Operation Al-Aqsa Flood And The New Middle East

The reason behind Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was On October 5, two days before the Al-Aqsa Flood, at least 800 Israeli settlers attacked the area surrounding the mosque, attacking visitors.

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood And The New Middle East 1

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by Hamas was carefully thought out. Two triggering conditions dictated the launch date.

First, in September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed his “New Middle East” map at the UN General Assembly, completely erasing Palestine and making fun of every UN resolution on the matter.

Second, there have been repeated provocations at the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, including the event that finally put a break in negotiations. On October 5, two days before the Al-Aqsa Flood, at least 800 Israeli settlers attacked the area surrounding the mosque, attacking visitors and destroying Palestinian shops while being watched by Israeli security forces.

Al-Aqsa is a clear red line for the whole Arab and Muslim worlds, not just for Palestinians, according to everyone with a working brain.

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It gets worse. Now, the Israelis have used language reminiscent of “Pearl Harbor.” This is the level of threat. The actual Pearl Harbor served as America’s pretext for starting World War I and for bombing Japan, and this “Pearl Harbor” may serve as Tel Aviv’s pretext for starting the massacre in Gaza.

People in the West who support ethnic cleansing believe that with powerful weapons and widespread media coverage, they can quickly turn the situation around, wipe out the Palestinian resistance, and weaken Hamas allies like Hezbollah and Iran. Zionists posing as “analysts” have even publicly stated that the “population transfers” that started in 1948 “must be completed.”

Their Ukraine Project has failed, causing not just embarrassment for influential people but also the collapse of entire European economies. However, when one door closes, another one opens. Switch from Israel’s friend Ukraine to Iran’s foe Iran rather than Russia’s adversary.

There are more justifications for charging in full force. The reconstruction of Syria, in which China is now officially involved, the active development of Iraq and Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arabia as members of BRICS 11, the full respect of the Russia-China strategic partnership, and interaction with all regional players, including significant US allies in the Persian Gulf, are all necessary for a peaceful West Asia.

Incompetence. Willful strategy. Or both.

Now let’s talk about the price of starting this new “war on terror.” Propaganda is currently in full force. In Tel Aviv, Netanyahu compares Hamas to ISIS. Hamas is Russia to Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev. The Western major media completely forgot about the war in Ukraine for a weekend in October. The Brazilian Senate, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Eiffel Tower are all currently located in Israel.

According to Egyptian intelligence, Tel Aviv was forewarned of an impending Hamas onslaught. The Israelis, confident in their superior knowledge that Palestinians would never have the audacity to start a liberation operation, decided to ignore it, just as they did the Hamas training exercises they had seen in the weeks before.

Whatever happens next, the massive popular narrative around the invincibility of Tsahal, Mossad, Shin Bet, the Merkava tank, Iron Dome, and the Israel Defense Forces has already been irrevocably destroyed by the Al-Aqsa Flood.

Hamas benefited from the obvious failure of Israel’s multi-billion dollar electronic systems monitoring the most watched border on earth even as it abandoned electronic communications.

Cheap The advance of a paragliding infantry was aided by Palestinian drone strikes, and T-shirted, AK-47-toting assault troops were able to cause breaches in the wall and cross a boundary that even stray cats were afraid to attempt.

Unavoidably, Israel began to attack the Gaza Strip, a 365 square kilometer area containing 2.3 million people. The indiscriminate bombing of slums, mosques, schools, apartment buildings, and refugee camps has started. The Palestinians lack a professional army, a navy, an air force, artillery battalions, and armored war vehicles. They have limited to no access to high-tech monitoring, whereas Israel may request NATO data whenever they need it.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant proclaimed “a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly.”

With three assured UNSC vetoes in their back pocket, the Israelis are free to engage in collective punishment with impunity.

It doesn’t matter that Haaretz, Israel’s most prestigious newspaper, openly admits that “the Al-Aqsa Flood was entirely the fault of the Israeli government for denying the rights of Palestinians.”

The Israelis are seldom anything if not reliable. Amos Yadlin, the former head of Israel’s Defense Intelligence, stated in 2007, “Israel would be happy if Hamas took over Gaza because IDF could then deal with Gaza as a hostile state.”

Ukraine funnels weapons to Palestinians

Only a year ago, a group of Atlantic Council bots cheered the sweaty sweater comic in Kiev when he proposed making Ukraine into a “big Israel.”

Well, things went very differently in the end. According to a veteran Deep State source who recently told me:

“Ukraine-earmarked weapons are ending up in the hands of the Palestinians. The question is which country is paying for it. Iran just made a deal with the US for six billion dollars and it is unlikely Iran would jeopardize that. I have a source who gave me the name of the country but I cannot reveal it. The fact is that Ukrainian weapons are going to the Gaza Strip and they are being paid for but not by Iran.” 

