how Israeli intelligence failed amid the Hamas attack.

Furthermore, oil embargoes will only play into the hands of the globalist oligarchy. 15-minute city enclaves might be made mandatory worldwide in order to conserve fuel. Digital IDs may be made mandatory in order to ration food and other essential items. Massive pro-Palestinian protests in Western cities, and jihadi false flags orchestrated by Western intelligence agencies, will serve as the perfect pretext to introduce martial law and wholesale suspension of civil liberties. Western police forces which looked the other way during the farcical Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots are now actively clamping down on pro-Palestinian protestors. There is a good reason why the West adopted an open door policy for illegal military-aged male immigrants from the Third World.

Russian military historian and director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, Yuri Knutov, said that the Hamas attack revealed the Iron Dome’s inefficiency.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks or months, make no mistake: Our perishing world is marching in lockstep with the WEF’s Great Reset.

This article is authored by Mathew Maavak

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