An astute Hamas has already gained more negotiation clout as a result of their daring raid last weekend than the Palestinians had in decades. Significantly, Tel Aviv rejects peace talks despite the fact that China, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt support them. Netanyahu is fixated on leveling Gaza, but if that occurs, a larger regional conflict is all but certain.

Hezbollah in Lebanon, a steadfast Resistance Axis partner of the Palestinian resistance, would prefer to avoid getting involved in a conflict that may have catastrophic effects on its side of the border. However, if Israel were to carry out a de facto genocide in Gaza, that position might change.

NATO weapons that were given to Ukraine were used to kill Israelis by Hamas in the assaults carried out on military and civilian sites in southern Israel.

At least 100,000 ballistic missiles and rockets, including the 40 km Katyusha, the 75 km Fajr 5, the 210 km Zelzal 2, the 300 km Fateh 110, and the 500 km Scud B-C, are in Hezbollah’s arsenal. Tel Aviv is aware of what that entails and trembles at Hassan Nasrallah’s repeated statements that Hezbollah’s upcoming conflict with Israel will take place inside of Israel.

We now come to Iran.

Geopolitical plausible deniability

The most immediate repercussion of the Al-Aqsa Flood is that, if this turns into a Long War, the Washington neocon wet dream of “normalization” between Israel and the Arab world would simply vanish.

In fact, a significant portion of the Arab world is already restoring relations with Tehran, and not just within the recently extended BRICS 11.

There is simply no place for an ethnocentric Apartheid state that enjoys collective punishment in the movement towards a multipolar world, which is symbolized by the BRICS 11, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), among other ground-breaking Eurasian and Global South institutions.

Israel was recently refused an invitation to the African Union meeting. Nevertheless, an Israeli delegation turned up, and a video of them being abruptly expelled from the large auditorium went viral. A lone Israeli ambassador attempted to interrupt Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s remarks at the UN plenary meetings last month. He was also kicked out of the building since no Western ally was on his side.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping diplomatically put it in December 2022, Beijing “firmly supports the establishment of an independent state of Palestine that enjoys full sovereignty based on 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital. China supports Palestine in becoming a full member of the United Nations.”

Tehran’s plan is much more broad; it includes giving strategic counsel to several West Asian resistance groups, including Hezbollah, Ansarallah, Hashd al-Shaabi, Kataib Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and countless more, from the Levant to the Persian Gulf. It appears as though they are all a part of a de facto new grand chessboard that Grandmaster Iran is in charge of.

General Qassem Soleimani, the late Quds Force Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and a once-in-a-lifetime military genius placed the pieces on the chessboard with meticulous care. He played a key role in laying the groundwork for Iranian allies’ cumulative victories in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine as well as in establishing the prerequisites for a difficult operation like the Al-Aqsa Flood.

The Atlanticist initiative to create strategic passageways across the Caspian, Black, Red, Persian, and Eastern Mediterranean seas is failing miserably elsewhere in the region.

The Israel-Hamas war exposed the EU’s irrelevance, which is dwindling due to its economy’s secular decline and incapacity to project military power.

By using the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), Russia and Iran are already undermining US plans for the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, which is on its way to becoming a Russian lake. Tehran is closely monitoring Moscow’s tactics in Ukraine, even as it develops its own method of weakening the Hegemon without directly interfering, which is known as geopolitical plausible denial.

Bye bye EU-Israel-Saudi-India corridor

Western neocons have branded the Russia-China-Iran coalition as the new “axis of evil.” That childish wrath shows cosmic helplessness. These are Real Sovereigns who must not be trifled with since the consequences of doing so would be unimaginable.

An important illustration: If Iran, under attack from a US-Israeli axis, opted to close the Strait of Hormuz, the global oil crisis would erupt, and the Western economy would unavoidably collapse under the weight of quadrillions of derivatives.

This implies that the American Dream of intervening across the Five Seas is not even a mirage in the near future. The recently announced and much-hyped EU-Israel-Saudi Arabia-India transportation link has likewise just been buried by the Al-Aqsa Flood.

Only one week before its third Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, China is very aware of this blaze. The important BRI connectivity corridors, including those that cross the Heartland, Russia, the Maritime Silk Road, and the Arctic Silk Road, are at risk.

Then there is the INSTC, which connects Russia, Iran, and India as well as, indirectly, the Gulf monarchies.

Russia, China, and Iran’s interwoven geoeconomic and logistical ties will be accelerated by the Al-Aqsa Flood’s geopolitical effects, bypassing the Hegemon and its Empire of Bases. The goal of increased trade and continuous cargo transportation is (good) business. Not precisely the destabilized West Asia the War Party had in mind, but on equal footing and with respect for one another.

Oh, the things a paragliding infantry over a wall can accelerate when they are traveling slowly.

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